I wrote this a very long time ago but never got around to posting. Enjoy!

You're in pain, are you not?
With your bleeding heart and red rimmed eyes.
You have scars beneath your skin,
buried deep away from sight.

Because it hurts less to smile, when you're dying inside,
than it does to show your broken soul.
Because when someone knows you cry each night,
you reopen the wounds you've been trying to close.

So you bleed, you break, without leaving a clue,
you burn, you scream, where no one can hear.
There's an active volcano inside your heart,
but no one will notice when your smile's so bright.

But are you invincible or are you human?
Are you a soldier or are you immortal?
You're fighting a war inside yourself,
with teeth and claws and an army of one.
You know you can't win with your wilting heart,
but you don't want to lose and let the enemy win.

You need someone to share your tears,
but no one's there when you push them away.
You need some ears to hear your woe,
but it's hard to find behind the laughter.

It's okay to cry when you're dying inside,
let the tears flow through your every bone.
There may be no soul to dry your eyes,
but it's okay to cry, when you're dying inside.