Dark Angels

Dark angels,

Come to steal me away.

I can hear their fluttering wings.

In the middle of the night,

They arrive at my window.

Dark angels,

Come to seduce me.

I can't take my eyes off of such beauty.

It's nothing but a mean trick,

I know.

Dark angels,

Come to reap me of my very soul.

I'm hanging in between,

Can I allow that?

There's no return,

I know.

Dark angels,

They all come flying at me.

I don't think they will let me go anytime soon.

They really mean business.

Why is it me that they all want?

Isn't there someone else?

Dare I lead them to anyone else?

Dark angels,

So lovely,

I'm having trouble putting up much of a fight.

Why can't I just do or say something?

The spell has been cast.

Dark angels,

Lips so kissable,

My heart can't help but to pound.

The air all around me feels so thin.

Why is everything spinning?

Dark angels,

I'm caught in someone's warmth.

I bet it's all a selfish lie.

I wouldn't be one bit surprised.

Dark angels,

I think I really want your poison.

I'm used to all of the pain.

In fact, I think I crave more.

I want to suffer.

I want to go down with a bang.

Dark angels,

Won't you please assist me?

I know I've chosen for myself,

A slow suicide,

Something ridiculous,

I know that I am being unreasonable.

I've drifted far beyond reason.

Dark angels,

Take me alive.

Bite into my flesh,

Drink my blood.

I can't take this anymore.

Every single part of me screams.

Dark angels,

I want to go away.

I never want to return.

Please, won't you rescue me?

I really love the pain.

All I want is more pain.

Dark angels,

Create on me your mark.

Please, let it scar forever.

It is a sign of my love.

I bleed out just for you.

Kiss me hard and take me down.