Rapid breathing. Pumping blood. Frigid air.

That's what he felt during most of the chases.

The world he once lived in hid nightmares and monsters, labelled as Demons.

Right now, he chased one of such Demons: a creature with the shape of a humanoid machine for some reason, with metallic skin and cyan-coloured features, similar to lights that blinded the eyes of people in the dark.

His name was Sakuma. As of 2 months ago, he had become a Demon Hunter. But anyone from the outside could misunderstand his intentions in such. He was neither human nor a demon.

People could mistake him for a saviour of humanity, hunting the impure and corrupt souls that caused havoc when deciding to take action – he wasn't. He did not fight for human kind.

Maybe he fought to show off his skill, his abilities, his physique, showing dominance over creatures of unknown origin to most – he did not. He did not fight for himself.

For the sake of someone he loved, maybe for the sake of those he held dear – he had no one of such status. He didn't fight to save someone else.

At least not in the most common of senses.

The humanoid creature found himself trapped in a dead end, in an alley of a deserted street of Japan, a rare sight during the day, but not during the night. Demons disliked the rays of the sun, thus attacking either during the night or the days of bad weather.

It set its eyes on the pursuer, the Demon Hunter: a young boy, to say the very least, teenager in appearance; his hair was pitch black and slicked back, though with bangs disguising his forehead; his eyes were grey in colour, resembling the colour of the sky in a gloomy day; his lower face was disguised by a black mask, decorated with silver bones; his body was young-looking and fit, well formed, with no unnecessary bulk, but firm muscles underneath the clothing; he wasn't very tall, but in no way was he short; the clothes were plain and simple, monochrome in nature; in his right hand, he held a weapon, a beautiful spear, violet, adorned with pearl-white, with a somewhat short straight-headed blade.

The demon, with a human face structure, glared. Due to its androgynous appearance, it was hard to tell whether it was male or female, but that wasn't important for either the demon nor the hunter.

It swung its arms, shooting multiple dart-like projectiles. The sharp objects burrowed into the hunter's flesh. Hot blood dripped out of the 6 wounds throughout his body, and pain began to surge.

However, at this point, it wasn't easy to make him flinch with attacks of that size. The demon wasn't particularly strong, but it was determined to get away.

Its hands, shaped like the rubber ring of a stereo's speaker, were clapped together and then pulled back. Its palms, when pushed forward again, released a powerful soundwave, shaped like a dome. The surrounding air became distorted and reflected a blue coloured light.

The demon hunter was knocked back upon collision, being pushed away and tripping over, rolling on the ground as a result.

In the meantime, the demon leapt up towards the sky, attempting to make an escape through the roofs of the many buildings. However, it spotted something in the corner of its eye, and flinched upon finding a blade of the same hue as bone travel across the distance, spinning. It was an axe, with a red hilt, whose blade landed on its cheek as a result. The skull of the demon fractured, and he was pushed into a deserted building, in the sixth floor in the dark night, barely illuminated by the street lights. It was on the verge of fainting, which would make its defeat certain.

Refusing to give up, however, the otherworldly creature stood back up, removing the axe from its face, struggling to do so with both hands. Eventually, it removed the weapon with the two numb hands, and breathed in both hatred and desperation. It spun over its foot, and hurled the axe out the window, but before the weapon managed to reach the opening in the building, a voice spoke with a powerful timber, yet a soft tone.


The axe vanished into the shape of a wisp of bright red fire, and it stopped in place, just as the Demon Hunter, Sakuma, reached the broken window of the edifice. The flame flew into his heart, disappearing from the world. Shortly after, a similar strand of violet fire, small enough to fit in the inside of his palm, came out from the same place as the previous one vanished into. It flew into his hand and changed into the shape of the spear he held before, the glow diminishing after becoming a full, physical object.

"Get back!" The demon demanded. It prepared another sound wave between its hands, but before it could be launched, the hunter made his move first.

"Crescent Light!" Within a single second, Sakuma raised the spear horizontally. The head of the spear glowed in pure white and a wave of lustrous light with purplish highlights. The demon couldn't even flinch before it passed through him, slicing through the rest of the room, and fade through the rooms behind it, all of them deserted and without people. The demon, sliced apart, wasn't perfectly cut in half, but not in the sense that the division was completely imprecise, but rather on the wound itself. Instead of being a perfect cleave, the wound burned the demon's insides, who couldn't heal properly right away, yelled in pain from two sources, the two halves.

The screams were soon silenced, as suddenly the spear's blade was stabbed through the halves of the head. After muttering the words "Go to Hell…" the Demon Hunter spun around, hurling the limp body of the demon out the window.

It never reached the ground. Before it could, a circular portal outlined in violet opened, swallowing the demon whole, and sending it back to its origin: Hell.

The hunter sat on the edge of the broken window, after clearing the shattered glass with the help of his spear, and placed a hand over his lower-face mask, removing it and letting out a long sigh of relief, mixed with weariness.

"…And that makes three." He locked the mask on one of the belt loops of his trousers and began to pull out the darts out of his body. "Ow!" He finally let out grunts of pain, followed by sounds that resembled a snake's hiss. "I should've dodged… But I'm not fast enough." He seemed to be talking alone. In fact, any outsider would've thought of that. "…Hm? It doesn't matter if you're the one who increases my speed the most, we were in an alley. I can't dodge that easily. …Well, maybe with Beelzebub or Asmodeus, but even then."

Before he could finish his explanation, the spear glowed in vibrant lavender and took on another shape, this time humanoid. Sakuma turned his head, crossing his medium, monochrome eyes with those of the beauty that stood beside him.

Long, pale, blonde hair, tied up in a waist-long ponytail, violet bangs at both is end and the strands that disguised her forehead. Eyes of a vibrant purple, somehow with the pattern of a starry sky imprinted within them when carefully observed.

The woman wearing a violet and white dress, gloves and boots of matching colours, with sketched wings all over her outfit, showed a smirk of malice.

"Are you implying I'm not the best of your options?"

Sakuma froze, afraid. "N-No! I didn't imply that!" He quickly searched for the right words. "I-It's just that the others could've been more suited for that kind of situation."

"Oh? Is that so?" The woman with crossed arms decided to sit next to the demon hunter.

He sometimes forgot that he had to word his sentences more carefully in her presence. After all, she was the Devil. Not because she had an evil or sadism within her personality, but rather because she was the Devil herself. Her name was Lucifer, the Deadly Sin of Pride.

Sakuma let out of sigh, feeling as if he had escaped punishment in the end. "You're hunting 5 demons tomorrow."

"Five?!" He was about to yell out that it was unfair, but as soon as Lucifer looked daggers at him, his mouth became shut. "…Five it is."

"…It's not like you dislike it."

"But it's still tiring." He let his body go limp and fell backwards, laying on the ground with hands behind his head. "You should take a break every now and then if you want to do a good job."

"I'll ponder about that." Lucifer let out a snicker underneath her breath. "You're lucky I'm this generous."

Sakuma simply laughed lightly at the Demon's remark. And then, a sound began to emanate throughout the streets that made Lucifer turn her head and Sakuma let out a sigh: sirens.

"Why are those things so loud?"

"To warn others to get out of the way." Sakuma stood back up, stretching his body in order to relax his muscles. "I guess that's our cue to leave." Within a flash of low, dull light, both the Demon Hunter and the Devil vanished completely, leaving no trace behind with the exception of the damage they had done during the battle.