Adults will tell you that children are innocent, precious creatures who would never harm a soul. They're partially right-children are innocent. So innocent, in fact, that they don't understand right and wrong. They don't know that they're hurting people...or, more accurately, they don't care. Children firmly believe that the universe revolves around them, that their wants and needs are the only thing that matters in the world. If they make another kid on the playground cry, it doesn't matter. They're just playing a game, after all. That kid's a crybaby! If they kill a bird or a frog, oh well, it was just a toy anyway. I'll find a new plaything! As we grow older, we forget the awful things we did in kindergarten, forget that girl we bullied for years, and begin to understand that our actions have consequences. We don't see that the autistic girl we teased and ostracized throughout elementary school has depression and anxiety, and that autistic girl doesn't see that the boy she befriend and then promptly dumped is lonely and friendless now. We choose not to see, because it would hurt to admit that children aren't the sweet little angels we make them out to be. Children are innocent, in their kindness and their cruelty.