Danger in the Dead of Night

The shadows are all around me.

They threaten to snuff out the weak flame.

This heart of mine beats in terror.

I don't understand anything anymore.

I'm falling headfirst into the abyss.

My chest aches for the truth.

All my eyes see are lies.

Why am I always so blind?

All I know how to do is walk this path.

No one hears me now.

I'm screaming at the tops of my lungs.

I'm all alone in this place.

I'm going under it all.

My fingernails bleed from all the digging.

My head hurts from all the thinking.

I've cried myself dry.

This is it for me.

I will be reduced to mere ashes.

Will a new life ever come into existence?

Will I fade away entirely?

I guess I'll just shut it all away.

My eyes close to the world.

I can hear the empty echoes.

I don't care about anything anymore.

I've lost track of myself.

I've closed and locked the door to my heart.

Now no one can cause me pain.

I want the cracks to seal themselves shut.

I never want to open that door again.

Release the monsters inside of me.

Let them bring chaos to the world.

Grab the tears from another and yank them forth.

Just forget all about this ghost of a life.

Shall I now claw your eyes out?

Will that help you to become blind just like me?

Can I kill you now as well?

Will that help you to forget me?

Please, I'm just losing my sanity.

I must not stay in this world any longer.