This idea is a pseudo spin-off of Saruem. I'm not expecting to actually do anything with this concept, but I had the concept and couldn't stop myself. And again, I have concepts for what the Japanese and English titles would be:
Japanese: BRAVE Ai
English: Sanada Ten Babes

Sanada Yukimura - Second son of Sanada Clan head Sanada Masayuki. He formed The Ten Braves to help protect Sanada lands from their numerous enemies and rivals. He is a respectful and mighty warrior who has earned the respect of many fellow samurai.

Sarutobi Satsuki (Sarutobi Sasuke) - A Kōga kunoichi and Yukimura's right-hand woman. Satsuki leads the Braves and specialises in strategy. She has an ongoing rivalry with Sango.
Kirigakure Sango (Kirigakure Saizō) - An Iga ninja who failed her mission to assassinate Toyotomi Hideyoshi for the Tokugawa. After escaping, she was taken in by the Sanada. She challenged Satsuki over leadership of the Braves, but lost. She specialises in illusion ninjutsu. She is thankful to Inahime for keeping her presence among the Sanada a secret from her lord.
Nezu Jin (Nezu Jinpachi) - Master archer and climber.
Miyoshi Sekai (Miyoshi Seikai) - Eldest of a duo of ninja sisters. Sekai is a master of various martial arts. She always strives to protect and guide her sister, which often proves difficult in the face of Isamu's impulsive nature. Nezu Jin (Nezu Jinpachi) - Master archer and climber.
Miyoshi Isamu (Miyoshi Isa) - Sekai's younger sister and a master swordsman. Isamu is always ready for a fight, which often gets her into trouble.
Kakei Junko (Kakei Jūzō) - Expert in the creation and utilisation of explosives, Junko is often deployed during sieges and raids on enemy positions. Scatterbrained as she is, she often finds herself caught in her own explosive traps. Fortunately, her body is highly resilient to harm.
Mochizuki Yukiko (Mochizuki Yukitada) - Yukiko was named for her shiny silver hair. Niece of the famed Mochizuki Chiyome, she is trained as a maid to personally serve the members of the Sanada family as a secret bodyguard.
Anayama Kozakura (Anayama Kosuke) - A geisha trained in espionage and seduction.
Unno Ryōko (Unno Rokurō) - The chemist of the Braves, Ryōko provides various mixtures from medicines to poisons to hallucinogens. Despite her vast knowledge, she is also somewhat clumsy, often leaving herself an unintentional test subject for her own mixtures.
Yuri Kameko (Yuri Kamanosuke) - A mysterious fox spirit who appeared at a shrine in Ueda, proclaiming Yukimura to be her master. After her stealth skills were discovered, she was taken in to be trained as a kunoichi.

Mochizuki Chiyome - Noblewoman founder of the Takeda Kunoichi Corps that later produced the Ten Braves. Chiyome is the mentor of Yukimura's ten kunoichi. She disappeared when Takeda Shingen died in 1573, which some believe is a result of her feelings for her lord sending her into a deep depression. She has since returned to help her students protect the Sanada Clan (and sort out these romantic shenanigans).

Sanada Masayuki - Current head of the Sanada Clan and master of Ueda Castle. Masayuki is the father of both Yukimura and Nobuyuki. He is a devious and talented strategist, able to manipulate multiple rival warlords to protect his clan and land. He is a mentor for Satsuki, passing on many of his brilliant strategies to her.
Sanada Nobuyuki - Yukimura's elder brother and the next head of the Sanada clan. He is always looking out for Yukimura and hopes his brother will be able to find a wife who makes him as happy as Nobuyuki's own wife.
Inahime - Daughter of Honda Tadakatsu, adopted daughter of Tokugawa Ieyasu. She was paired with Nobuyuki in a political marriage, which she warmed up to very quickly. Serving as an older sister figure to Yukimura, despite being younger than him, Inahime also wishes to help her brother-in-law find a love as strong as that which she shares with her husband.

Ōtani Yoshitsugu - A retainer of the Toyotomi clan and mutual friend of Yukimura through Ishida Mitsunari. He suffers from leprosy, but maintains an outwardly friendly nature.
Akihime - Foster daughter of Yoshitsugu. Akihime is offered to Yukimura as a prospective wife. While not happy with the arrangement initially, Akihime quickly warms up to the young Sanada lord and develops feelings for him. Her introduction serves as the "haremettes put aside their differences to get rid of the new love rival" episode.
Naoe Kanetsugu - Retainer of the Uesugi and close friend of Yukimura. He lives for love and is determined to help Yukimura find love with one of his many suitors.