Chapter 6

Wayne wasn't usually so forward and suggestive but he instinctively knew that this was the time for them to finally commit to one another once and for all. He drove them to his apartment and they didn't say anything as they went inside, both stripping off the layers of warm clothing while Wayne turned up the thermostat in the apartment. They were standing in the middle of the living room and Doreen was down to her Patriots tee shirt and pink panties when she leaned in and gave Wayne an appreciative kiss.

"Thanks for taking me to the game," she said, smirking coyly.

Wayne stepped out of his pants and stood before her in his Haines underwear and a black thermal tee-shirt. "Do you want to go out back and stand naked in the snow?" He asked.

"No," she said, tugging her panties down her legs. "I want to go into the bedroom."

She took him by the hand and led him into his bedroom. Wayne was unable to keep his eyes off her bare buns as they went. Doreen laughed as she fell onto the bed, pulling Wayne down with her. He was lying half on top of her and he stared into her eyes.

"If this is against your Program or you're not ready, I understand," Wayne said patiently.

"Case, I'm lying here with my genitalia exposed for you to see," she said with wide eyes. "Don't you think it's a little late to be putting the brakes on?"

He glanced down at her auburn pubic hair and smiled. "I suppose not."

Wayne leaned in and gently kissed her and then he slowly proceeded with precision exploration of her entire body. They both kept their eyes open as he ran his fingers over her skin and softly kissed her mouth and other parts of her body before initiating the most tender and connected sex of Doreen's long and experienced sexual life. She wrapped her legs around him and he tugged down his Haines to allow for better sensations for the both of them as he rubbed, caressed and explored her in all the right places. They moved together in an easy, choreographed rhythm that Doreen had never experienced before and she was amazed at how in concert they really were, as if they were always meant to be like this, comfortable and intimate, happy and safe.

"This is not just one of those things, is it?" Wayne realized as they made slow methodical love.

"I thought I was dead but now I'm more alive than I could ever imagine," Doreen said happily, her body tingling as heat warmed her flesh.

Later, after her third unbelievable and unprecedented orgasm, Doreen lay on the bed sweaty and exhausted, but contented and completely satisfied – perhaps for the first time ever.

"You're not going to believe me, but that was the best sex of my life," she announced breathlessly. "Who would have thought with my pathetic track record of kinky, dirty, disgusting, crazy, wild, addictive, obsessive, drunken, stoned sex, the best lovemaking of my life would come in the middle of an early Tuesday morning after a late Monday Night Football game – and it didn't even include any artificial stimulants or perversion."

"Glad I could be of help," Wayne said, nibbling on her breast.

Doreen laughed and she rolled on top of him and Wayne began thrusting upward into her while she grinded her way to her fourth orgasm, her clitoris feeling sensations she had never known before. Her heart was beating out of her chest, her hair stuck to the side of her face from sweat, and her body continued to riddle with electric current.

"You were always missing the magic ingredient," Wayne told her as Doreen fell off of him and collapsed onto the bed, panting with pleasure.

"What's that?" She asked as Wayne kissed his way down her breasts and started licking her very softly where it counted until she screamed out with complete ecstasy. "Oh My God! Another fucking orgasm!"

"The missing magic ingredient is love," Wayne told her as he moved back up her body and kissed her on the mouth, her taste on his breath.

"Orgasms have never come easily for me, Wayne," Doreen revealed as she began to cry with happiness. "I never knew it could be like this."

"Now you can go to sleep happy," he said, pulling the covers up over them.

"Definitely," she said with total contentment and happiness as she cuddled against him. "I'm clean, I'm sober, and I've discovered the missing magical ingredient with the only man I ever cared about."