"I never want to see you again!" Those words, to the young prince of Gralea, meant nothing more than an angered outburst towards the king – his father. However, unbeknownst to the young prince, those very same words would alter his life in a way he never thought would be possible. The prince, whose name was Noah Alden IV, stormed off, wanting to be anywhere but by his father's side.

That same night, Noah was in his room, packing up a bag full of clothes and items, and money that he owned into a messenger bag. The prince himself had unruly black hair, fair skin, and emerald-coloured eyes. Noah was dressed in boots as brown as the soil of the land, pants that were the same colour as the deep sea itself, a dark blue shirt with a grey fox motif, and a cloak as black as the night sky. Nolan also had a concealed dagger on him, in case he needed to protect himself. With the addition of the bag and its contents worn underneath his cloak, that was all but everything he needed with him. The final thing he would need was a photograph of a young girl who was no more than seven. Noah carefully tucked the photo into an inner chest pocket of his cloak, carefully opening the door to his room, and snuck out.

Carefully tiptoeing through the castle, he managed to walk around without being seen by any of the servants or guards working tirelessly into the night. When it seemed like Noah was about to be seen by someone, he swiftly hid himself from their eyes. The young prince also used the secret passageways to make his way out of the castle; only he and one other knew of their existence.

The young prince exited the castle through an opened window in an empty storeroom. Knowing that he was halfway out of the castle, Noah started stalking around the castle grounds, hiding in bushes when he heard guards walking in his direction. Once he reached to the a more forested part of the castle grounds, Noah could walk faster, knowing that the guards never walked the forest at night. The more trees that appeared, the quicker the prince's pacing would get.

Noah reached the end of the forest and into an opened field, unsure if he was still within the castle grounds or not. Regardless, he kept on walking, the dry, overgrown grass keeping him partially concealed. As the young prince walked, he found himself passing by different farmlands, with one housing vegetables, another housing wheat, and even one housing farm animals sleeping in the cool night air. The scenery captured the prince's gaze with him staring in awe.

Noah made his way out of the fields and onto the roadside, believing that it led to a nearby town. When he passed the different farmlands, he heard the galloping of horses come from behind him. He thought nothing of it when he moved aside, until the horses – pulling a large carriage - stopped in front of him and a figure of a man stepped out. Before Noah had time to react, he was pulled into the carriage.