Sera laid on her narrow bed in her new dorm room after she had gotten her uniform and such, feeling miserable and otherwise feeling sorry for herself when there was a knock on her door. The older girls weren't having orientation for a little while yet. The younger girls were being taken care of first. She got up and went to the door, wondering who could possibly want to see her.

She found a middle aged dragon rider standing on the other side. This woman looked like a weathered warrior. Sera knew this warrior. She was named Amelia. Her dragon was a heavyweight named Velvet. Amelia was one of the most decorated warrior in the history of the dragonriders. Sera had been there when Amelia received her last set of honors.

"May I help you?" Sera asked, polite and formal as per usual. Amelia smiled with a glint of something not quite evil, but definitely self-serving.

"I've decided you're going to be my project," Amelia told the princess. Sera just stared at her confused. Amelia grabbed Sera's hand and dragged her from the room.

"You've been chosen by Athena. She's almost as battle experienced as my Velvet. You're going to be joining our team once you graduate from your weeks of school training. I thought I'd get to know you," Sera didn't even have a chance to argue as Amelia dragged her down to the cafeteria to get them both something to eat. The princess was too skinny in Amelia's opinion and definitely didn't have the muscles required for this job. Amelia would fix that, no matter what the princess thought was going to happen.