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Time: 2125 Hour; 8th of August, 2072.

Location: Aleppo, Syria.

It is undeniable that the city of Aleppo in Syria is one of the most dangerous in the whole world. Occupied by a tyrannical Islamic "caliphate" that has a complete disregard of human rights, along with Improvised Explosive Devices planted at literally every corner, Aleppo has claimed the lives of many civilians, extremists and coalition troops alike.

One such insurgent stood guard on the roof of a concrete building. He wore a jet black balaclava that covered every inch of his face except his eyes, and soot-covered t-shirt and pants, plus a body armor he managed to loot off a slain coalition soldier. An AK-47 assault rifle served as his weapon of choice, as his eyes scanned his surroundings for any signs of civilians trying to sneak out of the city, or coalition troops trying to sneak in.

The insurgent tries to hide his dissatisfaction at being assigned guard duty by the higher-ups of the "caliphate", even though his balaclava alone is enough to hide any expression he makes. He kept it to himself, for everything the higher-ups find dissatisfactory are met with an execution (although they have many methods of execution). For that, he can only wish that a future mission can get him promoted to frontline duties.

He never got the chance to see that happening, though. Because five seconds later, he fell off the roof like a ragdoll, with a bullet hole right through his head.


"Perimeter secure." A US Air Force sniper whispered into his radio after putting a bullet from his suppressed L115 sniper rifle into an insurgent's head.

"Copy that. Keep an eye out for enemy guards while we move in." A USAF colonel whispered back in response. He then gestures at his squad to follow him deeper into the city, toward the building that the slain insurgent is previously standing guard on.

As the squad neared the target building, the colonel raised a hand to signal his squad to stop. Putting on his night vision goggles, he scanned the street for any signs of insurgent patrols or booby traps.

He spots one not too far in front of him: a half-buried plastic bottle with a suspicious-looking lump inside it. He could only see half the bottle, but he knew this is an IED that is triggered by being stepped on, which will cause the probably-highly-explosive lump to make contact with the hidden detonator and blow the feet off any soul unfortunate enough to step on it.

The colonel gestured to his squad about the bottle mine. Everyone stepped around it and then continued their way toward the target building.

The sound of a metal grate being brushed brought the colonel and his squad into full alert. They raised their M4 Carbines and scanned the immediate vicinity while the colonel did the same with a rifle-shaped weapon that appears to be experimental.

One of the squad troopers silently determined that the sound came from around the corner. The colonel gestured at his squad to stand on guard, while he himself slowly approached said corner, prepared to assault whoever may be there.

He stopped right at the corner, and pressed himself against the wall. Drawing his combat knife out, he waited for the unidentified person to get closer to the corner before he jumped out and jabbed his knife at the person's throat.

Although he stopped short of slitting the person's throat upon seeing who he is.

"Colonel Jack Masters..." The person, who's also a USAF colonel with an identical experimental rifle, whispered. "I was not aware you are sent on a sortie here..."

"I am not aware of your sortie either, Colonel Robert Bufano..." The first colonel, Jack Masters, whispered in response.

Jack Masters then gestured at his squad to stand down. Robert Bufano's squad did the same upon being ordered by him.

"I thought command deployed only one squad for this rescue operation?" Jack Masters asked.

"Command believed that your squad alone is not equipped well enough for this mission, so they unofficially merged our two squads at the last minute." Robert Bufano answers.

Jack Masters looked around the vicinity, then tells Robert Bufano, "We can question command's true motives later. Our mission is more important."

The two colonels nodded to each other, and then continues to silently make their way to the target building with their squads in tow.


The two squads reached the target building without much trouble. Everyone stopped in front of the main gate of the building, and looked around to confirm that there are no insurgent patrols nearby. To make things easier, the main gate isn't locked, and is already half-open.

But all this made Jack Masters suspicious. "This is too easy. All units be alert for anything odd." He whispered to the squad troops.

Robert Bufano begins pulling the gate open. As the gate's hinges are rusted and worn out, he made sure to open it at a snail's pace to reduce the creaking noise as much as possible. It took him two whole minutes to open the gate wide enough for everyone to get through.

The door of the building is very much gone. Scorch marks and bullet holes on the doorframe indicates that the insurgents tried shooting down the original door before resorting to blowing it up.

The colonels and their squads silently marched into the building. After securing the vacant ground floor, they silently made their way to the second floor.

The second floor of the building has only one room, and judging by the shadow being casted into the corridor, there is at least one armed insurgent in it.

Jack Masters and Robert Bufano gestured to their squads to stand down, then nodded to each other before reaching for their suppressed M1911A handgun.

Peeking around the corner into the room, they find exactly one insurgent with an AK-47 with his back against the doorway, facing two hostages who are tied up and gagged. One of the hostages appears to have been dead for quite a while, judging by the bullet hole in his head and the coagulated blood trailing down his face from it. The other hostage appears to be fatigued, but otherwise alive.

Jack Masters and Robert Bufano nodded to each other again. They then slowly and silently snuck into the room, with their suppressed M1911A pointed at the insurgent.

The two colonels did it so stealthily, by the time the insurgent noticed them, they were already close enough to press the muzzle of their M1911A against his head and fire simultaneously. There is no questioning that the insurgent is dead.

"Clear." The colonels announced as they put their M1911A away. Their squad troops soon poured into the room to secure it.

Robert Bufano kneeled down to inspect the alive hostage. "He's alive, just a bit fatigued."

Jack Masters tapped the dead hostage on the shoulder. The dead hostage immediately falls over, exposing the big blood splatter on the wall that was obscured by his head moments ago. The fact there's also a bullet hole in the middle of that blood splatter indicates that the dead hostage was held against the wall before the insurgent shot him in the head point-blank.

Both colonels and their squads became disgusted by the gruesome scene.

Jack Master clenched his fists tightly to suppress his anger. "This man..." He said, referring to the dead hostage. "...He is the VIP we were supposed to rescue. Intel has it that he obtained documents on the caliphate's plans to launch more terror attacks around the world, but weren't able to tell anyone about it due to the caliphate boosting their security in Aleppo..." He slammed his fist into the floor, the thud suppressed by the rug, to express his disgust. "Somehow, the Jihadists found out about the document being leaked, and stormed the building before executing him without a second thought."

"They were so desperate to keep their documents a secret, they didn't even publicize his execution..." Robert Bufano continued the sentence for Jack Masters. "The other hostage is just an unlucky civilian who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time..." He stared straight at the floor to hide his fury. "How is Syria, and by extension the United States, going to explain that this man, an ambassador, became another casualty of the People's Republic of China in the war against the Jihadists...?"

"Regardless, it is the fact that our mission is a failure..." Jack Masters declared. "Return to the LZ. We will have to report this to command..."

As the two colonels stood up and are about to leave the room, they looked out the window and saw another insurgent on the neighboring building appearing all of a sudden. What's worse is that said insurgent has an RPG-7 rocket launcher, and he has already noticed the colonels.

Without second thoughts, the insurgent simply aimed his RPG-7 at the colonels and fired.

"Take cover!" Both Jack Masters and Robert Bufano cried out before they and their squads quickly crouched down. The RPG flew above their heads and blew up the corridor outside the room, showering debris over everyone.

The colonels both stood back up quickly and took aim with their experimental rifles before firing at the insurgent. But it was too late, the insurgent has already called for reinforcements with his radio before the colonels pulled their triggers.

Robert Bufano quickly grabbed his radio and spoke through it. "This is Colonel Robert Bufano of the Phantom Squad, the VIP is already dead! I repeat, the mission is a failure! Requesting emergency evac!" After that, he turned to Jack Masters and said, "We need to get out of here ASAP!"


Location: Turkish Armed Force Command Center; Ankara, Turkey.

Turkish Armed Force personnel, and US Air Force officers temporarily stationed in the TAF's command center suddenly went into overdrive that prompted a US general to come and investigate what is going on.

"Report." The US general ordered a US officer.

The US officer performed a salute before explaining the situation. "Sir, the Phantom Squad has just reported that their mission is a failure, and they are requesting emergency evac."

"Send in an Osprey to get those men out of there." The US general ordered. "Also send out two Blackhawks to provide cover fire for the Osprey."

The US officer was about to acknowledge the order, but was interrupted by the Turkish general in charge of the command center. "Hold it! Satellites have picked up an aircraft carrying nuclear materials heading toward Aleppo!" He emphasized by pointing at a screen showing satellite imagery of Syria, with the crosshair centered on what appears to be a Boeing 747 heading toward Aleppo.

The US general frowned. "Who the hell ordered a nuclear strike?! Call it off!"

The Turkish officers don't need to be told to do what they have to.

"Unidentified aircraft, your cargo and its presence here is in complete violation of the Geneva Convention." The Turkish officers relayed a warning to the unknown aircraft in English. "You are advised not to proceed any further..."

The US general suddenly notices something about the satellite imagery of the unidentified aircraft. "Wait! Magnify the emblem on its wings!"

One of the Turkish officers punched a string of commands into the computer, making the satellite imagery zoom in on one of the wings of the 747.

Both the US and Turkish general went pale as they saw what is embedded on the wings of the aircraft.

The US general quickly relayed a new order to the US officer. "Forget about the Osprey and Blackhawks. Tell US Air Command, on an untraceable frequency, that we are requesting Poltergeist over Aleppo ASAP!"


Location: Aleppo, Syria.

Knowing that its suicidal to stay around, Jack Masters, Robert Bufano and their squads quickly escaped from the building, with one of them carrying the alive hostage by the shoulders, only to run face-first into several pickup trucks each carrying several armed insurgents.

One of the insurgents shouted something in Arabic before firing his AK-47 at the hostage. The trooper carrying the hostage failed to jump out of the way in time, and so the hostage died.

Another trooper pointed his M4 Carbine, and fired the M208 underslung grenade launcher at the leading pickup truck, blowing it up along with the insurgents occupying it.

The other insurgents hopped off the pickup trucks and begun firing their AKs at the US squads. The lack of usable cover in the vicinity of the building meant that the US squad have no choice but to engage the insurgents in a wide open area.

Two US soldiers were injured in the ensuing cross fire. A dozen insurgents perished. However, the insurgents kept on coming, with suicidal determination to kill the US squads simply because of what they are.

Then another insurgent with an RPG-7 showed up.

Robert Bufano noticed the RPG insurgent, and quickly emptied several rounds into him. However, the RPG insurgent managed to pull the trigger as he is kneeling over, firing a rocket at the second story of the building.

The explosion caused that portion of the second story to crumble. The US soldiers noticed it, and quickly jumped to the side.

Unfortunately, Robert Bufano failed to dodge the debris rain completely. A mid-sized piece of concrete hit him in the head, causing him to fall over. And then a huge piece of concrete with rebar sticking out of it fell on his left leg, with the sharp rebar slicing almost all the way through his left knee.

Robert Bufano cried out in pain, with the huge piece of concrete pinning him down.

"Robert!" Jack Masters exclaimed. He gunned down several more insurgents before rushing to the aid of his comrade.

"No, Jack. Leave me behind!" Robert attempted to dissuade Jack from helping him. "The US won't let you die under any circumstances! They will do anything to make sure you stay alive!"

An insurgent with a machete charged toward the colonels while yelling like a madman. He is quickly gunned down by a soldier.

"I won't leave you behind!" Jack defied Robert's dissuasion, as he attempts to remove the huge piece of concrete amidst the crossfires.

A dozen RPG insurgents appeared and took aim at the cornered US soldiers.

Seeing the insurgents sealing off all escape route as they pour in endlessly, and the RPG insurgents sealing off the deal even further, Jack realized that he need to do something or else he and his men will all perish right here.

He have no choice but to do that.

The RPG insurgents then pulled their triggers, and a barrage of rockets are fired at the cornered US soldiers.

Jack Masters reacted by thrusting his right arm forward with an open palm. In that split second, glowing blue lines streaked across his combat glove before a burst of energy is released from it, travelling toward all direction.

As the energy wave expanded toward all directions, everything it comes in contact with are frozen in place. Insurgents and US soldiers froze up like statues, bullets and rockets stopped completely mid-flight, even the muzzle flashes of the guns and exhaust flame of the rockets are frozen in place. Everything in the city of Aleppo came to a complete standstill.

Everything except Colonel Jack Masters.

The colonel took several seconds worth of deep breaths to recover from what he just did.

"I won't let any Americans die in the hands of Jihadists today..." Jack said to himself.

Seizing the opportunity, he went and turned the rockets around, literally using raw strength as they remain frozen mid-flight. Although he had to muster all his strength to turn just one rocket around, he was able to do it to all the rockets so that they are now facing the insurgents instead of the US soldiers.

By that point, the complete standstill had ceased, and everything started moving again.

The rockets, now turned 180 degrees around, flew toward the insurgents with the same speed they had before, and blew up all the insurgents before any one of them even realize what happened.

All the US soldiers became utterly confused by what have just happened. But Robert Bufano, still pinned down by the huge piece of concrete, knows very well what that is.

"Jack, you have just activated your Chronomancer Unit...!" Robert exclaimed.

"I have no choice. It was us or them..." Jack replied as he went to try and lift the huge piece of concrete off Robert's left leg. "Like you said, the US will do anything to keep me alive. And that includes authorizing the use of the US' Secret Technologies..."

That being said, Jack suddenly is able to lift up the huge piece of concrete, and then proceeding to set it aside. With that done, he helped Robert stand up by letting the injured colonel wrap his arm around his shoulders.

"Come on. We need to evacuate from the city..."

All of a sudden, an aircraft of some kind materialized in the air directly above the US soldiers. The aircraft has no propulsion system of any kind, yet it is able to fly just well, and even land vertically in front of the gate of the building.

What looked like the bay doors opened at the back of the aircraft. This is then followed by a broadcast from presumably the pilot.

"We need to get out of here ASAP. A Boeing 747 modified to carry a nuclear warhead is headed toward Aleppo."

Without any second thoughts, Jack carried Robert and boarded the aircraft, followed by the rest of the squad, with the two injured soldiers being carried on board as well.

With everyone on board, the aircraft begin to close its bay doors and take off vertically.

Several more insurgents who arrived at the scene became utterly confused by the strange aircraft. Regardless, they fired their AK-47 and RPG-7 at it...and failed to even dent the hull.

Seemingly in retaliation of the attacks, the strange aircraft fired a ball of energy at the insurgents, despite it not having any visible armaments. The ball of energy exploded, which didn't do any physical damage but caused every insurgent in the vicinity to suddenly kneel over.


Onboard the strange aircraft, the US soldiers tended to their injured comrades as best as they could. As Robert Bufano's leg injury is a very serious one, all Jack Masters could do is to temporarily halt the bleeding and tie a tourniquet around the nearly severed left knee, as there is no questioning that the left leg will have to be amputated.

"Pilot, who authorized a nuclear strike on Aleppo, and why didn't command try to call it off?" Jack Master asked the aircraft pilot through the onboard intercoms.

"The Turkish Armed Forces tried to dissuade the nuclear strike, but realized it is a pointless act as the plane came from..." the pilot answers.

"Came from where?" Jack is confused about it.

The pilot didn't answer. Instead, a holographic display materialized at the back of the aircraft. Displayed on it, in real time, is a modified Boeing 747 opening its cargo bay door while the strange aircraft flew by it. What looked like a ballistic warhead slid out of the cargo bay on a wheeled trolley before tumbling down toward Aleppo.

Everyone watched as the display showed the ballistic warhead reaching its target and then detonating. The resulting fireball is so bright it blanketed the display in white for a brief moment, before the whiteness faded to reveal a massive mushroom cloud transforming the city of Aleppo into a wasteland.

The display then turned to show the 747 that dropped the nuclear warhead. The screen magnified on the wings of the aircraft, focusing on the flag of the country where it came from.

"20 kiloton tactical Hydrogen Bomb. Build in, and deployed straight from Pyongyang, North Korea, with the sole intent of eradicating at least 90% of all Jihadi presence in all of Syria, and hopefully forcing the remaining ten percent to either surrender themselves or commit suicide."


Wow, man. This is possibly the longest prologue I've ever cooked up for a story.

My first attempt at writing an original fiction...and I came up with over 3000 words on the same day. Pretty amazing how doing something slightly different than your usual thing can net you completely different results, right?

The last quarter of the prologue might've seemed confusing to you guys. What's with Colonel Jack Masters suddenly making everything freeze in place...almost like stopping time, perhaps? And then there's the more believable scene of Jack Masters lifting up a huge piece of concrete all by himself. The aforementioned time-stopping ability is apparently granted by something called the Chronomancer Unit. The US would do anything to make sure Jack Masters, and specifically Jack Masters stays alive, including authorizing the use of the US' Secret Technologies...

Totally confused by all that? Well, the so-called Secret Technologies are the key to all this confusion. I'll try to clarify some of it in the first chapter which comes later.

I didn't name the extremist organization directly. But the fact that I referred to it as a "caliphate" (with quotation marks), stated that it completely disregard human rights, and occasionally described its members as Jihadists should make it very obvious which extremist organization I'm talking about.

You also might be wondering about these: China has casualties in the War On Terror? Did the extremist organization really execute the Chinese Ambassador to Syria (for being a non-believer)? The US has a joint collaboration with Turkey in the War On Terror? Did North Korea just drop a nuke on Aleppo to try and wipe out the aforementioned extremist organization and persuade the survivors to surrender or be killed? Well, this is the year 2072, after all. A lot would have hanged, especially the part where the War On Terror got bad enough that even North Korea joined the coalition to wipe out the "caliphate".

All of that will be explained once the real story begins. So just read on if you want to clear up your confusion. I do have to warn you that the story will become confusing again as it progresses.

That is all. "You didn't see anything..."