Crystal Eyes

Please, can someone see me?

Can someone see me?

Please, don't pass me up.

Don't just pass me on by.

I don't know how much longer I can handle this.

These emotions just flow through me.

They just flow right on through.

I'm being consumed.

It's like wildfire.

Come on, baby, you're the one.

You're the guilty party.

Why can't you just see through me?

I thought my eyes were like crystal.

Are you really so blind?

We are a couple of cars,

All we do is pass one another.

You're in one lane,

I'm in another.

Oh, baby, how I wish you could see.

Baby, baby, you've started this wildfire.

These emotions inside of me,

Why don't you just surrender?

I reach for you,

Wanting to hold your hand,

Baby, please, I want you.

Don't you see that in my eyes?

Let us stop this right now.

Let us stop chasing our tails.

I want to chase you,

Why don't you chase me?

These eyes of mine should be clear.

So much love should be reflected there,

Reflected right at you,

The one who stands in the spotlight,

I just can't get over you.

Baby, I want you will all my heart.

Come to me,

Let us remain in this warmth together.

Your arms all around me,

It's a dream I want to make come true.

Baby, please, oh please, don't go away.

I just can't stand it.

Every time I look at you,

Every time I speak to you,

I'm all tied up.

My heart calls for you.

My eyes see only you.

This love can't be wrong.

Come along now and let us just be.

I need our hearts as one.

This feeling will never fade.

I don't think I can read you.

I want you to be able to read me.

Here I open my heart out to you.

Each beat is a beat of love.

You fill every inch of me.

I can't get rid of you.

Baby, why don't you see it?

Why don't you see my love for you?

My insides scream for you.

I can't stay away.

Baby, I can never stay away.