There's Nothing I Wouldn't Give

There's nothing I wouldn't give,

I'd give it all and then some more.

If only just to fall in love,

I want to see the sparkles.

I want to feel my skin prickle with excitement.

Why must I dance alone?

Please, can someone enter my life?

My heart yearns to be caught off guard.

These hands feel empty and cold.

There is something missing.

There is just air where another pair of hands should be.

A mitten's warmth isn't the same.

This lonely tune I sing,

I sing it with all of my heart.

It aches so much.

How have I endured it this time around?

How much longer do I have to endure it?

The loneliness threatens to eat me up.

I bet that even loneliness would chew me up like food.

I bet that even loneliness would spit me right back out onto the floor.

Why do I even try?

My efforts all go to waste.

Nothing I do or say matters.

No one will give me a chance.

My arms are the only pair I see.

There should be another pair wrapped around me.

I'm the only one here.

There should be another person standing just behind me,

Pulling me close to him,

Why can't this dream ever seem to come true?

Is it all a lie?

Is there really a happy ending?

I am alone.

My match isn't right here beside me.

That's such a tragic story to be told.

Such sad eyes I see reflected back at me.

Such a tragic destiny I have discovered.

I am spinning around and around with the empty air.

Dead silence surrounds me.

Not even the walls around me,

Not even they tell me of such love.

Why would they anyway?

They are just materialistic walls.

They will fade away over time.

No lips press against mine.

All that's there is air.

The air is so dry and suffocating.

I'm being smothered.