I'll start with the narration by saying this. I was ThatOneLonelyWriter, who used to be LilyAceThompson17, who used to write Everyday Boring Life for no reason at all. I just loved writing, whether it's bad quality crack or actually well-thought out but not really. You can say my narration is going to be of that first person, but again, not really. I'll just mess with the people I'll include here. If you were around on Everyday Boring Life, and is wondering why did the madness stop, lucky you. You came into the right place. If you're new and stumbled this one by mistake, feel free to leave with your sanity intact, or get lost with the various crack I'm going to dump in here as a way to combat writer's block. We all get that, even you.

I used to cringe on my past stories, and deleted a lot of them on my Fanfiction account. I kinda left my Fictionpress alone as a reminder I'd moved on from it and had a fresh start on 2015, but... real life is a bitch so the project's cancelled too. Sorry about that, if you read my rather short introduction for that. Ha. Man, I'm a pathetic writer. Anyway, I ain't gonna promise anything, but I will write with the same style as Everyday Boring Life, just... I guess better grammar, and execution? I dunno, I just wanna write crack with better freedom.

So yeah, there goes my introduction. Insert static here.

On second thought, don't expect something too dramatic here, alright? Just expect various randomness and what the fuck stuff cracks for my entries.

And I love memes.

Did I even introduced the characters? No? Fuck. Anyway, my counterpart on this crack is named Danny, because me, the author, is named Charlie. Danny's a girl, because I'm a boy, because my name is a confusion because someone fucked up my name in my birth certificate. Yeah, I'm keeping my gender hidden.

"Suuuureeeeee..." Danny grinned, cocking her eyebrow as she nudged her elbow on her side, imagining I was by her side. Pretty pathetic move, if you asked me.

The non-existent door opened revealing a familiar face from Everyday Boring Life. Yeah, I keep mentioning that piece of shit, but I have to. "Aren't you gonna include me? You wound me!" The woman placed her hands on her chest, dramatically falling backward.

Danny giggled, sneering as she pretended she's staring directly at me, the narrator. "Aren't you a mean one, you?"

Okay, this is probably going to be like this in the introduction... I hope. I'm the grumpy side of Danny. We're pretty similar, because we're one of the fucking same person, I'm just more on the serious and grumpy side. Fuck, I keep getting side-tracked.

"I know you're not that person anymore, but please don't ignore me~" The figure wobbled closer to Danny, childishly wailing to get her attention.

"This drunk woman here is Rita Ryder, also known as "Rita Loser"." Danny composed herself from showing off a smirk on her own.

"Hey! That's mean!"

"And..." Drum rolls echoed inside the room. Danny waved her hand on the air, "The boring one is back! Chad Kaplan! Don't mistake him as the Chad Kaplan from Resident Evil movie, because he's different!"

A man slowly appeared inside the room, confusion and bewilderment was etched on his face. "Where am I? Why am I here?" He turned his head and saw his old friend. "Hey, Rita. Where are we?"

She shrugged her shoulders, scowling at him. "Dunno. Ask this Danny girl."

Chad was about to open his mouth but Danny interfered. She held up her hand to the side, blocking his view. "Let's just say we're open for questions and answers queue, and I don't give a shit if it's not allowed here. We write what we want, people!"

"Yeah!" Rita held up her fists in the air. "Go get 'em, tiger!"

"And they already get along so well..." Chad closed his eyes and let out a deep breath. He's going to be filled with a lot of sarcasm, he bet.

"I know we have to describe our appearances, but... I don't wanna do it with this: I have green eyes, white skin, black jeans, black shirt, brown shoes, bald, and blah blah blah." Danny shook her head, crossing her arms with a stern look. "Maybe I should hold up a Biography panel in the future."

"Better make it as early as possible." Rita joined in, smirking in glee. "Can't wait to kick ass and chew bubblegum again. It's been a long time."

Chad couldn't help but let out a small smile. He did appreciate that he was also back on track. "I hate to admit it, but I agree."

"Enough with the sappy mood," Danny waved her hand in various directions, "Charlie has a Tumblr called not-charlie-dick. You can submit your questions there, if you're not fond of being a guest here."

Chad sighed, releasing the rising tension inside his mind. Rita could only shook her head and smirk.

"So guys, enjoy your stay here, alright?" Danny spread her arms wide open and gave out a toothy grin, "We are going to get random and crack open a shitty crack."

Chad deeply scowled at Danny, disagreeing with her idea. "Kick me out."

Rita gave her a thumbs up. "Deal."

I know, what the fuck for a first story? And Teen-Rated, really? Yeah, I'm cheap like that. Reviews, whatever, you can tell me anything, ask me anything, even something disturbing. I'm pretty open-minded. Just don't ask something too personal, alright? Don't wanna attract a creep, you know? And no questions that raises the Mature-Rating bar. I need more exposure, because I roll that way.

Did I fail to mention it's going to flow like Everyday Boring Life, but with less shitty self-drama I inserted because I was a foolish fool with an immature foolish mind? Yeah, pretend that shit didn't exist, alright? Thanks.