This is a follow-up to "Twelve strokes at the stroke of twelve". Please read that one first.


Ten times ten spanks - Chapter 1

"Are you serious? All day?" Lina asked her friend Samantha.
"Yup, what's so strange about that?" Samantha said, taking a handful popcorn from the bowl.
"I don't get it. Why should you be naked for a full day?"
"'Cause that's the way it is. When it's your birthday, you should be like when you where born. And that's naked."
"And then you get... a spanking?" Lina asked.
"Not just one" Samantha said.
"How many?"
"One for each year you turn" Samantha's mother said, entering the livingroom.
Lina's mouth fell open. "So..." she said, turning to the mother, "that means Samantha is going to get... ten spankings?!"
"Not just... like ten times?"
"No. Ten times ten spanks. Ten spanks in every spanking."
"Wow... that's much" Lina said.
"It is. But they are not all at the same time, of course" the mother said.
She sat down beside Lina in the coach. "Look, Lina" she said. "This is an old tradition. Just like the New Year spankings. But the Birthday spankings are more private and we don't usually have people around on our birthdays. This is actually first time some one outside family will be here for a birthday. The party will, as you know, be on Sunday. Are you sure you want to be here tomorrow as well?"
Lina nodded. "Yes, if you are okay with that."
"We are" the mother said. "After all, it's Samantha's birthday and she wanted you here."

"Don't you feel afraid of the spankings you're gonna get?" Lina asked her friend the same evening.
Samantha turned on her side, facing her. "Well... a little bit. Not afraid but... you know, the last spankings hurt a lot. Not like when they spank for punishment but... still, when you got like seven or eight spankings the same day your butt is a bit... sore."
Lina giggled a bit. "Imagine that. But do you really like this spanking thing? It's just so... weird. Like the New Year spankings but even weirder."
"It won't be your birthday for real without the spankings" Samantha said. "It wouldn't feel like you had your birthday at all."
"But do you really want to get hurt?" Lina asked.
"I won't get hurt. Just my butt."
Both of the girls giggled.
"And besides" Samantha said, "I'll get a lot of presents for sure. I can look forward to them if the spankings get to hard."

Samantha's father woke Lina up the next morning and whispered to her to come with him. They left the room and in the hallway the mother of the family together with Samantha's little brother Matt stood, ready with a birthday cake with lit candles on it.
"Ready?" the father said.
Everybody nodded. And so they started singing "Happy birthday to you" and walked into the room. Samantha woke up, sat up in the bed and smiled.
"Happy birthday, Sweetie" the mother said as they had finished singing.
"Happy birthday" Matt said and gave his sister a hug.
"Make a wish and blow out the candles" the father said.
Samantha closed her eyes and a moment later she blew out the candles.
"Hurray, Hurray, Hurray! Hurray!" they all cheered. Then Samantha's father said: "Then years ago a beautiful baby came into this world. Who was that?"
"Samantha" Matt said.
"It sure was" the mother said. The she began to talk: "We all come into this world in one way, and that is in our natural state. When we come to this world we wore no clothes, we had no belongings or money. We where born with pain and arrived with crying. That's why we must, every birthday, remember how simple we are. That's why we, every year, have to remember the pain of birth, but also how welcome we were when we came here."
Samantha's father took over. "Our birthday is a annual celebration. On that day we celebrate the love we feel for a special member of our family. And on that day we ought to think back on the year that's past, think of how we have grown and think on how we have lived our lifes. We should always strive to be better human beings. That's why we have to punish the bad things we have done. That's why, each year, you must be willing to take punishments for your undiscovered and unpunished deeds."
"Samantha" said the mother. "How do we come into this world?"
"Naked" Samantha answered. And directly, she went out of bed. Without hesitation she then pulled her nightgown off, folding it and putting it in her bed. Then she undressed completely by removing her pink panties an putting them with the nightgown. So there she stood, completely naked in front of them. The strange thing, Lina though, was that she didn't seem embarrassed. Lina would've felt quite ashamed standing naked like that. But of course, this was Samantha's family. And if they did this every year at their birthdays she would be used to it by now.
"Can we have the cake now?" Matt asked.
"Not yet, sweetheart" the mother said. "Not before the first birthday spanking."
Samantha's father sat down on the bed. Samantha seemed to know exactly what to do. She turned around and stood by her father's right side.
"Over you go" he said and Samantha bent forward over his knee. He moved a bit back, letting Samantha rest both her upper body and legs on the bed.
"Are you ready, Samantha?" he asked her.
Samantha nodded.

"So, Samantha. How many years do you turn today?"
"Ten" Samantha replied.
Her father gave her bottom a smack with his hand.
"One!" the mother and Matt said.
"How have you behaved since you turned nine?" the father asked.
"Mostly good. But I've also done some bad things" Samantha replied.
Another spank landed.
"And did you get punished for those things?" the father asked.
"For most of them, but not all" Samantha said.
"How did you get punished for them?"
"Mostly with spankings" Samantha said. Lina could see her blushing a little bit. This was very strange, all of it. Lina wondered about these questions... did Samantha know of them ahead? It was like some kind of theatre... or like in the church when the minister said one thing and the parish replied.
"And what should be done about those times you did not get punished?" the father asked.
"I should get spanked" Samantha said with low voice. Lina could see that this at least was a little embarrassing for her.
"Five!" the mother, Matt and also Lina, falling in, said.
"How many times should you get spanked?"
"Ten, because that's how many years I am" Samantha replied.
"And how should those spankings be given?"
"On my bottom" Samantha blushed again and turned her face away from them.
"With what implements?" the fahter asked.
"Whichever my parents finds appropiate."
"And... in what positions?"
"Whichever my parents find appropiate" Samantha said. Lina wondered what they meant with positions.
"Aouch" said Samantha. And some parts of her bottom actually had turned a little bit pink.
"How... how many strokes will you get at each spanking?"
"Ten" Samantha said.
"Ten!" Matt said. "Can we have cake now?"
Samantha's mother clapped her hands. "Wonderful Samantha!"
She turned to Lina. "You know, this is the first time she managed to answer all questions without guidance."
"You... you always ask those questions?" Lina asked.
"Well, they are a bit different each time. The first five are always the same. Some others may vary. But the thought is that, if you've, so to say, have done your homework properly, you will always be able to answer them. If you struggle with some question, you have'nt listened to us parents enough."
"You have to answer them in every spanking in the day?" Lina asked.
"No, just the first and the last one" the mother said.
Samantha had raised from her fathers knee and now sat beside him.
"Cake!" Matt said as the father cut it up.

After the cake Samantha asked her father: "Daddy, will there be another one right away?"
"Spanking, you mean?"
"We don't have to. As it's saturday we can spread them out over the day."
"So I'm lucky this year" Samantha said.
Her mother laughed. "Yes, I guess you are."
"But can I have the second one right away?" Samantha asked. "The it will be just... eight left.
"Sure" her mother said. "The second will be with the hand as well."
"Great" Samantha said.
"Can I go play?" Matt said.
"Sure, sweetie" the father said. "And Lina, you can do anything you like as well. You don't have to watch all the spankings today."
"Okay" Lina said. And she felt quite grateful getting allowed to leave the room. But, although she found these tradition very strange, she also found a kind of fascination in them. In some way, Samantha's family seemed so very close to eachother. Much closer than her own family. And the spankings... the were so personal in some way. And also very natural.
Lina left the room as Samantha got her second spanking for the day, this time over her mother's knee.