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Chapter One: Solid Brigade

The euphony of a crimson nightfall; tainted, but blissful in all its carnal splendor. She sang muffled notes through his ears-her voice, a lovely soprano, flickered his very soul into a ravenous frenzy. Her skin, dressed in a veil of sleek red, glistened under the moonlight. And she'd dance, oh she danced, and danced so vigorously; sashaying side to side, jolting up and down so aggressively that one might think she's trying to break her frail virgin body in twain.

"Why do you fight?" His cynical words burrowed deep within her, quelling her screams in exchange for a frightened look. He stared at her tearing blood-shot eyes as she hung upside down. The damsel was suspended, roped to a metal shaft bolted to the wooden floor. He leaned in, his porcelain lips perched on her engorged cheeks. Her breaths shallowed as he flashed his blood-tinted fangs tauntingly. The trembling, the irrepressible trembling of her torn flesh only fueled his malice…

What an appetite…one like no other—he gazed down into her popping eyeballs, feeding from her every last remnant of despair. His hot breath poured over her face mixed with sweat, blood, and a dash of innocence. And almost instantly, her naked body jerked once more-the silence between them shattered with a gargling plea for mercy. There was no better feeling to cater to. "At this rate, my dear, you should be begging for death..." He fixed himself erect as he rolled up the sleeves of his black evening shirt and drew away from her, facing the innards of his bedroom chamber. There stood a transverse presence of evil masked by a debonair demeanor; long raven black hair framing his diamond shaped face, and eyes of soft amber hedged with gold. No wonder this mysterious gent curled her interests.

"The curiosity of one very lost…" He stifled, the smell almost too intoxicating to withdraw from. But she was near death; he could feel her essence fading. "Hmm, well we all have our weaknesses, don't we? You, with the lust of a teenage girl, and I, with a vital need to feed on human flesh. Well…a weakness much welcomed. But you see, I also seek vengeance. She birthed me, and killed me. I must take her life for such a dire mistake on her part. Because of her so-called motherly love, I am now what you see here before you—damned, a mere shadow of a soul. Don't get me wrong, there is pleasure to be had in this lifestyle; my only trouble is that this wasn't my decision..." The goth-like chamber was rendered a pungent omen, cradling in its bosom the near taste of decay. He stood before her, stare drawing downward to her dangling head. He pressed his fore against her person, mercy calling to him insistently, "I will give you the choice I was never given…"

Warm lush tunes of a sunny day danced along the grove. It was paradise, or what this town would call such a moment. He missed this throughout the years; peace—a glimmer of unity between nature and its inhabitants. He could hear children scurrying down the green, the echo of dogs barking from beyond the entry arches. Above him a mesh of oranges, browns, and burgundy shaded him from the basking rays. A mellow grin broke between his cheeks as the vapor from his lit keshuess bud rolled down his nostrils—exhale toxic torment, inhale toxic bliss. He needed to lose himself in the rise, and he did. But, unfortunately he could still see that familiar silhouette approaching him through his stone-red eyes. Craning his head to his shoulder, he heard stomping steps closing into his flushed, droopy persona. Was he hallucinating? He had hoped he was…

Click—black polished low pumps stopped firmly between his sitting legs. She twisted her face in grimace, a short elfin girl glaring at him as he rolled his eyes. Routine, he thought, how could he break this routine of hers? Maybe it would be worth it to ship her to another district when her summer break kicks in…or perhaps, boarding school? He chuckled inwardly, witness to a blushed face ready to erupt.

"WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!" She predictably exclaimed in her crimson tartan school attire. Her arms enveloped themselves as she leaned into his tiring face.

"Ugh, Syreene, one day…just one day without you feeding me this bullshit lecture…" He puffed as he rolled up the sleeves of his grey hooded sweatshirt.

"Well maybe if you weren't always bumming around, getting high as mounts, sulking in your own pitiful, depressing excuse for a life, I wouldn't have to hear myself-"

"Degrade me every chance you get? Hmph, well, that would be nice." he interjected with a softened baritone voice as he erected himself, his shadow towering over the heated miss. "Listen sis, I'm off right now, so how about you do me a solid and let big brother here take a break, mkay?" An air of arrogance, that should fix her fancy, he thought, as the cool breeze slapped his tussled black hair and rattled those small loop earrings of his. Why not top it off with a taunting pat on her shoulder? He could already feel her blood boiling.

In an instant, she darted, fixing her piercing snake eyes at him with her snap finger prompt, "NOW YOU LISTEN! I am not going to stand for your bitter, I hate my life attitude anymore, got that?! I am your sister! And I am the one who needs to take care of you and make sure you are safe, or at least mentally healthy! Give me that!" A quick snatch at his lips and the bud was suddenly ash underneath her shoe. "No more of that kesh! It's slowly eating at your brain!"

"Well, excuse me, countess, but the last time I checked, I was the older sibling. And," he boorishly shrugged, "that means those little elf ears of yours gotta' listen to these lips."

"Oh, is that so?" She tweeted, giving him her back and a rather perplexed sly cocked look. "Well, if that's the case, then I guess I have no choice but to go back to our old city. I can live on my own."

Her contumacious behavior was nothing foreign to him, but even his adamant heart couldn't overpower the love he has for his dearest sister. He would fall for this gesture of hers every time. "Ugh, come on Sy, stop acting so childish."

She turned to him, her caramel complexion a compliment to the autumn scenery, "You know I worry about you, right? I just want you to be safe." A smile finally found its way between her cheeks, and with it she coaxed, "Don't forget you have an appointment with Father Benoventeg in Dovve. He can really counsel you, Cabil."

He noticed her gold eyes suddenly focused down to his bottom pocket, and he'd answer the muffled ringing, "Hargann." Firmly, "I am in Dyonegar. I'll be there."

"W-what's wrong?" She asked.

"Cappehas. At least six of them sited in Amervaul by Bevoin Square."

"Cappehas? Those demons haven't been anywhere near Dyonegar for years, and out…in broad daylight?"

"Well, they are tunneling their way in from somewhere." He locked his eyes sternly to his sibling. "Stay in the apartment. Find something to mask your scent. Keep the shades down, lights out. Got that?"

Syreene nodded before Cabil flame blasted out of the park and into the cerulean sky. The smell of burning grass piloted her other senses, awakening the never-ending fear of being mere playthings for the damned. She wanted to become a weapon, like her brother—fight in the militia for peace, protection, and victory against those blood thirsty ravenous beings. And as she gazed at the flashing spark of heat and energy roaring like a blazing aura beneath his feet, she began to wonder if she could ever reach his level of pyrokenetic prowess. "Be careful, Cabil."

Massacre—an indigenous fleet of the undead. The blood oozing down her leg traced their path and beckoned her stagger to move with haste. Before her, among the trash and debris down the alleyway, the silhouette of her young daughter and a beaming light of further chaos. Sweat, she could feel her grip slipping away from the little girl's hand as frightened innocent eyes looked back to her, "Come on Mom, run faster!" Defeat cried out from her grim, exhausted face, but she must push through for her beloved child. Her tired feet mustered up strength, and all she could hear was her endless panting, struggling for air through her drying throat. The murmur of death ricocheted against the narrowing aisle-its rancid, skeletal demonic form hunting them down mercilessly. She dared not glance behind her; the horror of witnessing the closing gap between them too baleful to bare.

Its gargling grew louder and louder, the air, suffocating.

She tripped, blood rushing through her veins like wild fire. Her body slammed against the pavement, her head bouncing beneath black disheveled tresses. The clammy grip of its long slender fingers around her ankle peeled her eyes wide open. Her body laid mortified, paralyzed by the demon towering over her trembling body. In one swift motion, it clenched her neck, the other hand savagely twisting at her leg. She clutched its tightening fingers around her throat, screaming, "RUN MYA!" The raspy distraught holler angered the grey flesh eater, squeezing out her very essence as it snapped her head right off her shoulders. Chords of crimson dangled over its open fanged mouth, savoring the nectar dripping from the decapitated head.

Dread dropped Mya's numb knees against the floor. She witnessed the feast upon her own mother's flesh, watching as its split blackened tongue coiled around her eye sockets


The juices teemed down grinning fangs as the beast gulped and moaned in satisfaction. Its gold serpent-like eyes rolled back in delight, a hollow grunt echoing the alleyway as if to call the pack to the dinner table. But it was selfish.

Releasing its long fingers around her drenched hair, it stood erect. With one hungry stare at the girl, a standstill, then it bolted on all fours. Her mother's lifeless body on the ground triggered a tardy response before she would resume the chase.

Surrender—clashes of ill thoughts bombarded her recklessly. There was no escaping what's to come; her legs were moving, but she wasn't going anywhere. In this very moment, a wash of serenity quieted her mind, and all she could focus on was the light before her. There, Bevoin Square…or maybe, mother? Yes, to be with her eternally would be better than a life without her. Don't fight it, let what will be, be…

A calm resonance of victory and defeat; she welcomed death wholeheartedly, before she noticed a figure foreground. In one quivering breath, her feet lifted, her body swinging in a half circle, almost like a ballet—and in brave elegant grace, an aura of heat magnified around her dangling person. She gasped, hearing the voice to shatter her fright into fragments.


A burst of red engulfed the alleyway before her, the hot flames dancing like a light show in her watery orbs swollen with both relief and despair. She finally looked up to her savior as demon ashes flurried around them. Tears rolled down her reddened cheeks, "Cabil…" she sobbed as he gently released her, but the girl quickly found herself against him once more with a thankful embrace around his thigh. "He, he killed mommy…"

Surrounded by the erosion of humanity, he sought refuge for her down the square. She held on tight, arms around his neck as she hitched a ride to Bevoin Public Library. Cabil found himself rescued, his comrade skillfully defending all angles as he blocked the direct blow against him.

Clank- the sharp noise of a grazing metal blade against claw echoed in his ears as his knee dropped to the concrete step.

"Aye, are ya' just gonna' stand there or bring her in?" The armored fur-crowned hunter questioned his comrade with a sneer. He veered to his famished scaly opponent drooling on his combat boots. "Hey, keep your foul fluids to yourself, demon!" A quick death sentence- a bilateral cleave with his elbow blades showered the steps in red. "Can't have one of Aegelleon's finest slaughtered." He jested.

Cabil shook his head, "You flatter me, Brenius." He escorted the girl to the front door, and upon sliding a key card to the reader, a confirming beep allowed them both passage to the foyer. Before he could step into the vicinity, a candid elder citizen guarded the agar of the door. "Your name, young sir?" He interrogated with a raspy undertone.

Cabil sharpened his gaze at him furrow browed, surveying his fragile contour and burlesque attire. "Cabil Hargann, of the Aegelleon forces." He gently aided in her dismount, erecting himself over the short balding man.

"Hargann?" He questioned, adjusting his bold-framed specs over his pale wrinkled concave eyes, seeing a man dressed to fight. "My, I almost didn't recognize you." He smiled, "You can never be too careful with these demons. They take all forms." His eyes fell upon the little girl, "Oh, you are quite lucky." He tilted his head up to Cabil, "She's in good hands."

As the two vanished inside the womb of salvation, Cabil snap studied the adjacent residential building's rooftop. A shadow, a casting shadow…so quick to disburse that he may have just been seeing things? Fist tightening, he slipped a soft grunt under his breath before Brenius' exuberant tremor rocked his troubled persona. "Cabe, we need your fire in the battlefield." He approached, offering him his weapons.

"You know I'm a hands-on type of guy." He rejected.

"These bad boys were actually custom made by Wiver Shop; given to me as a token of my great customer service, but I rather stick with my halberd." Cabil's involuntary opened hand grabbed the grip most sternly as he scowled impishly at Brenius. "They say these things somehow unlock your inner power as you wield them. Come on," he buoyantly hustled down the steps and into the battlefield. "let's hurry up and clean this mess before sun fall."

There was a lack of understanding; something Cabil couldn't comprehend, but appreciated. Underneath the raven-black wolf hide beats the heart of a fighter who lived life to the fullest, disallowing the reoccurring onslaught of mankind to pull down on his spirit. Brenius was truly unique, a warrior of optimism. As Cabil confidently stood in survey upon the steps, he drew his newly gifted blades and engulfed the pungent taste of the wild austere affair.

He bolted, utilizing the blades as an extension of his combustions. As he sliced through the demonic masses, a foreign entity surged through his veins. Quicker his movements became, as if he was rippling through thin air while the ocular oxygen ducts mounted on his back whistled hot steam. A light flickered in his eyes in an instant—he grunted, gritting his teeth in rage, in malice as he showered himself in blood. Slash after slash the blows deepened, snuffing out every last drop of revulsion dripping out of their callus revolting bodies. An amorphous abhorrence doused his path and crippled the walls of pain encompassing him, weakening his spirit, but fueling his strength.

How much longer should I fight to protect her?

The shadows of his distraught hysteria cloaked his vision. His swinging arms maliciously fell between her eyes as the whizzing sound of his blades brought her to an abrupt halt. She gasped, her peering stunned gaze finding passion in his chestnut eyes. Hanging mere inches above her upturned nose, he felt her breath bathe his blades as his own cascaded heavily upon her. Sweat, blood, the stench of madness—bewildered, he felt the back of her hand grazing his cheek as the other clasped his grip, "Cabil…" The look of concern churned her face, and Cabil answered to it unconcernedly, withdrawing from what could have been a friendly fire. "Hey! Cabil, are you ok?" The bob-haired blond called out to him as he exited, leaving behind him a trail of corpses.

"Ah, let him be, Kam." Brenius capped her shoulder with a sigh.

"Let him be? He almost sliced me open!" She scoffed, disengaging her dual rapid fire pistols before tailing him. "An apology would have been nice, or was that your way of flirting with me?" She teased, folded arms behind her head. "Come on, Cabil. Stop being such a closed book. You have to let someone in eventually. Why don't you talk to me?"

He sighed indefinitely, "I'm going home."

Banished from his own home, exiled into the abyss of the divine order—Syreene made it clear her dear brother wouldn't be welcomed for dinner until he satisfied the appointment she made with a rather dignitary priest of Dovve. There Cabil stood hands in his pockets, dressed casual before the glorious goth-like exostructure. Its façade shone a soft beige as the warm sunset cascaded upon the horizon. Spade tipped spires crowned the ancient edifice, pointed arches, glossy colorful mirrors trimming stone; it was all so foreign to him, yet, beautiful.

A soft chime echoed in his ears, calling to him, beckoning a glance to the woman sitting on a bench adjacent. He choked, a swarm of butterflies sashaying in his stomach. Her long brunette tresses fell upon her shoulder elegantly in a single loose ponytail—an earthly, motherly aura roamed her compass as she mended nylon ties to a mounting bar. So graceful her posture, dressed in a cornflower blue frilly gown to compliment her radiant copper eyes. His fix to her was overwhelmed with bewildered emotion- she broke the odd air between them with a wave and smile. He closed his parted lips, regaining composure, and answered with a mirroring gesture. As he veered back and entered the nave, he clasped a palm over his head, shutting his eyes only briefly to erase a familiar face from his memories before absorbing the magnificent organs of the temple.

The depth floating down the dark mosaic floor resonated a calm monastic chant; between the stone pillars, the polished mahogany pews, and against the translucent curvilinear windows of Khorgathe's goddess sisters it wafted. The contour wore a variegation of oranges and violets, and as he continued to survey across the motif radial design above him, his eyes fell to the sunlight-inviting apse. Vibrant, transparent hues of cool blues teemed onto the altar. And there, sweeping the chancel, a man garbed in a crimson tassel-topped ivory robe humming a tune.

Cabil noticed the priest was engrossed, but he became more apparent as he leisurely approached him. "Evening, may I help you?" He questioned as he brought his sweeping to a pause, pushing the bridge of his rectangular framed glasses over his snub pointed nose.

"Cabil. I'm here for my appointment to see Father Ben…Beno—"

"Ahh! Mr. Hargann! Your appointment was for a couple hours prior. I was sure you wouldn't make it today, but, it's better late than never, yes?" He settled his broom aside, eagerly taking Cabil by the shoulder and sitting him down on a pew. "Yes, yes, I am Father Narus Sierafin Benoventeg, but the congregation calls me Father Nars for short." He sat aside Cabil with the most dulcet smile etched on his friendly face. "I am most pleased you decided to pay me a visit today. Not many are willing to express their deep need for assistance, guidance, or even prayer, and even more have lost all faith in our deities. This is truly the most vital step in clarity, peace with one's self, and starting anew."

As he jabbered on, Cabil couldn't help but notice an odd air floating around him. This priest was very peculiar. Although he hasn't encountered many religious men in his short years of living, he was certain of their vibe. Pretentious, perhaps wearing a mask to conceal something hostile? Malicious? A monster in plain sight, hiding behind the highly respected title known as priest. And to add onto the charade, he's a pretty boy—long sand pebble blond hair framing his oval silhouette, strong jawline, crystalline sapphire eyes tinted sage. He shouldn't jump to conclusions just yet, but the monotone of awaiting disaster pounded in his head anxiously. Could be the recent brawl in the square raddling his jitters, could be a gut feeling—

"Cabil? Cabil?"

"Hmm?" He jerked his head up startlingly, crossing his arms as he slouched into his seat.

"Was the website easy to maneuver?"

"My sister actually signed me up for this counseling session."

"Ah, good to hear siblings looking out for each other."

"I take refuge from this forsaken country by knowing she's safe."

"You two must be close. I can sense she means everything to you."

"She does, but all the same, she could be a real pain in my ass." Arms stretched out with a yawn, he flashed Narus a smirk, "Look, I don't need you to talk to me about how I can better myself, lose the gloom and doom attitude of mine and see the world from the other side of the spectrum; because let's face it—this piece of shit world we live in isn't the result of some fallen protégé, or a bitchy goddess who went rogue, or a punishment for our sins against deities; it's fucking life. We deal with it anyway we can, fight to survive, and at the very least, die with smiles on our faces. Cause at least we tried, right?" He paused, "Those demons aren't going to stop until they starve themselves by exhausting their food supply—us. Every last one of us…but I have a reason to fight, aside from survival, aside from that fat ass' protection."

"And what reason would that be?"

"To protect her. She's all I have now. And I would die fighting before those mother fuckers lay a hand on her." He clenched his fist, the elevation in his voice perking Narus' curiosity. "You can count on it!"

"Oh, a lover?"

"My adopted sister. She was young when she joined the family. Aside from the heaps of corpses, The Falling left cities with orphans to spare. My father took her in; she was in pretty bad shape. He ran a couple of safe houses around the town I grew up in for kids, but there was something about her that intrigued my father, so he brought her in as his own. Hmph, he was always trying to look out for everyone. Especially the little ones…just didn't know when somethings weren't worth the risk…"

He read his stirred tone, "Did something unfortunate transpire?"

"So how about that token?!" Cabil bolted off his seat, fixing his attention to the rather baffled priest turned by Cabil's sudden chipper front. "Dinner's waiting, and apparently I need that token to prove we had our little chat."

There was a brief silence between them before he got up and reached into his robe's deep side pocket revealing a small quarter sized double sided sticker piece with an emblem on it. "This should suffice. No doubt your sister will motion you to visit me again. I too would like to speak to you further, when you have time to spare. I sense a lot of stoical repression in you, a lot of rage. Talking about your feelings doesn't make you weak, it awakens you to the real issues at hand. And I can help you with that." He enveloped his hands around Cabil's, looking to him potently, "So next time how about we break that tough exterior of yours and get cleansed!"

"Pass." He replied, unfazed by the father's defeated expression. "You have a good night there, clergyman." He left with a salute goodbye, exiting the walls of the temple to note the darkness that quickly encompassed the city.

The streets tonight were vacant. Dim lights flickered at intervals parallel to each other down the sidewalk, and not a peep echoed through the burrows of buildings. An early curfew town-Cabil forgot about the strict nighttime regulations of keeping Dovve citizens locked up in boarded homes protected by "fortification spells." No wonder business lights were out, public grounds were closed, and not a soul ventured out at this time. He certainly didn't hear the curfew siren go off from the temple.

"Hmph, all of this for a lousy church sticker." He scoffed as he paced himself, pulling out the token at eye-level with a scrunched look on his face "The print shop should be able to—" He jerked, the rattling of chains sending a rushed impulse. He veered sharply behind him, fists already igniting a flame, only to be greeted with metal hooks lodged below his collar bones. Blackout-a tessellated wash of blood red blurred his vision as his body absorbed the shock from the sudden assault. His head staggered back, his shaking hand clasping the chain tailing the hooked weapon embedded in his chest. Gritting his teeth, still unable to register the pain, he glared at the girl atop the streetlight as she shouted,

"Class A solider Cabil Hargann! By the order of Mhalfoynt, You are under arrest for treason!"