Chapter 1

Two men entered a church. They walked through a corridor until they came across a door. One of them opened the door. Behind the door there were stairs leading down. They both started walking down. Finally they reached the end where there was another door. After they opened the door, they entered a large hall with something in the middle. They approached the thing that was in the middle. It was a sword surrounded by nine gems that all had different marks on them.

"What is this?" one of them asked. "And why did you decide to bring me here?"

"This is the beginning of it all. This is why we exist. Why The Circle exists. Are you not at least one bit curious about that?"

"I never cared for The Circle. I only joined because Heresy asked me to."

"Is that so? Well then, Gluttony, would it be surprising that I was the one who told Heresy to take you in?"

"What are you talking about? Heresy was the one who got us all together. He was the one giving orders."

"He might've been the one giving orders to you, but I was the one who gave him the orders."

"Why? Why did you do it then? Why did you bring The Circle together?"

"Well for you to understand I must explain the real reason The Circle exists. You see we are not the first Circle, however, we are the first Circle to work together. Long ago to avoid war the humans and Masked decided that the most powerful Masked would have a battle to death to see who is the strongest. They all combined their powers and created The Sword of The Circle. There were nine Masked that were the strongest and so The Sword of The Circle gave them all a circle to represent. Limbo, Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Wrath, Heresy, Violence, Fraud and Treachery. Whichever circle representative would be the last one standing would be declared the winner and The Sword of The Circle would grant him any wish, however, the final battle between the last remaining Masked would have to take place here and nowhere else. Do you know what the winner of that battle wished for?"


"For The Circle battle to continue. He wished that every time there would be a winner, the Sword would choose nine new representatives, give them marks and they would fight once again. However, in the last battle something happened. The last combatants killed each other and there was no winner. That's why the Sword gave us marks, but the battle never started."

"And you knew about this?"

"Of course. As soon as I received my mark I knew what was going to happen. But I quickly realised that something was wrong and took advantage of that. I created the most powerful group in existance. Even if you all were to die, it would still be in my favour since then I would be declared the winner."

"So that was your plan all along."

"Indeed. Fraud almost caught on to it. He realised that every time he killed a Circle member he became stronger. Luckily for me he was taken care of. And somehow Limbo or Ace managed to discard his mark. I don't know how he did that, but that also works in my favour. Now you and I are the only remaining members of The Circle."

"Wai-" suddenly a sword went through Gluttony. "So that's why you brought me here..."

"Ahahaha. Indeed. It was all according to my plan. I will become the winner of this battle and get my wish."

"But then... a new battle will start..."

"I do not care about that." suddenly Gluttony grabbed him by the throat.

"I won't let you destroy someone elses life."

"IT'S TOO LATE FOR THAT! JUST DIE ALREADY AND LET IT BE!" he pulled out his sword out of Gluttony.

"Curse you... Treachery..." Gluttony collapsed on the ground.

"Now then." Treachery approached the Sword again. The gems were glowing around it. "My wish is..." suddenly there was a bright light. "What the-"

*The Battle Begins*

The alarm went off louder than ever.

"Oh just shut up already." Rebecca turned it off and got out of bed. She washed up, got dressed and went downstairs. "Morning."

"Morning" said Lynn as he flipped a pancake. Rebecca sat down and watched Lynn flip the pancakes. Lynn was her legal guardian. Her mom died a few years ago and she never even saw her dad. Except when she was little, but she doesn't remember that. Even though Lynn is more than twice as old as she is, she doesn't look at him as a father figure. More like an older brother. "Sleep well?"

"Not really. Had a weird dream."

"What was it about?"

"I don't remember." she lied. "It was just weird."

"You don't remember, but it was weird? Makes sense. I guess..."


"You should start eating or you're gonna be late for school."

"I won't be late. Don't worry about it."

After breakfast she took her backpack and went to school. She walked down the corridor as all the guys stared at her. All of them tried to ask her out on a date at least once, but she turned down all of them. For her, they were just annoyances. She opened the class door and suddenly bumped into someone.

"Oh sorry, Reby." she looked up. It was Lance. He was a few years older than her. Lynn and his father are friends so they sometimes meet each other. Also he's one of the only people she actually talks to in this school.

"No, it's fine. I should've looked where I was going." suddenly she noticed something.

"I'll be going then. See ya" Lance walked off.

Rebecca didn't even answer. She was too shocked after seeing that Lance had a mark on his hand. Similar to hers...

End of chapter 1