Please, be my master.

I'll be your servant.

After all, you've brought me into life.

Please, call out my name.

I want to hear it upon your lips.

You sit there in your chair,

A piece of paper on the desk before you,

Staring, staring down at your beloved creation,

Why do you look so sad?

I can't help but to stare up at you,

The smile you created me with faltering.

Your tears,

Wet, salty and warm as can be,

Drop onto me.

They threaten to smudge me out of existence.

I don't want that,

So therefore please won't you stop crying?

I don't understand these emotions.

I thought you would be happy.

Is it me?

Am I the cause of your sadness?

You fold up your arms on top of me,

You lay your head down.

You can't see me, but I can see you.

Your eyes are squeezed shut.

What causes such pain?

I want to understand.

Master, you created me for a reason.

Please, tell me what that reason is.

I am drowning in your tears.

If you don't stop,

You'll kill me.

Why can't you do more than just cry?

Your snot is also becoming a threat.

Please, talk to me.

I want to know who you are.

There is a reason for me, isn't there?

Otherwise, why create me in the first place?

I am almost gone.

You've just about erased me.

Still you don't stop crying.

Maybe I don't really matter.

I've had just about enough of this.

I get mad at you and turn into reality.

I'm sitting there on your desk.

I'm glaring down at you.

Your head is in my lap and you're soaking me through.

Do you really mean to do this?

I open my mouth to speak to you.

I lift my right arm and place my hand on your head.

Startled, you gasp and your eyes widen.

You yank yourself up to stare at me.

I can't help but to smile as I lean close to you,

Our faces only inches apart.

I complete the space between us,

Placing my lips upon yours,

I can tell you don't believe of my existence.

Your confused state amuses me.

It draws me even closer to your heart.

Ah, but now is the time for me to return.

I fade back onto the paper.

Goodbye dear master,

I love you.