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The gang stood on their places, not moving a muscle. Their eyes darted on the newcomer, who was busy building protection from exposure.

The newcomer's cheeks were bright pink, unknown whether from illness or embarrassment. Her brows were creased, her lips lopsided in a frown, and she was muttering something under her breath.

Danny glanced at Chad, darting her eyes between him and the guest, "You mind entertaining her?"

Chad narrowed his eyes, "Why do you choose me? Why not you or Rita?"

"You honestly expect me to come and say hello?" Rita waved her hand, shaking her head, "Dude, I'm no sunshine and rainbows, and you know that."

"And I'm socially awkward as well..." Danny scratched the back of her head, nervously grinning at Chad, "Besides, you're the nun in this group."

"W-what?!" Chad's eyes widened, his mouth agape, "Who in the world said that?!"

"A new reviewer," Rita pointed at screen, showing the review box of Fictionpress, "Named himself howlin blood. Said they like us two as characters."

Danny read it out loud, and slowly backed away, clutching her heart, "Aww... nobody likes ol' Danny..." She frowned and sniffed.

Bah, don't be a crybaby. Someone out there likes you, and that's the trash can.

Danny held out her middle finger at the air, which was aimed at me.

She was definitely triggered. Oh well, next scene.

"Since we're the unique selling point here," Rita nudged her elbow against Chad's ribs, "You better make our uninvited guest comfortable."

With the insidious grin she was giving him, Chad had no choice but to sigh loudly. He gave Rita a dirty look before making his way into the guest.

What the two women will do, however? Nothing. They sat down on the floor. Rita pulled out Card Against Humanity, giving her a smirk.

Danny gulped, fearing the worst. Seeing the title send shivers down her spine. This was not going to go well for her.

Chad went on his knees and slowly crawled his way towards the stranger. Do not worry, Chad, he told himself, you can do this. Closing his eyes, he concentrated to be as gentle as he could muster. Knowing he was ready, he pushed on and knocked on the wooden furniture.

Chad let out a friendly smile, sitting down on the floor, "Hello there. May I ask why you abruptly came in our room?" Where outside was a space of nothing, his sarcastic mind said. He pushed the thought away.

The girl looked up, flustered. She backed away, only to hit the wall behind her, "...No idea!"

"No idea?" Chad cocked his head, "Can you please explain?"

"I just don't know! S-Suddenly I'm in here!" She wrapped her arms around herself, "I feel lost..."

Chad closed his eyes. Charlie, did you know the reason why she was here?

Kimmo brought her here, because of the next question. Sup?

He was not skilled enough to babysit, let alone someone who was old enough. Chad crossed his arms. He would assume she is seventeen years old, and it is going to be very hard to coax her out from-

Dumb man and co incoming! Did you all seriously thought she's that old? She was only seven, for shit's sake!

Chad grunted, recoiling on his seat. He furiously blushed, shutting his eyes close. But she looked older than her age, even if she was small! Are you sure you did not misheard it?!

I sure am. Go ask Kimmo, but we're the one who should be answering. So yeah.

Her fear slowly dwindled as she watched the man strangely recoil from closing his eyes. She crawled slowly to get a better view of him. Was he about to have a potty break?

"Um, excuse me, sir!" She held her breath, "Do you need to go to the restroom?"

"W-wha-!?" Startled, Chad jumped from his seat. "N-no! I was merely thinking of something..." She was young! She did not think of him as mentally defected.

"Um, yeah! I'm sorry!" She bowed her head a few times, "I came in your room without permission! I was just running away from my brother! I opened my door to my room, and before I know it, I was here!"

That was odd. Chad nodded, letting a friendly smile resurface on his lips, "You do not have to fear, as we do not plan to harm you."


"Yes," Chad held out his hand, "Will you come out with me? I shall introduce you with my friends."

Meekly, she pointed at the furniture blocking her path, "Um, mister? Can you help me push them away?"

Chad felt himself sweating, but didn't let his smile slip away, "I will." The power of adrenaline sure did wonder, even to a kid. "My name is Chad Kaplan. May I ask your name?"

The girl nodded, "My name is Amethyst Blackquill! I'm seven years old!"

After helping the girl get out from the furniture, they approached the two young women who was last seen playing card games.

Amethyst tilted her head, wondering why the woman with slightly tanned skin was crying, while the other with pale skin was pumping her fists in the air, yelling victory remarks. She pointed a finger towards the suffering lady, "Chad, why is she crying?"

Chad placed a hand on his face, internally groaning from annoyance. What a great way to start first impressions, people! He cleared his throat, "The crybaby over there is Danny Sin," He pointed at the laughing woman, "And the girl over there with fiery auburn hair is actually named Rita Kaplan, but she prefers to be called Rita Ryder."

Amethyst looked up at him, "So you two are siblings, Chad?"

"Yeah," Chad narrowed his eyes, "As much as we are different."

When everything calmed down, the introductions were already underway, and making sure this chapter didn't cross more than two thousand words, Danny read the question.

Say, uh, have any of you seen my sister? She ran away from me again after I doted on her about 10 times today. That little rascal! If you seen her, tell her that Brother is waiting. Heh, heh. -Sylvester

Danny narrowed her eyes, staring at Amethyst, "You ran away just because you were doted?"

Rita snickered in the corner, carefully keeping an eye out of Chad. I can smell similarity here, folks.

Chad scowled at the girl, crossing his arms, "Amethyst. What is going on here?"

Amethyst glared back at him, her hands clenching into fists, "S-Sylvester is going too far! She dotes on me and make me slim! Look!" She signaled her hand on her waist, "I'm becoming more and more slim! I don't like it!"

Rita mischievously smirked, "Awww, wanna be chubby instead?"

Amethyst gasped, her hands covering her mouth, "No!"

Chad gave Rita a dirty look, then softly looked at Amethyst as he knelt down on her height, "Look, Amethyst. I am fully aware that it is getting on you, but please do not hate your brother for it. You may still be young, but as time flies, he will never be able to dote on you the same again." He reached up and softly patted her head.

Amethyst flinched, but didn't resisted. She lowered her head, trying to hide the bright blush on her cheeks.

"Your brother loves you so, and only wants to give you the best childhood you can have," He warmly smiled at her, "You want to return to your brother now?"

Amethyst nodded shyly, grumbling something incoherent under her breath.

Being the devil that she was, Rita quickly rushed through Amethyst's side and whispered something on her ear. Amethyst perked up and grinned, nodding her head towards Rita. The young woman winked and gave the girl a thumbs up. Chad narrowed his eyes with a frown on his lips.

Amethyst glanced at Chad, "Chad, can you take me back to Sylvester, please?"

Chad averted his gaze to where Danny was suppose to be seating, but he found no trace of her presence. He scanned his surroundings to see her on the corner, making various hand gestures as she was busy playing something on her phone. Chad felt a round of sweat rolling down his face, wondering how quick does she get distracted by things. He cleared his throat to get her attention, "Danny, can you please tell us how to get Amethyst back to her brother?"

"Oh yeah." Danny stashed her phone away on her pocket. "Anyway, she just needs to go back to that door, and then close her eyes. She'll be back in her brother's arms in no time." She grinned at the end, gazing at the girl.

Amethyst leered at Danny, puffing her cheeks, "No way I'm coming back with his hug!"

"But yeah, that's how this "world" works. Odd, I know. We're non-existent creatures under the hands of the puppeteer, Charlie Dick."

Don't drag me out here, Danny. Ahem.

Amethyst tilted her head on the side, unsure whether she gets the strange things the woman was spouting, "Um, okay... I guess? Thanks! See you! Goodbye!"

Chad shook his head, groaning internally. Rita rolled on the floor, laughing so hard she felt she spilled her own saliva on the floor.

Chad took the initiative to turn the girl around and guide her to the door. He gave out his friendly smile at her, making sure to make her feel comfortable as possible, "Well, it is time for you to go back to where you truly belong. I will miss you, though."

"Me too," Amethyst's cheeks flushed pink, but she didn't hide it from him. She gave out a wide grin, "You're not as upbeat as my brother, but you're just like him! I'll miss you too, Chad!"

Chad caressed her head one last time, then opened the door for her. Amethyst gave him a quick hug then ran through, its dimension-like portal slowly revealing various bright colors as she was slowly fading away. Chad breathed a sigh of relief, happy that everything went well in the end. Speaking of everyone...

Chad turned his head to see the same, exact shenanigans before he decided to help Amethyst get back to her own dimension. He slapped a hand on his face, groaning out loud. Why can he not have a peaceful day for once?

Feels bad man.