I am scared.

My palms pound with the beat of a drumming heart.

Please don't let me be one.

I'm unsure

I don't know what it's like; alone in the dark

I'm begging you to stay.

I'm angry

Can you tell me, Why aren't you here with me?

You promised not to go away.

I don't blame you

You've been through so much, I know…

So many things you don't show.


I don't hold a grudge, I just want love

I want you to notice something


I've looked up to you since I was young

Sometimes I wish you'd see me

Like you see your sons


Are you proud of everything I've done?

Am I what you hoped I'd be?

In four months I'll go, I love you

And I wish you knew

We've grown to be strangers…

But I remember you.