Tied in cuffs,
Waiting in jail,
The heart of the murderer
Cried for its bail.

He couldn't remember
how long was he there.
Scars over his body,
Memories became scarce.

What he didn't sow,
That he had reaped.
Why didn't they tried to know,
The reality down deep?

The locket he had,
That was of his wife.
The one he was accused of
Taking away her life.

Fingers rolled over,
Tears dropped on its glass.
His thoughts were hurting him
Like wounds from shattered glass.

The sun was ready by now
To overcome the dark night.
Outside the gloomy bars,
The waiting rope was in sight.

Brought by men,
Wearing color Khaki green.
To know the truth,
No one there was keen.

All were there to see
The end of the "Killer Gun".
To witness the punishment of crime
Which he had never done.

Still, he had no regrets in his heart.
It was the end of his misery in jail.
And as the first ray enlightened the day,
His soul got his bail...