Chapter 6 – Epilogue

Tim published "Young Love Old" a year after Darcy's passing.

He added an introduction to the novel describing the real life relationship and story between the co-writers of the novel – friends, collaborators, lovers.

"We were young together, idealistic writers with goals of a successful future and dreams of fulfillment and happiness," he wrote. "We captured neither and one of us died much too young but we loved the ways that words represent beautiful and important truths. Our romance thrived but it could not endure those dreams and hopes no matter how much we loved each other. Darcy was too big for my world and I was too small for hers."

When Jenny handed Tim the thumbnail at her mother's funeral reception, Tim almost felt like Darcy was still alive. Late that night, still grieved and pained, he opened the document. It was obvious that Darcy had kept revising the original manuscript long after she left Greenville but the essence of the story was still the same – two young lovers vowing to grow old together even though life would get in the way.

Darcy had rewritten the sex scenes, clearly able to expand the depth and emotion of such scenes based on her own experiences before and after him. The love scenes were better and it made Tim sad to remember their lovemaking and how wonderful and new it had been for him.

Ironically, Young Love Old has a happy ending. In their original version, even before they broke up in real life, Tim and Darcy had the young lovers go their separate ways after a few years of a dying relationship with fights, arguments, affairs and failures. Tim smiled with satisfaction and fulfillment when he discovered that Darcy had added a chapter, making the previous chapters all flashbacks because in the new ending the characters are growing old together, long since retired from their careers and their dreams, but still together, still happy.

Tim liked that ending and he wished it was the ending he and Darcy could have enjoyed together.

He started his second novel a week after Young Love Old was released