"Now the test begins" said android while clap her hand. "First the Magic Exam". Emiko and Meiko to Exam room number 2 for the Magic Exam. Everyone took their Exam as Emiko smiled happily and yelled cheerful "The Magic Exam, I am so ready". Meiko look at Emiko as she sighed and think to herself 'This girl it driving me nut'. "OK, Next is Nakamura Meiko". Meiko walk up the stand as The android give her the single. "Ok Ms. Nakamura go on". Meiko close her eyes as she is in forces. She opens her eyes as she shot fire out of her hand as Everyone clap for Meiko as the android smiled "Nakamura Meiko, Magic Exam pass, Next is Aoki Emiko".

Emiko walk to the stand on the stage as she shoots lighting and fire out of her hand and smiled happily as the android smiled "Aoki Emiko, Magic Exam passed". Emiko jump and run to Meiko with a smile as she claps her hand. "You see that Mei-chan".

"Yes and Don't called me Mei-chan" Meiko sighed and faceplam. "Look Aoki we are not friend ok".

Emiko frowns as The android sighed "Ok Next Sendo Yu". A young male with black hair with a punk rock hair cut wearing red t-shirt and green jean and light blue jacket with green and red eyes stand on the stage as he sighed and shoots lighting and ice as everyone was amazes and the android clap her hand "Sendo Yu, Magic Exam pass". "Whatever" Yu sighed as he walks off. Everyone took the Magic Exam some passed and some failed. "Ok Next is Weapon Control Exam please go to room #6" android said to them.

Everyone went to Room #6 as android clap her hand "Ms. Nakamura, please pick a weapon". Meiko take a twin gun as she spins it around as the android "Ms. Nakamura choose the spear ok now test the it out". Meiko pull the trigger as fire shoot out of it. "Ok Ms. Nakamura Weapon Control Exam Passed, Next Miss. Aoki". Emiko grab a sword as she slashes with lighting shooting out. "Ok Miss. Aoki Weapon Control Exam passed". "Wow I never knew a girl like you have to cool" said a young male with light blue hair with blue on left eye and teal on right eye wearing a light blue Chinese clothes with goggles on his head and hold a Chinese sword.

"Umm Thank" Emiko grins as she rub her head. "I'm Aoki Emiko, from Level B Nice to meet cha".

"Lu Wong, I'm Level A" Lu smiled at her. "So You want to be a hunter huh?".

"Well Yea, I been waiting for this moment" Emiko said in happy tone. "It my dream to the greatest hunter ever".

"Why" Lu asked her.

"My father was a hunter and I always look up to him, he was my idol" Emiko smiled happily.

"Next Lu Wong" The android spoke as Lu walk to the stage as he grab a spear as he spin around as the wind blows at everyone. "Lu Wong, Weapon Control passed". Lu grins as he jump in the air "Hell Yea".

Emiko look at Lu as she sighed and think to herself 'He so dramatic than Masamune". Everyone took the weapon control and passed as Emiko sighed and pat her face 'Focus Emiko, if you want to be a hunter focus beside we only two more test'.

"What you thinking about Emi-chan" Lu pinch her cheek hard as Emiko yelp. "Come on Emi-chan".

Emiko yelp more as she slap his hand "Look Lu I need to focus so I can passed these test so I can be the greatest hunter like my father".

Lu look at her as he laughed at Emiko "Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha, you the greatest hunter Hahahahahaha".

Emiko growled at him "Oh Shut Up, I'm serious".

"Yea seriously funny Hahahahahah" Lu still laughing at her.

Emiko frown in sadness as Yu walk up to Lu and hit him on the head "Hey don't laughed at her people is going to think you being a bully.

"I was joking jeez don't be a downer" Lu sighed as he look at Emiko. "Sorry Emiko".

"Next time, be nicer to her" Yu sighed as he walk off.

Emiko was amazed at Yu help her as she smirks at Lu and pull his cheek as Lu yelp in pain "Now we are even"

"Ok Now it the Summoning Exam" The android smiled "First up Aoki Emiko". Emiko walk up to the stage as The Android smiled at her "Now Ms. Aoki for this test you must summoning your guardian".

"Oh that easy" Emiko smiled as she pull out her card as she smiled "Come the Guardian of thunder" Emiko throw her card. "Come On Out Emperor". A Thunder like Guardian appear as everyone clap for her.

"Ok Aoki Emiko Summoning Exam Passed" The android smiled as Emiko walk off the stage "Ok Next is Mr. Sendo". Yu walk up the stage as he sighed. "now Begin".

"Come, Hayate" Yu snap his finger as a wind like wolf appear as everyone clap for him. Yu walk off the stage.

"Alright, Sendo Yu Summoning Exam passed" The android smiled.

Emiko look at Yu with smiled as Yu look at her and sighed "What".

"I want to say thank for standing up for me" Emiko smiled. "I'm Aoki Emiko, Level B".

"Sendo Yu, Level S" Yu sighed as he walk away as Emiko walk to him. "Why are you following me".

"I thought we can be friend because we are going to be hunter" Emiko nods her head.

Meiko and Lu walk up to Emiko as Meiko sighed "Ha you want us to be friend ha don't make me laughed we all from different Levels and you think we are going to be friend get real".

"I agree with Meiko, you just from Level B there no way we are going to be friend" Lu laughed.

"I just..." Emiko ran out as she sat in a corner as Yu walk up to her.

"I hate seeing people cry" Yu hold her hand as he help her up and Emiko look at Yu. "It make you feel better I'll be your first friend".

"Really"Emiko smiled as her shake Yu hand. "Oh Thank you Yu-chan".

"First, Don't call me Chan I'm 17" Yu sighed.

"Ok Yu-San" Emiko smiled.

Everyone took the Exam so did Meiko and Lu as The Android clap her hand "5 minutes break".

Emiko sat down on floor as Yu sat next to her and Emiko smiled "So why you want to be a hunter?".

"My mother was a hunter, I want become a hunter so I can protect my family" Yu sighed as he look at Emiko. "I heard you want to become a hunter because your father".

"Yea" Emiko smiled softly. "My father was a great hunter, I always look up to him that why I want to become a hunter".

"Ok everyone it time for the final Exam, Test your Abilities" The Android smiled. "Now First is Aoki Emiko, Test your Abilities".

Emiko use her speed and her strength but her other Abilities" I guess my other Abilities is need work".

"Well Ms. Aoki I might say, Aoki Emiko Abilities Exam, Failed! Next" The Android said as Emiko walk off as Everyone took the exam some passed and Some failed. Emiko sat down as Yu walk up to her.

"How you do" Emiko asked him.

"I failed" Yu shrugs. "I don't matter".

The light went down as the android smiled at everyone "Great work everyone now since you took your Exam it time put you in your Academy" The Screen pop up with list of students of the Academy.

"Huh, I'm in Suzaku Academy" Emiko look at Yu. " What about you, Yu?".

"Suzaku Academy" Yu look at her. "we are in the same school together".

"Thank for take the Entrance Exam" The Android smiled as she bows. "Please head to the right and will see 4 gates of the 4 top Academy".

Emiko pull out Yume as she smiled "Yume wake up mode".

"Yume Wake up mode" Yume open her eyes as she look at Emiko. "Oh How did it go".

"I'm in Suzaku Academy" Emiko smiled. "Oh This is Sendo Yu, Yu This is Yume my Automate".

"Nice meet you, Sendo-Sama" Yume smiled. "I'm Yume".

"Same" Yu look at Yume. "We should get going".

Yu, and Emiko walk to the Academy gates as they see 4 gates. Seiryuu Academy, Genbu Academy, Suzaku Academy, and Byakko Academy. Yu and Emiko walk to the Gate of Suzaku Academy and see Suzaku Academy. "Wow it look awesome" Emiko smiled as she grab Yu hand and run into Suzaku Academy as they look around the school.

"Well we should go to our dorm room" Yu look at the dorm as he see his name and Emiko name in the same dorm room.

Emiko and Yu walk in the dorm room as They see Meiko and Lu in the dorm. Meiko face palm as she sighed "Great they are our roommate".

"I guess so sup Emi-chan" Lu smiled at her.

"Yu I think we got the wrong room" Emiko sighed.

"Nope this one" Yu sighed.

Emiko sighed as she walk to her room "If you need I'll be in my room" Emiko close the door as she laid on her bed as she sighed. 'This is going to be a long school year'.