She thinks of time as her enemy,

Knows that at some point,

She'll stand on the edge of Abyss

and fight the urge to fall.

She peers into her memories of tomorrow,

At the voyage of a trillion lonely people,

At the shadows of despair that cling to them like cobwebs,

And she sees, sees how the smell of winter will betray her pain.

She thinks (hopes) maybe,

If she looks harder,

She'll see the glistening of other tomorrows,

Of memories she isn't wise enough to have.

She thinks (hopes) she sees peace in the silvery

Seams of distant time

And she abandons her dreams of Never,

Looks up from the pull of Abyss and its Monsters.

She places her feet on the burning embers of the past

And the present and the future and moves forward,

In the desire (hope) to one day,

Hear the Universe humming.