Traitors and Fake Friends

What am I to you?

Certainly no one important.
Today you've proved that I have no true friends among you.
You have no concern for my well being.
Despite knowing my disposition you polluted my air with your nicotine.

And when I had to leave when my body collapsed...
...collapsed, cause you suffocated me...
You show no repentance and continue to simper.

It's been years since we last met,
But it's clear that nothing's really changed.

You continue to treat me like I'm nothing.
You all have fun with each other at my expense.

But why did I even come? If I hadn't you'd stab me in the back in some other way.
School life was always hectic, and you were all seemingly my friends.

"Seemingly" should be emphasized, although I've known this for a long time

I've had my fair share of enemies in our wretched school...
...Now I know for a fact that you're all traitors and fake friends