Journal 99.

Fish says happy endings are always best. (By 'says' I mean writes.)

I disagree, I think fitting endings are always best.

We met at a conclusion that a happily fitting ending is the bestest of all.

And that just might be the end to this novel of a journal about the artist and Pen.

Happily fitting.

At the moment, the two sit throwing popcorn at each other in the middle of a large field of grass.

Sunlight shines down in warm and happy rays, apparently that moment last night was the last we saw of that mean rainstorm. And speaking of last night, the artist's second to last sentence- "I think you're a ghost." was entirely wrong.

Pen in fact was not a ghost, nor were they a figure of the artist's mind. They'd gone out down the street after having checked for the artist in their home and not at all finding them.

Although, they never mentioned where they went for the past few days. So the artist never asked. Some things are better left a mystery. (So I'll leave to your imagination how Pen reacted to the artist's last sentence (I'll tell you it was good.))

Fish also informed me that stories are supposed to have some sort of meaning at the end.

Two things- one, as I've said before, there's meaning in here somewhere I'm just not going to go and look for it. Some random tale of two people on their way through life told from the eyes of a sticky figure certainly isn't some moral compass, so it's up to the mind of whom ever may stumble across this smallish stack of journals.

Two- I know I said this was a 'happy fitting ending,' as in end of a story but honestly it's going to carry on whether I document it or not. The artist is still going to bike to school, it's still going to rain those incredible storms, and Pen is still going to remain a slight mystery. It's an ending, but not to the story, at least to this one.

Well now I've gone and confused myself. Oh well.

And if you're wondering why it's ending here I'm quite sure I've already made that clear...

I love double digits.

Yours always-

Sticky the Stickfigure

and fish.