Pop Drop and Roll

I-I, um…I love you!

Eeeek, oh no, what did I just say?!

I want to fall down into myself.

I want to hide myself away.

I'm not really all that much of a brave person.

It doesn't matter how I appear to others.

Can I please just cover my blushing face now?!

Oh, I just can't stand it!

My heart feels as if it has just popped.

Was a loud popping sound really there?

It feels as if it was.

Now the silence buzzes me like crazy!

I struggle to breathe like normal.

I wait for your response.

Meanwhile, I think I'll just skitter away!

Sometimes I just want to run away.

I figure no one feels the same way I do.

I can get up there and kiss you.

Ah, but then I just pull away and hide.

I think I'm being quite the tease.

I don't mean to.

I can't look at you without bouncing around.

Am I going crazy?

I slip right into your arms.

It's as if someone else is leading me along.

It doesn't feel like me at all.

Why do I torture myself?

It's not a very nice thing to do.

I just can't help it.

This can very quickly get out of control.

I'm stuck on you.

I can roll over.

I can surrender.

I can give in.

I can give up.

My feelings are there.

They are crystal clear.

I hope you can see them.