Bale Family Public Humiliation

By Shadowgate

It was a Tuesday night 11/29/16. 13 year old William Bale had just been suspended from school. He got into an argument with his teacher and cussed him out. His parents were both very angry. They didn't like his most recent behavior around the house either. At 10 PM after William had gone to bed his parents created a big sign for him to hold.

The sign read "I'm rude to my parents and I got suspended from school for cussing at a teacher."

Peter Bale put the sign in the living room by the new red dress that Molly bought at JC Penny. Peter said "when William wakes up he'll get a big surprise."

Peter Bale put the sign in the living room by the new red dress that this his wife Molly bought at JC Penny. "Oh what a big surprise he's going to get."

The next morning both Peter and Molly took off work. They were looking forward to disciplining their son. It was his first suspension and they wanted it to be his last.


It was 10 AM and William had his shower and breakfast. After breakfast William and his parents washed up. Peter told William that today would be a day of punishment. William nodded and then Peter told him public humiliation would be it.

"Go into the living room and get what we've prepared for you."

William marched into the living room and he did not see the sign by the couch. He saw the box from JC Penny with his mom's dress in it. His face had a look of shock.

He none the less grabbed the dress and when he got back into the kitchen shit hit the fan.

William yelled "oh my God you're making me wear this in public as a punishment? This is cruel and unusual. You are evil parents!"

Peter said "William no."

William screamed "I'm a human being. I'll be called a faggot and I'll get killed."

William started crying and stomping his feet.

Both Peter and Molly said "WILLAM NO" and he still kept throwing a temper tantrum.

William continued to cry.

Peter said "William listen to me."

William yelled "no!"

Peter yelled "Goddamn it!"

Molly yelled "Peter let me handle this!"

Peter groaned and said "the dress isn't it."

William kept crying and screaming. Molly rushed into the living room and grabbed the sign. Then she ran back into the kitchen.

She said "William you're holding this sign not wearing a dress."

William looked up and said "what, that sign?"

Molly answered yes.

William said "what does that sign say?"

Molly told William to read it himself.

William wiped his tears and read the sign.

"I'm rude to my parents and I got suspended this week for cussing out my teacher."

William asked "I don't have to wear a dress after all I have to hold that sign right?"

Molly answered "no William that is my dress that I bought yesterday and only I will wear it."

William laughed and said "oh this was a big misunderstanding."

Peter said "this misunderstanding has given me a big headache. I feel like our punishment for William has backfired."

William laughed and said "well don't worry dad I don't have to wear the dress and that's the good news but I'm sure mom will let you wear it if you want."

Peter slammed his fist on the kitchen table and said "don't be smart."

William said "okay but I'm glad you're not making me wear it." William wiped the last of his tears from his face and Molly said "no but you will hold this sign outside in front of Kroger."

William said "I may have gotten suspended from school but what have I done around the house that was so rude?"

Molly said "over the past three weeks you've been very rude to us and to neighbors."

William replied "the neighbors deserved it and dad was on my side."

Molly yelled "enough! We are getting in the car and driving to Kroger and you'll spend an hour holding that sign up for all the shoppers to see is that clear young man?"

William answered "yes mother."

The Bale Family piled into their family station wagon and drove 20 minutes to their neighborhood Kroger.

When they pulled up into the Kroger parking lot Peter quickly got out and yelled "William get out pronto."

William got out with the sign in his hands.

Molly said "come up right on that sidewalk because that's a perfect spot."

They marched up to the sidewalk about 25 feet away from the Kroger entrance.

Molly snapped at William and said "hold that sign above your head now!"

William groaned as he held up the sign.

A police officer on a motorcycle pulled up and said "well I see you parents are doing the popular public humiliation deal with your kid."

Peter said "that's right and he's got it coming to him officer."

William pouted and said "officer arrest my parents this is cruel and embarrassing."

Molly yelled "shut up William!"

The officer commented "I'm Officer Arnold Wilson and I hope this discipline works. I've had to arrest six juvenile delinquents in the past two weeks."

Peter said "thank you for your support officer."

Officer Wilson parked his motorcycle and went into Kroger.

After the officer the first person who walked by and took notice was an elderly lady.

She commented "well another bad kid. There are no good children anymore these days. We should start stoning children to death."

She passed by and went into Kroger.

William continued holding the sign.


The elderly woman who said children should be stoned to death came stomping out of the store and she yelled "I can't believe that Goddamn store wouldn't take my fucking check."

William giggled and Molly said "what are you laughing at?"

William answered "that little old lady said all children these days are bad and we should stone them to death just happened to bounce a check."

Peter said "fuck that bitch don't worry about her. Just hold the sign and keep your mouth shut."

Molly said "honey you need to watch your language it's not a good influence on William."

Peter became angry and yelled "I'm a fucking adult and I'll cuss if I want to."

Molly groaned and William said "for a punishment this is fun."

Peter said "you won't be laughing for long. What if your classmates see you holding this sign? Won't that be embarrassing?"

William answered "mom said this punishment lasts an hour and they won't get out of school for another five hours."

Peter snapped "Goddamn it!"

Molly said "alright we need silence right now. Peter you need to calm down and William you need to be quiet and hold the sign. You have a lesson you need to learn."

Right after that a man walks up and read the sign.

He says "well I hope you stop being rude to your parents but I'll tell you in this school district the teachers deserve to be cussed out."

The man continues on his way.

Molly and Peter were irritated.

Five minutes later a man walks by and says "oh what's this?"

The man reads the sign and says "well if you ask me the teachers in this school district deserve to get cussed out."

Peter yelled "that fucking does it" and he attacks the man knocking him to the ground. Then he jumped on top of him and started punching him in the face.

Officer Arnold Wilson came out and arrested Peter Bale for assault. Kroger had security cameras and there were three other eyewitnesses not to mention Officer Wilson caught Bale red handed.


Molly and William were finally able to visit Peter in The Henry County Jail.

Molly yelled "Peter!"

Peter said "oh honey I'm glad to see you."

Molly asked "are you okay?"

Peter responded "I'm good as can be considering I'm in a fucking jail cell because some jerk pissed me off."

Molly said "we were disciplining our son the judge should throw this charge out immediately."

Peter said "I've talked to a lawyer his name is Fred Black and he's with the Henry County Public Defender's Office."

Molly asked with a look of anger "what plan does he have to beat this fucking assault charge?"

Peter answered "there is no way we can actually beat this assault charge. The officer arrested me while I was on top of the guy plus there are three eyewitnesses and Kroger happens to have fucking video cameras."

Molly said "wait a minute this jerk got in the way of us disciplining our kid."

Peter said "that's just it honey he didn't try to stop us he only criticized us."

Molly remarked "well so a jury would be sympathetic to you beating an idiot like that."

Peter said "well heat of passion is an argument we can present. However there's no way we can argue temporary insanity because I got pissed off at criticism over disciplining our kid."

William said "just remember I held that sign up like I was supposed to and none of this legal trouble is my fault."

Peter said "I know William."

Molly said "well William sure didn't serve a full hour out there and the discipline we planned failed because of that stupid jerk."


Peter Bale entered a guilty plea on assault and battery. He had no choice.

Judge Callus began speaking.

"Alright now Mister Bale earlier today between 10 AM and 11 PM you and your wife were in the process of disciplining your son through public humiliation. You had him hold a sign in front of a Kroger Grocery Store because he'd been suspended from school."

Peter nodded.

Judge Callus went on to speak "now Officer Wilson happened to be on the scene and praised you for it. Then some people went by and took notice however one of those persons Harry Connor said something about it you didn't like and you beat him down in the street."

Peter said "that's correct your honor."

Judge Callus said "under this plea deal you'll pay a $500 fine and serve 30 days in jail."

Molly Bale stood up and said "your honor I'm Molly Bale the wife of the defendant and I'm just outraged that my husband is being punished at all. Now days you can't discipline your children because liberal idiots like Harry Connor get in the way."

The Judge cut her off and said "now wait it's my understanding that all he did was say "well if you ask me the teachers in this school district deserve to get cussed out."

Molly responds "yes your honor our son was recently suspended from school for cussing out a teacher. So we decided to do the public humiliation punishment that has become a big trend. Mister Connor was the second person to negatively criticize us for disciplining our son and that's when my husband had enough."

The judge said "well for quite some time this public humiliation sign holding trend has been going on and parents have faced both positive and negative criticism. It has proven effective indeed. Remember it's not just humiliating for the child but public for both the child and the parent who has sentenced the child to the public humiliation punishment."

Molly replied back "yes that's true your honor but now with my husband going to jail how effective is our planned public humiliation going to be with my husband going to jail?"

The judge said "well the law does not excuse a person of assault just because it was done while they were in the process of disciplining their child. I have to uphold the charge and the sentence Mrs. Bale."

Molly said "well that's great now my husband goes to jail and my son's public humiliation punishment was cut short. What lesson will my son get out of this?"

Judge Callus answered "well tell you what I'm going to ask your son William at this time what lessons he's learned today."

William stood up and said "your honor" but was interrupted by his mother "William you act grown up" and then the judge cut off Molly Bale.

"Excuse me Mrs. Bale I asked your son a question and not you so I don't need to hear anything coming out of your hole."

People in the courtroom audience laughed.

The judge went on to say "William what have you learned?"

William replied "your honor I have learned from this experience. This morning when my parents informed me I was going to be punished they told me to go into the living room and get what they had prepared for me. I came back with a box from JC Penny that had a dress in it my mom bought. I thought they were going to make me wear a dress in public. I started screaming and crying."

The judge had a look of shock on his face and the courtroom audience laughed.

William went on to say "luckily it was all a big misunderstanding and my mom ran into the living room and got the sign which they intended me to hold."

The bailiff held up the sign for in court for all to see.

William went on to say "my mom and dad sure had major headaches after that misunderstanding your honor." William starts laughing as does the judge, the prosecutor, and even the public defender.

Molly and Peter were both very embarrassed.

The judge tells William "please go on as to what else you've learned."

William went on to say "during the public humiliation I endured today at the hands of my parents in front of Kroger there were three adults who commented. The first one was an old lady. When she read the sign she said children these days should be stoned to death."

The judge said "oh that was harsh and uncalled for."

William replied "yes well when that old lady came out of Kroger she was screaming because her check bounced so I got the last laugh when it came to that oh so perfect biblical woman."

The judge laughed and said "that's wonderful" and Mrs. Bale felt her blood pressure shoot up seeing how this criminal court judge was siding with her son who had just gotten suspended from school for arguing and cussing at a teacher.

The judge said "what else happened today before you ended up in my courtroom?"

William said "well the second adult said that he hoped I discontinue being rude to my parents but the teachers in my school district deserved to get cussed out."

The judge was surprised and said "oh my okay."

William went on to say then the third adult to take notice "Mister Harry Connor said that I was right to cuss out my teacher and that's when my dad got really mad and beat him up."

The judge said "alright well the lesson you're going to learn today William is that your dad is not above the law. Now while getting suspended from school is not a good thing it's quite obvious you are a kid with a sassy attitude and you get it from your mother."

"Excuse me!" Mrs. Bale shouted out!

The judge yelled "you keep quiet Mrs. I don't like your sassy attitude!"

The assistant DA Jeff Mantel stood up and said "that's right your honor the victim here is Harry Connor and he was assaulted by the defendant and he has yet to speak out."

Judge Callus replied "that's true Mister Mantel and now we will hear from Mister Connor who was assaulted earlier today in a grocery store parking lot by the defendant."

Harry Connor stood up and said "your honor all I did was comment on the sign that young William Bale was holding. My comments were protected by free speech. I'll admit I've had some times in my childhood where teachers were unfair to me. So my comment was biased toward the teachers in this particular school district. I have a right to free speech just as much as the old lady who spoke in favor of the sign. Mrs. Bale your husband is not the victim here and neither are you."

Molly Bale became enraged and she was tightening up big time with tension.

The Judge then turned to Mrs. Bale and said "yeah Mrs. Bale you're not the victim and your husband is not the victim."

There was a lot of laughter from the courtroom audience.

The judge went on to say "now before I hand down the sentence we will hear from the defendant himself. Do you have anything you wish to say before I pass down sentencing Mister Bale?"

Peter Bale stood up and said "your honor today has been a complete disaster. As you know my son mistakenly thought we were going to make him wear a dress in public which we would never ever do. Now at this time we see our attempt to discipline him has backfired and I realize that I will not be excused for losing my temper with Mister Connor. That is all I have to say."

Peter Connor was fined $500 and sentenced to 30 days in jail.

Court was adjourned.

William and Molly leave the courtroom and William asked "what do we do now that dad is in jail?"

Molly answered "I'm going to get politically active and fight to remove that judge from the bench."

William said "I'm hungry can we grab lunch on the way home?"

Molly groaned but told him "we'll stop and eat somewhere on the way home."

The End