Hey, guys. This is Kman134. The Epilogue of Ashura is on its way and I guarantee it is worth the wait. Without spoiling it for anyone, I'm going to give small hints: It's going to be third-person narrative, it is going to conclude what the gang is up to after escaping the Council, it's going to reveal Leni's reason for working with them and a heart-to-heart moment, and it's going to make a big reveal what happened to Nergal and who the Dark Lord is.

I came up with some ideas to start volume 2 where after Akio learns how powerful the council was and how they barely escaped with their lives, Akio and his party decide to get stronger. so, they would probably go and find some people who can help them reach the zenith of their power while Akio learns more about the secret of his sword.

Thank you' all for awaiting patiently and feel free to throw me some ideas at me.