I was born on October 27th, 1988, sometime between 6am and 8am. My parents, Eleanor and Peter Scott, who were living in South Bathurst at the time, were apparently just sitting outside on the front porch of the only house I can't remember living in. Seeing as I was just a baby for the little time I would have lived there, I only know about this house because my Dad mentioned it a few times as I grew through my childhood.

Anyway, I was still not yet born, although my parents were undoubtedly aware that it would be any day soon when I would make my arrival into this world. And I chose, after hours of my Mom going through the excruciating pains of labour, and then a C-section because I ended up turned the other way than what would have been natural, to finally be born. And there I was. This life ahead of me, hopefully a long, full life, would be mine. Who knew what lay ahead.

For the time being, however, the first thing I had to be given was a name. Scott was already my family name, so much for the easy part. I'm not sure how long it took my parents to agree on a name, or if it was really my Dad's decision (which it so often ended up being for so many things in my life as I now recall). Or, if it was purely my mother's decision, but finally, they named me Shawna Marie Scott. And this is my story.

Shawna Marie Scott