Calculators calculate the heart it takes to win the race

The will it takes to keep the pace

Get A's, get A's, you don't have to relate

Flip over your paper, hide the answers they can't take

If you're socially awkward and don't get good grades

Then the only thing you know is the number of spades

Calculators calculate the number of people who will stare at you

When you drop a calculator in your algebra room

Calculators calculate the courage it takes to raise your hand

When you're the only one still working like a broken, solo band

Turning to your left and simply saying hi

Is a once a week thing with a joyfully simple reply

Sometimes there's room for twenty or two

But there never seems to be enough room for you

When you're locked in a room what would you bring

A notebook and pencil to write words that you can sing

Other people sitting through the static of T.V.

In a hopeful wait of silence for that one special thing

- LilBunniBun