January 2
nd, 2018 - Day 367
Double Entendre

Starting the year with a new resolve,
A new challenge set for each
Though usually set before the year is itself,
Mine I've only chosen this week

Last year I chose to start this routine,
One that has, more or less, become ingrained
And this year I vow to add flourish to my days,
With a manner that will surely entertain

While last year I practiced in private my art,
This year I lay bare to all
While some may see it an inappropriate act,
I, for one, find the exhibition quite a ball

And I imagine you all, sitting there, grinding gears,
Wondering what it is that I find so diverting
But look, back up, at what I've written so far,
Surely now you'll notice what I've been inserting

Twisted phrases with double meanings,
Scattered out here and there
Bearing fruit with groans or laughter,
Nothing else could evoke this sort of pair

So be wary of the conversation,
If one should be struck with me
As you might not see the blows coming,
Pitching these plays on words to thee

But whether you like them or not, I don't care,
I'm just doing this all in good fun
Because toying with words requires some amount of skill,
Especially if you want a good pun