Walking in the rain was one of Jessica's favorite pleasures in life. The scent of moisture in the air, the feel of water making it's chilly path down her body and the comforting weight of her wet clothes had always soothed her. But right now even this small pleasure couldn't calm her anger.

After adjusting the strap of the heavy bag on her shoulder she pulls out her phone. Shielding the electronic with her hand to protect it from the rain she flips it open. Finding no signal she slides the useless device back into her pocket with a grunt. She just couldn't catch a break today, if she could just get a damn signal she would be able to call for a cab.

It really was just her luck though that her car would died right after she caught her fiancé in bed with another woman. The bastard didn't even feel sorry that he'd been caught, just expected her to get over it or get out. And she got out alright, but not before breaking his perfect little nose.

The sound of a horn jolts her out of her thoughts, she turns to scowl at the car that is now crawling beside her. Not in any mood to deal with anymore bullshit. When she sees who the driver is she's caught off guard, "Chase? What the hell are you doing out here?"

"Really? You're seriously asking me that? You are the one walking alone at night in the rain." His beautiful lips curve slightly, in a way that he knew always drove her crazy. Laughing darkly she answers, "Well I wasn't expecting any knight in shining armors to swoop in that's for sure." She watches his eyebrow tick upward ever so slightly and continues, "I thought you weren't coming back for another few weeks. I assume you finish your job early?"

A beat or two goes by as he considers her words, primarily her first ones. Chase meets her eyes and holds them, "Yes I did. But before I elaborate," he leans over and opens the door, "get your ass in the car." He waits expectantly for her comply as she looks back toward the direction of her car, it's hazard lights still flashing in the distance, before sighing as she slides inside and shuts the door.

Once comfortable in the seat she looks around the interior of the car. The beige leather is old but in good condition, the floor and seats are clean as well. Which is an A plus in her book. Without any other distraction she lifts her face, meeting his eyes after her little inspection. She smirks at his raised eyebrow, but he just laughs. Turning forward he puts the car into gear and begins driving forward.

A few minutes go by in silence before Chase starts speaking about his trip to some undisclosed location and the idiots he had to work with. She didn't hear much of what he was saying as her mind was preoccupied with other things. She laughed and questioned at all the right moments but her heart wasn't really in it. She had a feeling he knew what she was doing, but was trying to distract her from whatever it was that was bothering her. When his story was exhausted he turned to look at her. After lengthy lull in their conversation he blurts out, "I was hoping you would just come out and tell me how you ended up walking alone at night in the rain without me having to ask."

Knowing she couldn't put it off any longer she takes a deep breath and relays the story about how she got home and found her fiancé in the throws of passion with another woman. As Chase listens to her story he can't help but feel mixed emotions. Rage that someone would hurt her like that and joy of her finally being out of the toxic relationship. A small part of him vowed that he would not miss this his chance with her. Something he had been waiting a long time for.

"So where am I taking you sunshine?" Chase asked her, picking up his coffee and taking a sip. It was luke warm, but he needed to do something with his hands. Jess waited a second before saying in a slight husky voice, "To the nearest hotel." She watches as he almost chokes, coughing as he tries to get air back in his lungs. As soon as he manages to catch his breath he turns to her glaring, "That's not funny Jessica." Her laughter is instant but brief.

"That was pretty funny to watch, but I'm serious though Leon, I need a place to crash until I can find a new apartment." She spat bitterly. She knew he hated it when she called him by his first name, but she wanted to convey her annoyance. Plus it masked her slight arousal at thinking of the two of them together. Alone in a hotel room.

She could feel her panties getting wet from the images her mind was creating for her own personal torment. Finally, not being able to take it anymore, she looks at her best-friend. She knows her eyes are burning, with a passion that hadn't been satisfied for weeks and in a voice she barely recognizes she tells him to pull over.

Chase had a hard-on the moment she said to bring her to the nearest hotel, which was only made worse by her demand to pull over. Jerking the wheel to the shoulder of the deserted road he parks the car. As he is turning to face her she grabs the keys from the ignition and jumps out of the car. Yelling he follows her, "Get back here with my keys you little minks."

Sometime during their chat the rain had stopped so Jess jumped up onto the hood of the car. The heat from the engine warming her backside, sending a waive of warmth to her pussy. The moan that she releases doesn't go unnoticed. Chase's eyes go dark with desire as he prowls toward her, his aggressive behavior turns her on even more. Taking a shuddering breath she whispers, "No."

When he reaches her he grabs her thigh with his left hand and pulls her to his hard body. Instinctively she wraps her legs around him, the movement causing her skirt to shift up to her waist. Using his right hand to grasp her by the hair he pulls her face to hers, "Why are you doing this to me Jessy?" He can see her breasts shaking from her uneven breaths, the things he would do to them given half the chance. A growl escapes his throat as he waits on her response.

He saw the flash of laughter in her eyes before she opened her lips, "You always say 'Ass, grass, or cash. No one rides for free.' Can you guess which one your going to get?" Her sassy answer was the last straw. Bringing her lips to his, he kissed her passionately as he dug his nails into her thigh. Her sudden intake of breath stroked his own burning passion.

Breaking the kiss he makes a path down her neck, biting and kissing along the way. When his lips met cloth he pulled back long enough to pull her shirt up and off her body. The sight that greet him made his cock throb in anticipation.

The moment she felt the cool air hit her exposed body she was finally able to move. It was as if the cold broke the spell that he had laid on her body. Moving forward, she practically ripped the shirt from his body. Once his flesh was bare before her she took one of his nipples between her teeth, biting it gently. His body jerked slightly from the pain as he moaned at her administrations.

She didn't have time for niceties, she needed him inside her now. Grabbing his buckle she whipped it off with slightly shaking hands.

The sound of the belt snapping caught Chase's attention as he realized Jess' intentions. But he wasn't ready to give into her yet. He wanted to taste her first.

Pushing her back roughly until she was lying across the hood he examined her naked chest and stomach. Leaning forward he takes one of her rosy nipples into his mouth, sucking hard until she practically screamed. While his mouth was tasting one, his hand was pinching and stroking the other. The feel of her body squirming beneath him filled him with so much power that he became rougher in his need for her.

The sensations that he was creating were driving her to the edge and back, but not past the release she was seeking. Without even realizing it her body had begun to thrust up to meet his. The friction a sweet torture to her aching core, "Please Chase. I need to feel you inside me." She begged him, grinding against his hard jean covered cock.

At those words Chase pushed up Jess' skirt and ripped off her panties which, he notice absentmindedly, were pink with purple lace. While unbuttoning his pants with his left hand he takes his right and thrusts two of it's digits into her wet pussy. God she is so tight.

She moans loudly as he continues to use his capable hands on her dripping core, tensing slightly as he adds a third finger. Suddenly she finds herself empty and thrusting into air. But before she could protest she feels the tip of him at her entrance and spreads her legs wide for him, waiting for him eagerly.

"Jess." His voice holds so many things, some of which she doesn't think she's ready to face yet. Grasping the back of her neck, bringing their lips inches from one another's. As soon as their eyes lock he thrusts roughly inside her waiting body, he could see her eyes rolling back from the pleasure. "Again," Jess gasps. Chase complies immediately, her moaning his name stirs something primal inside him. He picks up his speed as he continues thrusting roughly inside of her.

"Spank me Chase, please." Her pleas arouse him even more as he spanks her bare bottom. Her walls tighten around him with every strike as sweat coats both of their bodies and he continues to pound inside of her. Her pleasure is so great that she begins to drag her nails down his muscled back, loving the feel of his strong body above her. Dominating her completely.

Jess could feel her pleasure building until it's almost too much to bear. Her breath hitched inside her throat as the orgasm begins to rip through her. Her legs lock tight around his waist as she feels her walls shuddering inside of her. His name bursts from her lips in a whisper and her back arches, her body overwhelmed with the pleasure.

Grunting, Chase feels Jess' body tensing just before her walls clamp down on his thick member. It took everything in his will power to keep moving in and out of her soft body without releasing himself into her. Reaching up she grabbed him by the hair and kissed him so passionately he almost lost control, but barely held on.

Jess continued to meet his thrusts with her own as she began to nip and suck every inch of his body that she could reach. She took both of her hands and grabbed his ass, forcing him deeper inside her. She could tell his control was slipping and alternated between caressing and clawing his body.

He could feel her climax building again so he began to thrust in earnest, causing her body to bounce roughly against the hood of his car. As he feels her pussy tighten around him for the second time he can't hold it back any longer. Their voices mix in the air, hers a soft whine and his a loud growl. Against his own will his body begins to jerk, thrusting deep inside her as he releases his seed.

The only sounds that could be heard was the two of them gasping for air as they looked to each other with wide eyes. After they catch their breaths Chase smiles devilishly at Jess, "Ready for round two?"