Lost Along the Way

Running through the trees of my memories,

I search for you.

As soon as I realize you're nowhere to be found,

I fall onto my knees.

My insides grow cold.

I can't help but to cry, cry and cry for you.

Somewhere, you've gotten yourself lost along the way.

I feel so unsteady without you.

Please, return to my side.

Somehow, I blame myself.

I'm the one who has caused you such pain.

I'm here all alone.

On my knees,

I look up at the sky.

With a sad sigh,

I close my eyes to the wind.

Deep inside my heart,

I pray for you.

The moon has long since faded.

Even the skies above me cry.

It's as if everything mourns you.

Why did you have to leave me?

Why did you have to go away?

I never wanted to part with your warmth.

I open my eyes and search the ground.

All that surrounds me is mud.

I'm soaked through and through.

The tears refuse to stop.

I want the clouds to go away.

I want to see the rainbow.

I've lost you somewhere along the way.

You've slipped through my fingers.

I can't stand who I am.

I'm such a selfish brat,

My words like knives to the heart.

Now that you're no longer here,

I can't deal with my nastiness.

Your eyes were always so kind,

Even though my words ripped you to pieces,

Why were you always so kind to someone like me?

This terrible pain in my chest,

It's my heart aching with each beat.

I did this to you.

I should've been the one to go.

Your gentle smile,

I can't erase it from my mind.

I am not all right.

Even though I am not all right,

It is all right.

My body is sewn to the ground.

I can't make a move.

I'm waiting for you to come by,

Rip away these stitches.

You never once raised your voice at me.

I never once seemed to care for you.

Why didn't you kick me down and beat me?

I deserve such treatment.

You could have fought back.

Instead you took the beating.