January 13
th, 2018 - Day 378
Ice, Ice, Baby

Scratch, scrape, and chip at the ice
Not having thought that it wouldn't be nice
No matter how long, it just won't suffice
The snowfall keeps building up on this vice

Up before the sun comes to warm
To melt the layers that've come to form
In the middle of a great chillstorm
Carving my transport on this platform

Minutes pass as I burn on through
Slowly drilling my pick in too
Frozen sheets piling up anew
Frustration starting to build up and brew

Rage afire, muscles burning, bright
Speeding strokes, teeth all clenched tight
Snow and hail falling down, despite
Not leaving till I'm finished this fight

Ice parting, giving way, it yields
Great relief I finally feel
Packing up, now onward, I steal
Off to work before more congeals