T is for Taken

Bright and early one Saturday morning, eight year old Nicole Dillon awoke to a bright blue sky outside her bedroom window.

"Ah, I love waking up to a nice sunny sky in the morning." said Nicole. She changed out of her pajamas and into her short sleeve beaded satin and dotted tulle dress with rhinestones at the neck, her white microfiber legging tights and her black Mary Jane dress shoes. Then she went downstairs to greet her mother.

"Good morning, Mommy." said Nicole with a smile.

"Good morning, Nicole." said Mrs. Dillon.

"What's for breakfast?" asked Nicole.

"French toast and bacon, your favorite." said Mrs. Dillon. Nicole sat down at the table and ate her breakfast.

"What's on the agenda for today, Mommy?" asked Nicole.

"Well, I have to go out after breakfast." said Mrs. Dillon. "I should be back before lunch, though."

"Okay, Mommy." said Nicole. She finished her breakfast and went into the living room to turn on the television. The first thing that came up on the screen was an episode of Pokemon, which happened to be one of Nicole's favorite shows. Mrs. Dillon cleaned up Nicole's breakfast plate and then she stuck her head into the living room.

"I'm going now." said Mrs. Dillon. "Be a good girl while I'm gone."

"Yes, Mommy." said Nicole. Mrs. Dillon left the house, leaving Nicole to watch her show.

"I wonder what kind of crazy shenanigans Ash and Pikachu are going to get involved in this time." said Nicole. She kept her eyes glued to the screen and watched as Team Rocket attempted to steal Pikachu away from Ash. Of course, their attempt failed as Pikachu sent Jessie, James and Meowth flying with its Thunderbolt attack.

"Wow, Pikachu's a really cool Pokemon." said Nicole. Once her show was finished, she got her Nintendo 3DS from her room and turned on her Pokemon X game. She had just gotten that particular game for her birthday two weeks ago and had chosen Fennekin as her starter. She was at three badges already and was about to go for her fourth badge with a team of Pidgeotto, Pikachu, Braixen, Snorlax, Kadabra and Whirlipede. With that team, Nicole had no trouble winning her battle.

"That was a great gym match." said Nicole. She saved her game and turned her 3DS off. Then she grabbed a movie off the DVD rack and watched it on the DVD player. Meanwhile, a grey van drove down the street and parked itself in front of the lawn outside Nicole's house.

"All right Spud, we're here." said the driver. "Do you remember what the plan was?"

"No I don't." said Spud. "You know my memory sucks, Skull."

"I'll go over it again then." said Skull. "You go into the house, grab the kid and take off. Got it?"

"I think so." said Spud.

"Good." said Skull. Spud got out of the van and opened the front door of the house, which Mrs. Dillon had left unlocked.

"Haven't you ever heard of knocking?" asked Nicole.

"Must have slipped my mind." said Spud. He grabbed Nicole's wrist and led her outside towards the van.

"Hey, what's going on? Let me go right now!" cried Nicole. But Spud didn't let her go. Instead, he opened up the middle door of the van and put Nicole inside. Then he went back into the passenger seat.

"I got her, Skull." said Spud confidently.

"Very good." said Skull. He turned his head around to face Nicole.

"You let out any noise, any at all, and you're dead meat. Do I make myself clear?" said Skull. Nicole nodded her head nervously.

"All right then." said Skull. He started up the van and drove off. That was when it dawned on Nicole that she had been kidnapped.

"Where should we take her, Skull?" asked Spud.

"There's a dark shady house on Highway 27. We can take her there." said Skull. Nicole shuddered at that idea, but said nothing. Half an hour later, they arrived at their destination.

"Okay girly, out of the van." said Skull. Nicole opened the middle door of the van and got out slowly. She took one look at the house and a look of fear swept across her face. Dark clouds hung in the sky above the house, which was very large. Lightning flashed, followed by a loud clap of thunder. The noise made her jump backward and cringe in fear.

"I don't like this at all." said Nicole.

"Well too bad." said Skull. He grabbed hold of her arm and led her inside the house, which was very dark. All the lights were off and there was barely any light.

"This place is scary." said Nicole. "I don't like scary places."

"I don't care." said Skull. They led her down the stairs and into the basement cellar, which was just as dark as the rest of the house.

"I don't want to stay down here." said Nicole. "Can't you put me somewhere else?"

"Not a chance." said Spud. He pointed to a wooden chair that was situated in the middle of the room.

"See that chair Spud's pointing to?" said Skull. Nicole nodded her head.

"You want me to sit there?" she asked.

"That's right." said Skull.

"What if I don't want to sit in the chair?" she said.

"You don't have a choice here girly." said Skull. "You're going to sit in the chair and you're going to do it now." Nicole didn't want to cause any trouble so she sat down in the chair as she was ordered.

"Good girl." said Spud. He grabbed her wrists and put them directly against the back of the chair.

"You don't have to be so rough." said Nicole, but Spud ignored her and began to tie her wrists against the back of the chair with rope.

"Gently, please." said Nicole.

"I don't do gentle." said Spud.

"Tie her up real tight so that she can't move." said Skull.

"Got it, boss." said Spud. He tied Nicole's wrists, arms and abdomen tightly and firmly to the chair with the rope.

"That's too tight." said Nicole. "Could you loosen the rope a little, please?"

"No way missy." said Spud as he continued to tie Nicole to the chair. When he had finished, he turned to Skull.

"All finished." said Spud.

"Very good." said Skull. He looked over Nicole and saw that Spud had tied up her wrists, arms and abdomen to the chair exactly as Skull had instructed. He turned to Spud and grinned.

"How did I do?" asked Spud.

"I think you did quite well." said Skull. He and Spud went upstairs, leaving Nicole all alone.

"Mommy is not going to be happy about this." she thought. When Mrs. Dillon arrived home two hours later, she was not happy with what she saw.

"Why is the door open all the way?" said Mrs. Dillon. "Nicole knows better than to leave the door like that." She hurried inside and called Nicole to the door, but there was no answer.

"She knows she's supposed to come when I call her." said Mrs. Dillon. Just then, she sensed that something wasn't right. She hurried to Nicole's bedroom, but she wasn't there. She checked the bathroom and the kitchen, but she wasn't there either. Then she checked the living room and saw Nicole's 3DS sitting on the coffee table, but no Nicole. That was when she realized that her worst fear had become reality.

"My little girl's been kidnapped." said Mrs. Dillon. "I hope she's all right." In the dark house, Nicole was tied tightly and securely to her chair in the basement cellar. She was all alone and she was very scared.

"I don't want to be here." she thought. "I want to be at home with my mom." She heard the basement door open, followed by Spud and Skull coming down the stairs.

"Are you having fun down here?" asked Spud.

"No I'm not." said Nicole. "It's too dark and cold. I want to go home."

"Well you're not going home." said Spud.

"And these ropes are too tight." said Nicole. "Can't you loosen them a little bit?"

"No." said Skull.

"Also, if it's not too much trouble, I need to use the bathroom." said Nicole.

"Well you should have said something earlier." said Skull.

"Well I didn't have to use the bathroom earlier." said Nicole. "But I have to use the bathroom now."

"And I suppose you want one of us to untie you so you can use the bathroom." said Spud.

"Yes please." said Nicole.

"Well too bad." said Skull. "Now this is what you're going to do. You're going to sit in that chair. You're going to stay tied up. And you're not to talk unless we're in the room. Is that clear?"

"Yes." said Nicole, nodding her head.

"Okay then." said Spud.

"We will leave you for now, but we shall return." said Skull, and he and Spud went back upstairs. Nicole let out a heavy sigh as she sat in the basement all alone. She was determined to make an escape attempt, but the ropes that were holding her to the chair were tied much too tight for her to be able to do so. She was about to yell for help when a loud clap of thunder went off outside. She wanted the thunder to go away, but another loud thunderclap went off right after the first one had gone off. Now Nicole was even more scared than before. Half an hour later, Spud came down the stairs check on her.

"The thunder's scaring me." she said.

"Oh don't worry about that, thunder goes off outside all the time around this dump." said Spud.

"You and Skull aren't going to hurt me, are you?" asked Nicole nervously.

"Oh no, we have no intention of harming you." said Spud in a reassuring voice, and he went back upstairs.

"Mommy probably misses me right now." thought Nicole. At home, Nicole's mother had called the police and an officer was at her house trying to get as much information as possible.

"How old is your daughter?" asked the police officer.

"She's eight years old." answered Mrs. Dillon.

"What was she wearing the last time you saw her?" asked the officer.

"She was wearing a satin dress, white leggings and her Mary Jane shoes." answered Mrs. Dillon.

"She's never run away from home, has she?" asked the officer.

"Of course not." said Mrs. Dillon. "Nicole loves me too much to do that."

"Anything else?" asked the officer.

"No, I think that's everything." said Mrs. Dillon. "She's probably very scared right now. You've got to find her."

"We'll do our best." said the officer, and he left the house. Mrs. Dillon sat by herself on the couch.

"I hope the police find Nicole." said Mrs. Dillon. In the shady house, Nicole was still tied to her chair in the basement. The sad look on her face made it quite clear that she didn't want to be there. She wanted to get up, but she couldn't. The only thing she could do was sit in her chair in complete silence like her kidnappers had told her to. As she sat in her chair, she started to wonder if she would ever see her mother again. Skull came down the stairs an hour later with a glass of water.

"I thought you might be thirsty." said Skull. Nicole nodded her head and Skull held the glass in front of her. She managed to get in two sips before Skull took the glass away from her.

"How long do I have to sit in this chair?" asked Nicole.

"For as long as we say." said Skull. He went back upstairs with the water glass, leaving Nicole all alone again.

"Mommy, please come and get me out of here." thought Nicole. Minutes passed, and then hours passed. Before Nicole knew it, daytime had become nighttime. In the entire time that the afternoon had gone by, her kidnappers had not returned. At last, the door opened and she heard the sound of footsteps coming down the stairs. But instead of Skull or Spud, it was her mother and a police officer. The moment Nicole saw her mother, her eyes lit right up.

"Mommy!" cried Nicole excitedly.

"Yes Nicole, Mommy's here." said Mrs. Dillon. "Are you all right?"

"I'm fine, Mommy." said Nicole. "But I was so scared down here."

"I know." said Mrs. Dillon. "But it's all over now." The police officer went to work on untying Nicole from her chair.

"What's going to happen to the men who kidnapped me?" asked Nicole.

"They're both going to be put in jail for a long time." said the police officer. Once the officer had finished untying Nicole, she made a mad dash for the bathroom. Meanwhile, the police officer found Spud and Skull asleep on the sofa in the main room. This made it easier for the officer to handcuff both of them since they wouldn't be able to resist arrest if they were asleep. Once Nicole came out of the bathroom she turned to her mother and said. "Let's go home. I don't think I could stand being in this place another minute."

"I don't think this is the kind of place I'd want to stay in either." said Mrs. Dillon. And the two of them happily went home.

The End