The End of an Era

Soon things will change like never before
As the clock ticks, despair can only grow
Nostalgic feelings will be consigned to yore,
Oh what's to become of me?

As I write this now I'm only 19,
In just an hour I'll be of majority
The only thing to wait for is futility.
In the future I see pandemonium.

In recent years melancholy has been the norm.
Hopelessness devoured me like a swarm.
All I see approaching soon is another storm.
Only my true friends will recite my dirge,

Once again the death wish begins to emerge.
The coming days will bring me a new scourge.
Any hopes I have will die in the purge.
Forsaken I will be during my demise.

Everything so far that I've survived,
Is nothing compared to the anguish that's arrived.
Perchance I may in the end be revived,
But for now this is clearly the end of an era

The end of an era, and the start of turmoil!

Things fall apart at the end of an era;

The center cannot hold at the end of an era;

Mere anarchy marks the end of an era;

Should I end myself to prevent this era's end?