the sand that falls (jan 1)

just like that
the new year starts
and the hourglass turns around
with sand dripping down one grain at a time

we receive the midnight with fireworks
and scaring the shit out of our pets
i ate ribs, i ate rice, i ate potatoes
and ate grapes, making a wish per three grapes
perhaps that way it's thrice as likely they'll come true

it woke up a cloudy day
but it didn't want to rain
there were news of dozens dead
at a terrorist attack in instanbul
dashing all hopes that things would be better
that we're still stuck in the same place

oh... let us have strength and hope and a bit more love
i know those are the things that matter most...

the sand that falls
seems like ash, like hardened blood
and even the clouds turn red
with the coming of the sunset
it doesn't look like a good omen
it seems we're just barely starting to see rock bottom
i'll pray... not to god, but to all of ourselves
so we hold on as long as possible
so we wait out this hurricane approaching
and see the sun the next day, it'll glow brighter than it's ever been...

we all must hit rock bottom
in order to climb the mountain
and at the top, we shall see
that the struggle and pain and deaths were worth it