Rocks in my Heart

There are rocks in my heart,

Weighing me down heavy,

Why can't I just crumple myself up?

Why can't I just throw myself in the trash?

I want to disappear forever.

I don't want to ever return to this world.

This reality that is me,

Why can't I just close my eyes to it all?

I want to turn my back.

I want to leave it behind.

The waters rise high.

The rocks in my heart weigh me down.

I struggle to swim my way through.

The waves pick up.

Am I going to drown?

I halfway hope to drown.

I can't breathe.

My lungs can't expand.

They are caged by this world.

Where is the key?

I bet society has thrown it away.

I shatter to pieces the more I scream.

I can't help but to violently tear at my long hair.

No one cares enough about me to stop this.

Why can't anyone see me?

I'm standing right here.

Why can't anyone hear me?

I'm screaming out in agony.

As time passes,

My heart grows hard.

The tears dry themselves up.

I stare with such lifeless eyes.

This hurt,

This pain,

Such a world I find myself in,

I've grown accustomed to it.

These rocks in my heart,

They get bigger and bigger.

It hurts more and more.

I'm drowning in the waters.

I can barely keep my head above the waves.

My vision blurs.

I cough.

I struggle to breathe.

Why can't I just shake this feeling?

I will eventually, won't I?

I sure hope so.