A/N You can take this anyway you want, so I won't spoil it for you. ;)

As you wait in the shadow of the day

It isn't long until you find your way

Transported through time and space

To a different galaxy, far far away

Writing about Starbucks and drizzly Mondays

The tap tap of the keyboard is a monotone maze

Ghost towns and Ugg Boots

Psychology and lab groups

Lying just to save my skin

Rhyming just to fill the tin

Red and gold streaks alight

The stars which hide in your dark black eyes

Weeks of friendship cut too soon

A flower crushed before it could bloom

Fictitious characters make up the sky

Their spirits hover at the authors' fatal lies

I've become a theif as well

Taken your spirit straight to hell

Before the sun rises, I'll have to go

And I'm sorry for making you take the road so low

- LilBunniBun