Chapter 1: Accepted

Nakagawa Tsukiakari, a young 15 year old girl hurried along the path to the music concert. She was average height and had hazel coloured eyes which complemented her wavy dark chocolate brown hair. The hair reached down to her waist but she often tied it up into a high pony tail. Oh dear... Nakagawa thought as she raced down the streets, jumping over walls. Then, she saw it. The legendary International High of Musical Arts. It glimmered in the sunlight, and you can almost imagine the music filling the surrounding area. However, she was in no mood to gaze at the school. Sprinting to the entrance, she strained her ears to hear whether the concert had started yet. Ave Maria performed by a violinist floated out. I'm just in time! Nakagawa climbed up the stairs, found a seat and sat down, only to hear the applause of the last performance.

Stunned, she looked around. People were leaving. Wait! Why are you leaving? Nakagawa rose from her chair unsteadily, her eyes wide with shock. No... This can't be happening... She looked around. The hall was empty. Only a harp from the previous performance was on the stage. As if in a trance, Nakagawa walked onto the stage in small precise steps. Suddenly, she realised where she was. "No one is here... A piece wouldn't mind," she muttered to herself. She plucked a string. It was so clear that it echoed inside her heart. Sitting down, Nakagawa positioned herself.

The hall was filled with a gentle, yet slightly sad melody. Her hands moved across the strings effortlessly. The 15 year old girl poured her sadness of missing the concert into this one piece. At last, her last notes were played and the hall echoed. As Nakagawa relaxed, the door slammed shut. Oh no. I forgot to shut the door! Standing there by the entrance, was a man in his 20s, awe-struck and amazed. "Young girl," asked the man. "What is your name?"

"Nakagawa Tsukiakari."

Smiling to himself, a question that was not often heard was said:

"Do you want to join the International High of Musical Arts?"

Nakagawa looked at the man in shock. "Pardon?" The man chuckled softly to himself. Nakagawa frowned, a crease formed between her eyebrows. "I'm sorry, do I know you?"

"Me?" The man responded in shock horror. "I'm Taniguchi Touma."

She looked at him with more interest. Shabby brown hair, melted chocolate brown eyes and quite tall. Something clicked in her mind. "What?! You're the infamous Taniguchi Touma of IHMA!" Nakagawa then gave a confusing look to him. "Why are you here?" He sighed, obviously tired.

"I want you to join IHMA."

"WHAT?! I mean, IHMA, the best music school in Japan?!"


"The one who has won all of the national musical awards?"


"The one right HERE?!"


Taking a deep breath, Nakagawa calmed herself down to a level that she wouldn't be shouting. "I accept your offer. However, I want to ask why you chose me out of all of the other contestants."

Taniguchi smiled a very pitiful smile. Without a word, he walked away and a light breeze filled the room. She ran after him, but realised a letter was there for her. Hesitantly, she opened it:

To whom it may concern,

You will attend the classes shown on the other sheet at IHMA. Arrive promptly at the site by 8am. Any later and another person will take your place. You are in class 2-A. Thank you for your attention,

Taniguchi Touma (Headmaster of IHMA)

Argh! What have I gotten myself into! Nakagawa shouted inwardly. Rushing outside of the school, she looked around. However, after half an hour, she gave up searching for the headmaster of the school. Sighing over and over again, Nakagawa Tsukiakari knew one genuine thing at the moment: she was a student at International High of Musical Arts.