I admit it, times were mundane then. I hadn't seen much other than a cheating husband or simple gang vandalism, the latter of which was not my job, but with such a laughable police corp, I decided I was doing a service. I used to get plenty of cases in the Lakehurst District, no more magical assassins I guess...

That was until a few days ago, it was as any other day, I sat at my desk in the middle of the room, contemplating this boredom, perhaps I am a mad man. Perhaps I have reworked my mind to better suit this job, made it addictive... And now I was looking for my next fix.

Little did I know, in a few moments this fix would walk straight through my door, the broken bell scraping against the wood. Behind this figure I could glimpse the rain illuminated by the orange street lights. But I wasn't focused on the outside world, my attention was locked on the fur coat left on the coat rack, and what it had previously been concealing.

"I'm closed Ma'am." She walked confidently, one leg in front of the other elegantly, tauntingly.

"My money says you're open. And my name's Eileen. "

She wasn't the usual type I could tell, one of the wealthy types, a dress, jewels from her ankles to her neck, long hair like waves of an ocean of auburn. Hazel eyes surrounded by make up. She stood out like a bottle of wine among my collection of scotch.

"I'm looking for a man." She began.

"Seems you've found one, miss." She was closer now, no longer a silhouette, no longer a suggestion, but a statement.

"My ex husband, owes me money, gone missing. I'd say he's run away, but you're the detective." She slowly ran a finger across my old desk, moving around the ashtray and plethora of empty bottles.

"His name is Coleman Winston." It seemed like she could read my mind, answering questions before I asked them.

"Beard, graying hairs, looks like your typical disgusting fisherman."

"So he was a fisherman? At Eufaula Lake I suppose?" She smiled, taking her finger off the desk and flicking dirt and dust off.

"He certainly was, Mr. Pierce. I suppose if you figured that out I can trust you to find him for me?"

"I'd say it depends on the pay..."

"I'll give you twenty right now, and twenty once you find him."

Despite the look of the gal, this surprised me. And any idea of declining was stomped out. So I nodded, asked where I could contact her for more information, and she head on out. Walking in the same way, but contempt this time, she grabbed her coat, and just as she stood at the door, raining pouring down she looked over her shoulder and winked. Opening her umbrella as the door swung shut.

Now I had a job. Something in my gut told me there was more to it than I had thought. Maybe it was the look of her, maybe it was the details, I wasn't sure, but I rest easy knowing I'd soon dig into this case.