I stare deeply into your eyes.

I see your naked soul.

Can you please not move your lips?

Can you please not say those words to me?

You really don't mean them.

I know what you really want from me.

Your eyes burn with the fires of determination,

You part your lips to say something.

I shake my head.

Why must I hear these words?

They are just words to you.

There are no real feelings behind them.

Why do you keep wasting your time?

Why do you keep wasting mine?

I can see you there.

I notice the way you stare at me.

Can you please not do that?

It makes me uncomfortable.

As I turn my back to you,

As I take one step forward,

As I move away from you,

You part your lips and you reach out for me.

Why do you stop me?

It doesn't make sense.

Just leave me alone.

Man after man as you can see,

Clear as the coolest waters running,

This life is a real tail-chaser.

I run around and around in circles.

Why am I just chasing my tail?

I tend to do this time and again.

I really need to stop.

Day after day,

Night after night,

My prince charming is such a shapeshifter.

Who is who and what is what?

I don't know.

Please, just stop hiding.

I want a frog to turn into a prince.

As I fade into the days and the nights,

I want it more and more.

Why must I be the one to deal with this?

This agony is just too much.

Please, lift it up off of my chest.

It's a burden to my mind.

It's wearing out my heart.

Take it all away from me.

I don't ever want it back.

All I want is one true one.

Why do I keep on getting half?

Even worse,

I seem to get less than half.

Why doesn't this ever work?

It always ends in a wounded victim.

Why am I always caught up like this?

Tie me up,

Raise me high above the flames of your temptations,

Just what do you all take me for?

Stop playing with fire.

I'll snap and I'll burn you all alive.

Then I'll regret it all.

Can you please just remain silent?

Actions speak far louder than mere words.

You should know that by now.

I'm just saying.

I'm not trying to change anyone.

I'm trying to mature.

Stop removing me from my desired spot.

Quit trying to pick me up and place me somewhere.

I know what I want and what I don't.

Why can't you all just hear my heart?

It's of no use.

I'll never be yours and you'll never be mine.

So why keep on trying?

We'll all just end up burning alive.