"Good Samaritan" by Amer Chess, December 2016

Disclaimer: All characters presented here are the product of a fiction. Any resemblance to real characters is of a pure coincidence. No intention was made to insult anyone for any reason.

AN: This story is an act of fiction. No one is should attempt to plan, do or act in the same manner as it is depicted in the story.

AN2: None.

Summary: The Parable of the Good Samaritan is precipitated by the rainfall. It is a sordid answer to a question posed to Jesus by a lawyer. But hey … Sandra the orangutan was granted legal action so she may be transferred to a habitat in keeping with her development.

Good Samaritan

It was evening. Steve Castello, Caitlin O'Brien, Alan W. Campbell, Thomas Martin and Cathy T. Hayden were gathered together in a private house on the 51st Avenue, New York City. House was close to the intersection with the 111th Street, so one could hear animals from the local zoo.

They were munching some snack food and watching TV, talking leisurely.

"Reptilian shapeshifters?"


"C'mon now … seriously?"

"Yeeeees? Satisfied now?" Cathy pursed her lips while Steve chuckled.

There was a moment of silence.

"All right. What IS it then?"

"It's a concept that revolves around the belief that there are certain human beings on earth, who can … ha, ha, ha …" Someone's cell phone rang. "… Who can shapeshift into reptilian humanoid type creatures at will."

"At will? Wow! Wish I could do the same."

"Ha, ha, ha. Now … how do we know we're talking to each other? I mean … ha, ha, ha … one of US could that … reptilian, right?"

"Ha, ha, ha."

There was TV commercial about the power drink.

"You know … there are some claims made that many high ranking Illuminati members and Jesuits are reptilian shapeshifters."

"Were or still are?"

Thomas shrugged with one shoulder.

"I don't know actually." He masticated a bit. "… When you talk about the aliens, the time concept has no meaning. They live forever."

"Wish we were the same."

"Hold on. Are you saying that they can change from human form to reptilian form … at will?"

"That's correct."

"But, c'mon now … how much of this is true?"

"You know what …" Thomas wiped his hands and stood up, approaching his home computer. "… If you are a Bible believer, then I can show you something."

Others gathered behind Thomas, examining computer screen.

"What is this? Is this Biblical?"

"Sure looks like it."

They watched what looked like medieval portrait of Good Samaritan parable. Only this one showed reptilian creature by the road.

Thomas winked at them and they returned back to their seats.

"You know … I believe the fallen angels have their own true form."

There was a stance as Cathy rolled eyes at Caitlin, mocking Alan's remark.

"What's your point?"

"Remember that all angels are different, …"


"And some angels have multiple heads and faces."

"They … do? Where?"

"Remember the angels in Ezekiel had the face of an … what was it … ah, yes. Eagle, lion, ox and human."

"Shapeshifting reptilian fallen angels. Right."

Girls giggled.

"C'mon now … you saw that drawing on y computer …"

There was another stance. Some comedian was trying to gather attention on the TV.

"All right. Go on then."

"I mean … other angels such as Lucifer are serpent or perhaps reptile type beings."

"Ah! Now I see where you're heading. 'Serpent' is just some kind of a … rather symbolic representation …"


"Interesting. And?"

"Remember in Eden, … his form was that of a serpent?"


Alan looked sideways at Thomas. Thomas blushed a bit.

"But there are also other angels that look human."

"Still, from a Biblical standpoint, I would say it is fair and reasonable to state that there are different species of angels."

"Hmm …"

"Even amongst the righteous angels?"

"Yes. Definitely. I mean, there are different species as shown in the book of Ezekiel."

Thomas stood up but the others waved.

"Don't bother … we 'know'."

Garbage truck was passing by outside. Dogs barked.

"Did you know that my grandfather used to have a book where you could find more medieval drawings like the one scanned in the digital form."

"What was it about?"

"Among other things, it was this Parable of the Good Samaritan."

"Err … can you remind me?" They all stared in disbelief at Caitlin and she shrugged as if wishing to apologize. "… My father's agnostic."

"It tells the story of a man traveling from Jerusalem to Jericho, and while on the way he is robbed of everything he had."

"Including his clothing?"


"Did he have a large one?"

"Excuse me?"

Girls covered mouths and began to laugh, looking at each other.

"C'mon now … he was beaten to within an inch of his life."

"There are necrophils among us as well …"

"What is that?"

"Sexual attraction or sexual act involving corpses."

"Steve's the one of such, I am sure." They looked at Steve.

Steve made a grimace and girls began to laugh hysterically now.

"Go on."

"Now that road was treacherously winding and was a favorite hideout of robbers and thieves."

"And this is all from the New Testament?"

"Of course!"


"And the next character Jesus introduces into His story is a priest."

"Now … was he good looking as well?"

Thomas rolled his eyes while girls giggled, lowering their chins.

"I want to tell you an interesting story."

"I … I am sorry, but … ha, ha, ha … it was so irresistible … ha, ha, ha!"

They waited for spontaneous laughter to cease.


"And, interestingly …" Here Thomas chuckled as well. "… He … ha, ha, ha … he spends no time describing the priest and only tells of how he … err … how he showed no love or compassion for the man by failing to help him and …" telephone rang. "… And passing on the other side of the road so as not to get involved."

They waited while Thomas answered the fixed line.

"Perhaps it has something to do with that shapeshifting reptilian?"

"Who knows …"

They drank more pop and crunched more junk food.

Finally Thomas finished and joined them.

"Go on Thom."

"Now … if there was anyone who would have known God's law of love, it would have been the priest."

"Why's that?" Caitlin adjusted her bra in secret.

"Well, by nature of his position, he was to be a person of compassion, desiring to help others, right. Now … unfortunately, 'love' was not a word for him that required action on the behalf of someone else."

"I wonder do reptilians have love as well?" Alan seemed a bit anxious.

Thomas made a grimace but continued.

"Now … the next person to pass by in the Parable of the Good Samaritan is a Levite, and he does exactly what the priest did … he passes by without showing any compassion."

Alan opened his mouth while the corner of his mouth curled into a snickering mockery but Cathy waved at him behind Thomas' back. He just sighed and looked outside.

"Again, …" Thomas continued as if giving a lecture. "… He would have known the law, but he also failed to show the injured man compassion."

"What was the third one?"

"Ah!" Thomas looked at Cathy, raising his index finger. "… The next person to come by is the Samaritan, the one least likely to have shown compassion for the man." He paused and Alan sighed.

"That's it! Samaritans are disguised shapeshifting reptilians!"

The others broke into infatuating laughter, Getting up from their seats or holding onto the furniture as the wave started to shake their body, making them, wet their eyes.

Even Thomas stared to laugh now.

As they laughed, someone's cell phone rang but none of them reacted. They resembled captured bugs as their arms and legs flailed in the air, rolling on the soft carpet. Finally cell phone stopped ringing.

After each of them paid the visit to the washroom, the atmosphere was filled with mutual gratitude.

"Oh, God. Haven't laughed like this since the High School!"

"Me too … Jesus!"

They all shook their heads and looked at each other.

Then, after ten minutes or so, Thomas continued.

"No. They were NOT reptilians. They were considered a low class of people by the Jews since they had intermarried with non-Jews and did not keep all the law. Therefore, …" Alan made a grimace and Thomas chuckled a bit. "… Therefore Jews would have nothing to do with them."

"But do we know if the injured man was a Jew or Gentile?"

"It's not clear, but …" Thomas stood up and had to lean against his thighs as the laughter shook him all over. The others were staring at Alan as well, laughing again.

"What!?" Alan tried to defend himself. "… I didn't say a word!"

"No … no need anymore … we … ha, ha, ha … we know what is 'meant' by it ... ha, ha, ha …"

Another salvo of laughter made them squint and hold onto the furniture, bile dropping from their opened mouths.

After they finished, redness and crevices on their faces showed they had swell of a time.

It took another five minutes for everyone to "recuperate" from the pleasurable shivering.

"But in essence … it made no difference to the Samaritan; he did not consider the man's race or religion."

"So the 'Good Samaritan' saw only a person in dire need of assistance?"

"Yes. And assist him he did!" Steve added imitating Yoda from the Star Wars trilogy.

They laughed some more.

"And, what's more, it was all above and beyond the minimum required."

They chuckled a bit more.

Tired and exhausted they stared at each other. The evening was young.

"So then … he dresses the man's wounds with wine?"

"Yes. But why with wine?"

"Oh, to disinfect."

"How about oil?"

"Oil as well."

"What for?"

"To sooth the pain."

"Really? Oil is for pain?"

"Yes. It was hand made in those times. Not an industrial product."

"So hold on. He puts the man on his animal and takes him to an inn for a time of healing, right?"

"Also pays the innkeeper with his own money."

"Something you can't really see nowadays."

"I agree."

There was TV commercial showing some Biblical scene. They shook their heads in disbelief.


"And he then goes beyond common decency and tells the innkeeper to take good care of the man."

"Again, something that would end on dead ears today."

"And let me guess. He would pay for any extra expenses on his return trip as well?"


"So then … the Samaritan saw his neighbor as anyone who was in need?"

"Not necessarily!" Alan suddenly raised his voice. Others seemed puzzled for a moment. "… Because … he may have been … a shapeshifting reptilian!"

Some started to laugh again while the others just cackled in a curt manner.

Later on, as the atmosphere rolled on, Thomas added that he concluded from the book his grandfather had how the aliens from the outer space lived among humans at that time.

"This is so intriguing …"

"Especially that medieval picture Thomas showed us. Is it genuine though?"

Thomas nodded gravely.

"Wow. I bet it would be censored in some countries."

They asked for more drinks and Thomas brought them more from the kitchen.

"Now … because the good man was a Samaritan, Jesus is drawing a strong contrast between those who knew the law and those who actually followed the law, right?"

"Yes. Both in their lifestyle and conduct."

"But … why the lawyer? I mean … IF the aliens lived among the humans how … I just don't see how the lawyer could break that gap, if you see my point?"

"Good point it is …" Steve imitated Yoda again.

"Now … Jesus asks the lawyer if he can apply the lesson to his own life with the question like … 'So which of these three do you think was neighbor to him who fell among the thieves?'?"



"Wow! I am impressed!"


"And once again, the lawyer's answer is telling of his personal hardness of heart."

"Perhaps the lawyer was reptilian as well?"

"Shifting shapes in secret …" Cathy added in a changed voice.

They all started to laugh again. Only this time it did not last that long.

"But he cannot bring himself to say the word 'Samaritan' though?"

"That's true as well. He refers to the 'good man' as 'he who showed mercy'."

"I wonder why's that."

They all looked at each other.

"Perhaps his hate for the Samaritans …"

"You mean … his shapeshifting neighbors?"

"Ha, ha, ha! Right! Ha, ha, ha!"

"Perhaps it was so strong that he couldn't even refer to them in a proper way?"

"I would hate reptilians too. I mean … ha, ha … c'mon … do you expect my children to play with some … lizards?"

Alan switched TV channel and someone complained.

"At the end … Jesus then tells the lawyer to 'go and do likewise', …"


"Meaning that he should start living what the law tells him to do."

"Ha. Easier said than done."

The atmosphere finally resolved into semi-serious one and Thomas gladly announced more of the "secret book".

They all gathered behind him as he drew various pictures on the computer monitor.

"As you can see on the first one ... it is the beaten up prostitute that meets the priest's eyes."

"I wonder whether shapeshifting reptilians have females as well ..."

"Shh …"

"Now what does that tell us?"

"That the priest resisted secret temptation?"


"Or … what?"

"You tell me."

"Ah … err … Steve?"

"Perhaps it has something to do with … the shape shifting?"


"What?! No way?!"

"IF the shapeshifting reptilians are real, or were real then …"

"Then the stupid lizard changed his shape into something totally repulsive to the man who dedicated his life to God."

"Perhaps he was thinking it would lure the priest? I mean, c'mon, all alone in the wilderness, no one around?"

There was a moment of silence while Thomas' eyes sparkled like stars.

"Wow! Now that is what I call deep thinking."

"Could be … what's the next one?"

Thomas used his computer mouse and showed the next one. Medieval picture portraying religious man with a helpless trader whose bag full of gold coins laid next to him.

"What is this man?"


"So that's how they were dressed! Interesting. Resembles some modern-day Jews."

"And these are gold coins?"

"I believe so."

"Again, IF that was shapeshifting cunning reptilian from the outer space, he would definitely KNOW why he chose to change his appearance as a helpless trader."

"You think so? Then why Levite resisted? I mean … no one around … who would know?"

"It's true. There were no homeland security secret spy cams then."

"Good point. Reptilian failed again."

"But … why!"


"A-ha … what?"

"That's the reason why this book was made."

"You think … it's a fake one?"

"Think about it. If the Holy Inquisition caught you with such a book …"

"You wouldn't be burned as a heretic only … reprimanded?"

"Perhaps you would still rot in some dungeon but, yes, I don't think you would be instantly burned alive for spreading fallacy."

"Despite the reptilian presented on the first picture?"

Thomas paused, placing finger on his mouth, pondering about it.

Finally he smield and looked above and around.

"That's why asked of the second opinion."

There was silence as everyone looked at each other.

"And the last one?"

"You mean … the Samaritan?"

"You wouldn't believe it!"

"What!?" Girls leaned forward, anxious and excited to see the last one.

Thomas made some trumpet like noise and finally showed the last picture. Others were aghast and in awe.

The medieval picture showed reptilian with wings helping wounded reptilian whose wings were recently cut off.

"My God!" Cathy gasped.

Even males seemed shocked.

"It's like …"

"Like the angels?" Thomas looked up.

"Jesus …"

"Does your grandfather still have that book?" Alan added with a dose of sarcasm.

"Unfortunately he passed away."

There was silence while the others examined the final picture.

"My God! We were cracking the laughter out of our heels and lungs while …"

"While the Good Samaritan IS the reptile? Yes. OR so it seems …" Thomas concluded triumphantly.

Others were still trying to grasp the new concept of the "truth".

After a while they sat back but still felt dizzy and confused.

"Wow. Now … if THAT was genuine …"

"Then the Church represented all those facts …"

"In the best way it could."

"Oh c'mon now, you are suddenly clergical?"

"Ha, ha, ha."

"I … I am still confused about that part of the Illuminati and the Holy Inquisition though."

"You mean … in case you were CAUGHT with such book?"

"Yes. I mean … who cares if someone drew reptilians instead of …"

"Instead of humanized angels?" Thomas raised one eyebrow.

"Well … yes."

"Think about it. Why would the Church wish to show you that another specie live among us?"

There was another important silence.

"So … someone caught the shapeshifting reptilian and, and … and cut his wings?"


"But … how?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean … if they hide … how could the others SEE him as reptilian?"

Thomas raised his finger and brought them another book. This one seemed modern with glossy pages.

"See here?"

They all gathered and looked at some medieval alchemists.

"Early medicine men?"

"Or shapeshifting reptilians preparing their secret 'ingredient'."

"Sounds like drugs man."

Thomas suddenly stared at Steve and Steve shrugged, grinning.


Telephone rang and Thomas made a grimace, excusing himself.

"Just a second. I think I get it."

"Get … what?"

"Those 'reptilians' used some kind of a 'drug' to keep them hidden."

"You mean … they consumed some kind of a substance in order to …"

"… shift shapes?"

They all looked at each other in sudden apprehension.


"What about Him?" Thomas returned with a wide smile.

They all stared at him.

"You know … some claim that Jesus was from the rich family and that he had offspring too …"

Thomas eyes were now glistening with rejuvenated power as the others stared in reverence and awe.

Ten minutes later on they resembled children on their first Sunday school lesson.

Thomas sat on the sofa, holding open Holy Bible.

"See here … in Genesis 6 … there's clear scripture that states angels came down from Heaven, … and had sexual intercourse with human females."

"So this 'human' is what we should focus on?"

Thomas nodded like some seducing mage.

"What's more … this sexual union between the angels and human females produced giants who had six fingers and were over twelve feet tall."

"Oh, c'mon now … first those reptilians and now … giants?"

"You want me to show you?"

Thomas started to rise but the girls were too anxious.

"No, no. We believe you."

"I am telling you. It is all documented."

Thomas sighed. He felt inspirational.

"And … it should also be noted that there have been numerous discoveries of giant human skeletons all over the world."

"Let me guess then. When these discoveries occur, they are often hushed up by government science institutes?"

Thomas lifted his head up.

"Or … by the Church."