Characters-In Order of Appearance

Rhona: Mage of High-Renown, Dramatic Story-Teller, Reluctant Hero, Older Sister

Athalia: Fair Maiden, Self-Rescuer, Expert Swordwielder, Tamer of Wild Beasts, Younger Sister

The Par-King Genie: King, Genie, Kingdom man of Mystery

The Old King: Retired, It's a Long Story

Knight's Apprentice: Tired, Over-Worked, So Done With This

Lila: Prophecy Keeper, Typical Librarian, Not Good at Sarcasm

The Squirrel: A Strange, but Helpful Fellow

The Old Woman: Crazy Vegetable Lover

The Gods: Trust Me; They Were There, Love Politeness

Riddle Door: It's a Door That Loves Riddles

Azmaveth Duhmavarna: Villain

-Prologue-(The land of Par)-

It all started on a dark and stormy night.

No it didn't.

Don't interrupt me! I'm trying to tell the story.

Well, you're doing it wrong. That's not what happened.

It's called dramatic effect, look it up.

Tell the story right or I'll take over.

*Sigh. Fine. It was a slightly overcast mid-afternoon. Happy now?


Okay then, on to the story. This mid-afternoon was like no other before it. This day was a beginning. Of what, though, no one was sure.

The land that my annoying, interrupting sister over there and I are from is called Par. It is ruled by a wise and benevolent genie. How the genie became our King is a very long, complicated story that involves the Old King, 3 barrels of alcoholic beverages, a very important party, 2 chickens, a dragon, a giant, a witch, a wardrobe, a large pot of gold, and the genie's lamp. Long story short, the Old King opened the lamp and wished to never have to deal with a fiasco like that again. The genie was named King, and the Old King packed up and retired to the countryside.

I hear he is still enjoying retirement.

Anyway, the only problem with having a genie for a King is that no one knows his real name. Everyone just calls him the Par-King Genie.

He is a very good King, in my opinion.

Why do you keep interrupting me? Do you want to tell the story?

Maybe I do!