"Does the last spanking hurt a lot?" Lina asked her friend Samantha.
The two of them were playing video games in Samantha's room. Her friend was still naked – she was going to remain so during the rest of the day, at least from what Lina understood of this family's strange traditions. Samantha sat a little bit strange, maybe it was because of her bottom – it looked like if it hurt a bit, because it was pinkish all over.
"Well... I guess" Samantha said.
"You almost looked scared when your mom and dad talked about it" Lina said.
"I didn't!"
"Yes you did... so tell me about it."
Samantha looked a bit defiant... but then she weakened. "Well... whatever. They are probably gonna use the paddle. They did last year. Before that they never did but... well, since I'm older I should be able to handle that. The last birthday spanking shouldn't be weaker than some punishment ones, if you know what I mean."
Lina didn't really understand, but what she did understand was that a paddle must hurt like nothing else she had seen.
"But after... after the last one, you'll have like a normal birthday, right?" Lina asked.
"I'll open all presents and so, yes. But then it's almost bedtime. Tomorrow is the party."
"I know."
"Samantha?" the voice of the mother sounded from downstairs. "It's time."
Lina gave her friend a look. She sure looked nervous now, but tried to hide it.
"Better get this over with" Samantha said and stood up. Then she left the room. Lina followed her, feeling quite nervous as well.

In the livingroom the rest of the family waited. Matt was sitting on a chair, looking all-to-glad. It was obvious that he, somehow, liked all of this. Lina just wondered how much he liked his own birthdays. Probably not as much, because at New Years Eve the boy had cried like a baby from the spanking.
"Come over here, Samantha" the mother said.
Samantha walked over to her.
"For your last spanking, we are going to use this" she then said. And held up a big wooden paddle.
Samantha gasped. "But... but that's not the ordinary paddle..."
"No, but that is the paddle our family always have used for kids older than ten years old" the father said. "And since you are ten now, you better get to know how it feels. Because if you ever do something really, really bad..."
"Of course we hope you'll never do" the mother said. "But if you do, this is the paddle we are going to use."
"But..." Samantha said, and Lina could see that she looked very scared by now. "It will hurt so much..."
"We won't spank very hard" the mother said "But, yes, it's going to hurt."
"It is time you show that you are truly ten years old, Sammy" the father said. "And show us you can handle the pain like the big girl you are. First after this tenth spanking you'll truly be a ten-year-old."
"But can't... can't you just use the ordinary paddle?"
"I'm sorry sweetie. This is how it's gonna be" the mother said. Then she gave her daughter a hug. "Be brave."
The father hugged her as well. "I know you can do this."
"Me too" Matt said and hugged his sister.
"Thank you" Samantha mumbled.
"Lina, don't be scared" the mother said. "I know this must be so strange for you. But Samantha wanted you to be here today. She trusts you with something very personal."
Lina realized that she must have looked quite frightened, because that was the way she felt. But still, she couldn't help but feeling some kind of fascination as well.
"Samantha" the father said. "Would you please bend over the table."
"Daddy... please don't spank too hard" Samantha said.
"Don't worry. Show us how big you have become."
Samantha nodded. Then she walked over to the dinner table.
"Bend over" the mother said.
Samantha bent forward, so that her upper body rested on the table, levaing her in quite a vulnerable position because her bottom was a very clear target.
"Well... let's do this" the fahter said. "I'll start."
The mother handled him the big paddle and then he walked over to his daughter.

Lina looked at her friend, being bent over the table. She looked so exposed, so vulnerable. And you could tell from her face that she was scared about this.
"Spread your legs a little bit" her father said.
"But dad..."
Samantha moved her legs a little bit apart, leaving her bottom even more unprotected and vulnerabled and herself even more exposed.
"Now, Samantha. Tell me: Why does children get spankings?"
"Because... they have to, when they've been naughty or bad" Samantha said.
"You can do better" the father said.
"I... well... kids get spanked because they have to be punished for doing bad and wrong things."
"Good. Prepare" the father said, lifting the paddle a bit in the air.
It landed right across Samantha's bottom.
"Auuch!" Samantha whined and Lina saw that she closed her eyes from the pain.
"One!" the mother and Matt said.
"So" the father said. "Why should you give spankings rather than groundings or other consequences?"
"Because... groundings and stuff like that are no real punishments" Samantha said.
The paddle landed once again. Samantha grimaced.
"Two!" the family said.
"And why, Samantha, is groundings and similar things no real punishments?" the father asked.
Samantha thought for a while. "'Cause... 'cause they don't hurt?" she asked.
"Well, that's part of the answer" the fahter said. "Can you think of more?"
"They... well... I don't know. Sorry, dad."
The father had given her bottom a smack with his hand. "It's alright. You knew one of the important things. What I could say is that groundings and stuff like that are no real punishments because they cause no pain, cause no shame and cause no real penitence. That's why they don't work, they won't give the child true will to behave good and no true fear of the punishment."
"Sorry..." Samantha said again.
"That's okay. I think you understand, don't you?"
"Yes... I just couldn't find the words."
The father raised the paddle again.
"Aoooo!" Samantha whined, and Lina could see the tears in her eyes.
"Three!" Matt and the mother said.
"Samantha" the father said. "How should a proper spanking be given?"
Samantha though again. "By... by the parents?" she asked.
Her father smacked her with the hand again.
"I asked how, not by who. But since you bring the subject on, who can give a child a spanking?"
"The parents" Samantha replied.
"No one else?" the father asked.
"Well... I guess anyone who got permission from the parents could spank as well."
"Good answer. And you should always obey every adult as if they had the might to spank you."
Samantha was sobbing. Her hands touched her bottom. "It hurts so much, daddy..." she whined.
"I know, sweetheart. Be brave now."
He waited a few seconds. Then he said: "Well, back to the other question. How, in what way, should a proper spanking be given?"
It took a little while before Samantha answered, but when she did her voice was steady. "Well... on the bottom with whatever implement the parents find appropiate. And in what position the parenst find appropiate."
"Auuuch!" Samantha whined and now she cried as well.
"Good, sweetie. Already halfway through. You'll get a few minutes break, but remain in position please."

After a short while Samantha managed to stop crying and seemed to relax a bit. Lina met her eye for a short moment. Her friend blushed a bit but also gave her a small smile, like if she wanted to say "this isn't so bad". Matt was sitting on the sofa, watching everything with quite wide eyes.
A minute later or so the mother asked: "Shall I take over?"
"Sure" the father said.
And the mother came over to her daughter with the paddle in her hand.
"Samantha, can you tell me why a spanking must be given to the bottom?" she asked.
Samantha looked up for a second but didn't reply.
"Tricky one? Try to think" the mother said.
"'Cause... 'cause you should be ashamed?" Samantha replied.
"Well, that's one part of it. It should of course be a bit embarrassing. But that's actually not the main reason. Can you think of what that might be?"
Samantha thought for a while. "'Cause... sorry, mom. I'm not sure."
Smack! Smack!
Her mother gave her bottom two smacks with her hand.
"Well, the main reason, the original reason why you spank on the bottom and nowhere else on the body" she said "is that the bottom won't take harm. If you hit somewhere else on the body, you could hurt skeleton, muscels or organs. The bottom, and also the upper thighs, are just flesh and skin. Which means you can spank and cause pain without harming anything. Do you understand?"
"Yes... I guess. Yes, sure" Samantha said. "Just didn't think of it."
"Then the shame is important as well, of course" the mother said. "But the original and most important reason is what I told you."
Without forewarning the mother brought the paddle down onto Samantha's bottom. Samantha yelped and tears came into her eyes again.
"Well, Samantha" she said. "You are turning ten today. For each year you turn, the more responisability you will have and be given. But you are still a child, and you shouldn't forget who is in charge. Now I want to hear from you: Until your next birthday, how will you try to be and act?"
Samantha swallowed and took a deep breath. "I will try to be an obedient and good girl in every way. I will try to honor my mother and father in every way. I will listen to what they say and obey them. I will try not do disobey or do things I'm not allowed to."
Lina was impressed, seemingly Samantha had trained and knew exactly what she should say.
"And how will you act against your brother?" the mother asked.
"I will try to be a good example for him and I will be kind to him."
"Good" the mother said.
"Seven" Matt said.
Samantha was crying again. Lina looked at her bottom – it was dark red. Lina felt very sorry for her friend, who had to go through this. And who belived she had to go through this to be ten years old for real...
"Samantha" her mother said. "What will happen if you fail to act and do as you just told me?"
It took a little while before Samantha had calmed down enough to say: "I... I'll get spankings."
"Yes, you'll get spankings. Spankings on your...?"
"Bottom" Samantha replied and even though her face was already red from the crying, Lina could see that her friend blushed a little bit again.
"Eight" Matt said in the sofa.
Samantha cried hard. Lina wanted nothing else but to comfort her friend.
"And with which implements do you get your spankings, Samantha?" the mother asked.
"I..." Samantha sobbed. "I get spanked with... with hand... and hairbrush... and... and the spoon... and... the belt... and the paddle."
"The paddles from now on. This one for really serious misbehaviour. And, Samantha, can you tell me in what positions a child may be spanked, which positions is safe?"
Samantha swallowed. "Over the knee... and on the sofa or bed... and bent over the table."
"You forgot one."
"The diaper position" Samantha mumbled.
"Good" the mother said, and raised the paddle again.
"Nine! Nine!" Matt said. "Just one more!"
Samantha probably didn't hear this, though, because she cried really hard and load. And Lina couldn't blame her – her bottom was really dark red now and must have hurt like nothing else in the world. This was horrible to watch. Lina wanted to close her eyes... but she couldn't. In the middle of the horror, this strange fascination made her keep looking.
The mother waited for over a minute before Samantha had calmed down. She gently patted her daughter's back.
"Samantha, off course I hope we won't have to spank you at all. But you will probably do bad things during the coming year. And then we will have to punish you. Now, sweetie, tell me. Why did you get all these spankings today?"
"'Cause.. 'cause I'm turning ten and... I won't be ten without them. And I must be punished for all bad things I did but got away with. That's why I got the birthday spankings." Samantha's voice was not all steady, but she said everything without hesitating.
"Well answered. We should always strive to be better human beings. That's why we have to punish the bad things we have done. That's why, each year, you must be willing to take punishments for your undiscovered and unpunished deeds." The mother reapeated the words which they had said the same morning.
"Otherwise you are not worthy getting any older" the father filled in. "That's the way it is. That's the way it always has been. That's the way it must be both now and in the future."
"Last one, honey" the mother said.
Samantha screamed with pain, but Matt jumped up from the sofa and yelled: "Ten! Now presents!"
"Let your sister rest first, Matt" the father said. "Don't you see in which state she is? She has suffered hard pain. You should comfort her instead of just talking about presents."
"Sorry dad" Matt said and looked more serious. Then he actually walked over to his sister, who was still laying over the table. He carressed her hair a bit. "How do you feel?" he asked.
Samantha sobbed for another while, then she took a deep breath, raised her head from the table and smiled a bit at her brother.
"I'm fine. It's over now."
"Does your booty hurt?" Matt asked.
"Like fire" Samantha said. "Can I stand up, mom?"
"Of course" the mother said.
She actually helped her daughter stand up, because Samantha's legs seemed a bit unsteady.
"Well done, sweetie. You've been very brave" she said and hugged her tight. A moment later Matt and the father joined in the hug as well.

Lina watched the hugging family, and felt a sting of longing. They seemed so close to eachother, in a way her own family never was. Even though Samantha's and Matt's mom and dad was very strict, even if they seemed to spank their kids all the time, even though they had their kids suffer like this on their birthdays... they seemed to love eachother so much in this family.
"You wanna join the hug, Lina?" the mother asked.
"Eh..." Lina said.
"Come on" Samantha said.
Lina went over and got dragged into the hug, next to her friend.
After a few moments they all let go of eachother.
"Only two things left, then, Samantha" the father said. "First you have to...?"
"Thank you, sure" Samantha said. Then she made a movie with her legs... she bent them, curtsied to her father. "Thank you, dad, for caring about me, for spanking me when I have been bad and for giving me my birthday spankings."
"You are welcome, Samantha" the father said.
Samantha turned to her mother, curtsied and said the same words to her. The mother hugged her again as response.
"Then, don't forget your brother and Lina" the mother said.
Samantha turned to Lina and Matt. "Thanks for taking part of my birthday spankings" she said, blushing a bit.
There was a moment of silence.
"Well, how about some presents, Samantha?" the fahter said. "I think you've got quite a lot. And even more will come tomorrow."
For the next half hour Samantha opened all her gifts. Matt ran around and seemed even more excited than his sister. Maybe he hoped to share some of her new toys.
After the presents they had an evening snack containing some more birthday cake and also some ice cream.

"How much does it hurt?" Lina asked as they were back in her room, peeking at her friends very red and maybe even bruised bottom. They had been allowed to stay up for another while.
"Not so much now. But it will itch like tousand mosquitos in a while."
"When... when, you know, your skin kinda... kinda heals, it's itching" Samantha said.
Lina giggled a bit. "Are'nt you gonna dress again?"
"No, you must stay natural for the whole birthday" Samantha replied.
"And why is that, Sammy?" the mother said and entered the room.
"'Cause that's how we all come into this world" Samantha replied.
"Correct. The two of you better get prepared for bed in fifteen minutes. Okay?"
"Sure" Samantha said.
The mother left again.
"Besides" Samantha said "It's much more comfortable without any clothes pressing against your skin when you've been spanked this much."
"So..." Lina said "Now you won't get spanked for a long time, right?"
"I hope so... but you never know, do you?" Samantha replied.
"Are you never angry at your parents when they hit you?"
"They don't hit. Never ever. They spank, that's a big difference."
"But are you never angry with them?" Lina asked.
"No... well, a few times I've been, because they spanked when I actually hadn't done anything wrong, they just got things wrong. But they are usually very careful not to judge anyone without good reasons."
"Are you not angry now?"
"Now? Why should I?" Samantha asked.
"You know... they beat you very hard."
"No they spanked me hard."
"No, I'm not angry. I'm happy. Because they love me and I love them. And you need those spankings, I already explained that. And I got a lot of presents, didn't I?"
"Sure" Lina said. But she didn't think she ever could understand this family's strange and inhuman traditions.

Samantha could've got her nightgown on if she'd liked, but she remained naked when they went to bed. The mother came to say goodnight.
"Mom, is it long 'til Easter?" Samantha asked.
"Well, yes, It's a couple of months. How come?"
"I just think my butt needs a rest for a while" Samantha said and giggled.
Her mother laughed, pulled up the sheet and smacked her daughters bottom a couple of times. "Well, then you better behave, young lady" she said. "Good night, girls."
She turned the light off and left the room.
"How come you ask about Easter?" Lina asked.
"Well, at Easter you have the birchings" Samantha said.
"Birchings?" Lina hadn't heard of that word before.
"You spank eachother with birch rods from the forest. Old tradition."
Lina looked towards her friend. "You have many strange traditions in your family... you give spankings all the time... you are so strange."
"There will be no Easter without the birchings. Just as it's no New Year without the New Year spanking, no Birthday without the Birthday spankings, no summer withouth the Midsummer celebrations, no Christmas without the Christmas spankings... that's just the way it is."
Lina just shook her head. "And then you get spankings for punishment as well."
"Yes, but they are not the same thing. All the traditions are, you know, not fun but... they are important and mom and dad always say we should be proad over them. And I like them in one way."
"And the punishment spankings?" Lina asked.
"I hate punishment spankings... but they are necessary as well. Otherwise you won't know what's wrong and right."
"I know what's wrong and right. Without spankings" Lina said.
"Are you sure?" Samantha asked.
"Of course!"
"I'm not sure of that. Not all the time. You should really have gotten spankings some of the times when you just got grounded or some other stupid so-called punishment. Spanking is the only real punishment."
Lina didn't say anything. She didn't agree with her friend, but still she didn't want to ruin Samantha's birthday by having a big argument.
"Well, anyway..." Samantha said. "I'm glad you were here today. Thank you."
"You are welcome, I guess. Happy birthday" Lina said.
"Thank you" Samantha replied.
And the two girls soon fell asleep, despite the strange and, at least for Lina's part, overwhelming experiences of this day.