oh why,
do you want to be dead?

when i called you at 3 am
and you didnt answer
it wasnt because you were asleep
i dont know what it is in you
that cant answer anymore
i needed you the most
and you took my heart
but never gave me yours
my love,
late at night
i find pieces of myself missing
while you find yourself asleep
i was so quick to hand over my heart
even if it meant a gaping hole in my chest
there were many differences between us
but i think the biggest difference
between you and me
is that i dont know if im writing suicide notes
or love letters
and youre not writing at all
so im not calling anymore
and i am not writing either
we drank about it
we smoked about it
but we never talked about it
maybe that was our flaw
i guess someone always has to love more
im sorry it was me