Many cycles have passed. The fundamentals of the world have been ever changing, and forever will. Looking at the universe you can see so much potential, if only someone wasn't so focused on a single planet. And on that planet, you had your attention, looking on without any way of interfering.

You see eons pass, as ages of stone, iron, tech, cybertech, universal and then galaxy ranging effects change as these creatures known as humans move in a way that continues to surprise you. But having no way to make your own mark on this reality, you quickly become bored and decide to stop giving it your attention.

Only, as the god of time, that is problematic, as it results in time being stopped. If you never returned to looking on, then nothing would ever change again.

Just then, the god of space sends you a message, "I had wondered when this would happen, and I am honestly surprised you have been entertained for this long! But I guess seeing the same world with its repetitive problems is getting old, huh? As I am pretty much powerless unless you keep looking at this reality, I will make you a deal. Keep looking this way, and I will create a reality you can genuinely affect, to a certain degree. I will even restart the Galaxy! The sun is due to explode soon anyways. All you have to do is keep looking at this reality, and I will do my best to make an entertaining world."

The message ended there.

It was a relatively new concept, a god of time cannot influence anything but time, and the god of space was offering you a way in which to interact with reality in another way. Well, in all fairness, that space god probably knew you'd get bored of looking at nothing anyways, so they are just being cool.

Gods of time and space hold equal shares.

Now, all that you have to do is look at the reality change, and open your eyes.


In case you can`t catch on, I am the god of space, and you the god of time.