Woman: Hey there.

Man: Hello.

Woman: I've been thinking.

Man: About what?

Woman: Well…Am I…useful to you?

Man: …

That same phone call,

It runs around inside of her head.

She closes her eyes with a sigh.

The tears threaten to spill over.

Her fingers wrap around the edges of her cell.

She squeezes her eyelids tightly.

She throws her pretty pink cell with such force.

The cell shatters into many pieces,

Just like her heart.

The tears finally escape.

They roll along her cheeks.

They drip from the sides of her chin.

The hesitation in his voice echoes in her mind.

So things turn out to be that way.

I'm really of no use to you.

I try and I try and it still doesn't matter.

Everything is meaningless now.

This silence is agonizing.

I'm slowly dying.

My dreams of us are quickly fading.

Now there's just a wound to my heart.

All the words inside my mind,

They tell me what I think you're not.

It probably isn't true.

That doesn't mean it feels fake.

I'm drifting away.

I'm losing sight of what really matters.

This bond of ours has been severed.

Things have gotten complicated.

I can't help but to stare out into space now.

My mind reels with what has taken place.

My heart never lets me forget.

I turn my back to you now.

I'm severed from reality.

I don't think I will ever return.

Nothing will ever be the same.

I'm numb on the inside.

What do I have left?