Death...many fear it...but me?...I embrace it...because when you have nothing left to lose in your just stop caring. Don't misunderstand this I in no way mean to imply i'm dead I simply do not care for my life in the slightest. Now this is for a multitude of reasons the likes of which I do not have the time to disclose for time is something in this particular moment i cannot spare. For you see whomever you are if anyone at all is even somehow receiving my own personal thoughts it is in this moment where normally i'd be playing a game of Russian roulette to help me unwind from the standard day of shit I go through on a constant basis i find myself staring upward to the space above me.

As a massive orange nine tailed fox leaps upon me.

Two Weeks Prior

"THUNDERSTRUCK! YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! THUNDERSTRUCK!" The song blared at what most would consider a deafening volume into the ears of whomever listened.

And indeed there were ears listening but instead of a mass of them such as what you might find in a nightclub or some other locale in which people would gather for music it was a singular pair that listened to the music and it's volume via a pair of earbuds that were placed snugly within them. The owner of both the ears and the earbuds that resided within them was one that most would upon giving him even the slightest of glances would wish to divert their attentions elsewhere. He in question is a man whose name is Joshua or Josh as he prefers but to those who reside within the town of which he lives upon the outskirts of he is regarded in a multitude of different ways. Monster, Freak, Psycho, and Bastard were but a few of the names that he was known by to those who lived within the aforementioned town not one even thought to address him by his actual name for to them he wasn't a person so he didn't deserve to be treated like one.

But before we explore more into the reasons behind this treatment of him for which we shall we must first ask what is it that makes them do this to begin with? Is it the way he dresses?, the way in which he conducts himself?, or perhaps it has something to do with his own personal interests? In truth none of these are wrong but alone they aren't the whole reason it is only when they are brought together to form him that they indeed show the reasons behind their horrid behavior towards him. From his long brown hair which wasn't common within the community for a man to his unusual choice in attire which consisted solely of short sleeved pocketed shirts, basketball shorts, and crocs this from even a distance deterred the dwellers of the town. However even if they were to move beyond their petty and shallow reasons as to why they treated him in such a way and actually spoke to him that is where the problems came forth like a raging flood.

For you see the community in which he found himself within was that of a very...shall we say conservative nature and while he was in no way shape or form a radical or anarchist by nature his way of thinking and overall seeing the world around him was open to all aspects of possibility which in short means he didn't believe in what they believed nor did he do as they did. Though one cannot say this wasn't through a lack of effort for long before now when he was younger and still learning of what the world was he tried all that he could to make them like him or at the very least accept him as one of their own. He strived for friends, for comfort, and most of all care for reasons which we shall not explore he didn't possess these things on his own and so wishing to fill it's absence he sought after them like a moth to a flame only in this instance the moth could never get closer. And so this along with those reasons which are left untouched as they are began to take their massive toll upon him to the point where he grew distant, cold, and no longer sought for their affection or acceptance and in truth sought the exact opposite which of course was solitude.

So now after all this time had passed and he no longer a boy but now a man still chose to live near these people whom his whole life sought to keep him at arms' length and ensure he knew of his lack of place among them his abode of course with his desire for solitude in mind being a house on the farthest outskirts of the town as possible whilst still being considered a part of it. With that being said of course such a territory doesn't come without it's drawbacks or in his eyes and preference luxuries for unlike most individuals in modern society whom sought to live among others and their buildings the only thing that surrounded his abode for the most part was pure woodland space that stretched for miles. This besides bringing blissful solitude for him also brought with it the open possibility of hunting game when it was condoned of course which most would consider too much of hassle with the patience, the trap setting, and obviously the cleaning of the carcass but to him it helped in shall we say in relieving him of frustrations. Overall this home and it's locale where most would see the "flaws" he saw as benefits more reasons to not need to interact with people of any kind and given the day and age we live in if he ever needed anything more he could order it off of the internet to cut out human interaction nearly all together.

It was just him, nature, and the animals whom called those woodlands their home and to him that was as good of a life as he could come to expect. But on this fair spring day with the sun shining high above in the bright blue sky and the wind blowing at a nice light gust to keep all whom felt it's touch cooled where he would normally just spend most of it's hours relaxing outside within his hammock listening to his music as his circular lens'd glasses kept his eyes shielded from the sun he would be coming into contact with a being whom unknown to him would change his life forever.

"I-Is that?..." A being of unknown detail thought to itself as it observed Josh from the brush of the woods "A human! it really is a human!" It exclaimed within it's mind this discovery seeming to bring forth a wave of excitement "I wonder what he's doing out here? so far from the town?" It pondered as it continued to observe "And why is he all alone?..." It added to it's previous inquiry.

Unsure as to why a human would be so far from it's own kind the unknown observer wishing to know more about this began to slowly leave it's brush before freezing in place.

"Wait." It stated in it's mind as a memory formed "Xavier always says never to interact with least one's we're not allowed to..." It recalled before it's body tensed up even more "But this one isn't like the others! least he doesn't look like it...he's all alone unlike the other humans..." It reasoned as it's muscles began to relax "I just...I HAVE to know more!" It asserted before continuing in it's departure from the brush.

Slowly but sure making it's way from it's former hiding place towards Josh the being managed to go undetected until it found itself right below his hammock.

"He doesn't know i'm here yet..." It noticed as it sat down in it's place "Maybe i should make some noise to get his attention?..." It wondered.

Suddenly though without warning the hammock began to sway back and forth slightly before a set of two legs dropped down on the other side.

"Oh! never mind!" It thought with eyes widened in surprise at the sudden development.

Watching as he left the hammock and made contact with the ground it was only when he began to walk away from the hammock that the being realized that they were still unnoticed.

"Oh no! if he goes inside i might not get to see him again!" It worried before dashing after him.

Not thinking for a moment this might not be the wisest choice it could make the being at a rapid rate closed the distance between it and him soon realizing that they were closing it a bit too fast.

"OOF!" They sounded to themselves keeping it within their thoughts as they had run smack dab into the back of his legs and the impact caused them to bounce back a small bit.

Shaking their head slightly as to recompose themselves the being refocused their attention to the Josh where upon doing so they found he had come to a complete stop obviously from the feeling of the impact. Watching silently and without movement the being saw as he retrieved from the right pocket of his shorts an object that seemed to be connected to his ears before proceeding to do something with it before he much like they had went still. Time itself seemed to freeze in this one instance as the being continued to look towards him unsure as to what would come of this.

"I-Is he mad?..." It wondered.

However much like his sudden departure from the hammock Josh with no warning began to turn around as to face whatever had hit him.

"T-This is it!" The being thought as they would finally get to see him up close.

Upon turning around fully for the reason previously mentioned both the being and he had a sight fill their vision that they did no expect. First in regards to the being although it had seen many humans before him there was something clearly unique and it wasn't just one sole detail. In truth it was all that the being was seeing from his long brown hair which she had never seen on a human male, to the unusual trimmed of his facial hair which was kept close and covered most of his face, and finally the clothes he had upon his body it all intrigued them. Which brings us to Josh whom as he looked for the culprit behind the sudden light impact against his legs he found himself looking downward to the ground where sitting there an inch or so away from him was a bright orange fox staring up at him with a pair of bright blue eyes.

For the next few seconds neither of them moved or made any sort of noise for where the fox was intrigued by him for they had never seen a human so interesting from appearance alone he too was also intrigued because...well... do i really need to make it evident that a fox just sitting there staring at him was interesting?

"...So..." He spoke breaking the silence that had enveloped them his voice being not too deep nor too light but a nice balance in between whilst also not being very expressive in tone "...You hungry?" He asked.

"Hungry?..." The fox wondered tilting it's head to the side as it did.

Unable to keep himself from chuckling at the cuteness Josh turned back around and continued walking towards his house where upon reaching the door he stopped.

"Just stay right here okay? i'll be right back." He said before opening the door and walking inside.

Doing just as he had asked the fox stayed in it's place though it wasn't because he had asked that made it stay.

"Oh my gosh!" They exclaimed excitedly within their mind "He's bringing me food!" They added as they began to fidget in their spot.

Continuing to fidget as the seconds went on the fox waited eagerly for him to come back which he did and with him he brought a plate of food.

"Alright so." He began as he approached "I don't know what your personal favorite tastes are but i do know what omnivores especially foxes like so enjoy." He explained before setting down the plate.

Looking at the food that now laid before it the fox found itself practically lost in a daze at the beautiful dish that not only looked amazing but smelled amazing too. The most obvious part of the dish was of course the significantly sized piece of meat which sat in the middle from the smell alone the fox could tell it was a rabbit which forced it to lick it's lips to keep from drooling. But then as it continued to stare it noticed that there were some unusual things covering it besides the blood and upon sniffing to try and determine what they were it found it was a mixture of different berries which only made it more enticing. However instead of diving right on it like they desperately wanted to they slowly looked back up towards Josh as if to see if this was truly meant for them.

"Go on no sense in letting good food go to waste now." He said with a slight smile.

It took not even a second after the words "go on" had reached their ears before the fox was upon the dish happily eating the meal that had been placed before it. Sadly though as the fox continued to eat and make the dish disappear the more they wanted it for the mixture of flavor from the meat, the berries, and the spices used to make it all pop even more made this by far the most delicious thing they had ever eaten. Of course though with this rapid assault of the food it was gone nearly as soon as it had arrived and although the fox was indeed satisfied and full as could be they wanted more.

"You don't look starved." Josh noted as he reached down to pick up the plate "But then again maybe you just haven't been lucky in the way of finding a good sized meal." He suggested before standing upright with the plate in hand "Regardless of whatever the reasons are behind you practically sucking in the food either way i'm glad you enjoyed it." He admitted with a smile before turning to go back inside.

However before he could make even a single step towards his abode he felt a tightness around his right shin and upon looking downward to see what it was he saw the fox had wrapped it's paws around his leg and was looking up to him with a face that clearly showed displeasure.

"...Tell ya what." He began as he lowered himself slightly to get closer to the other "Since you seem to want more food but i know for a fact you're full and you are clearly not your typical fox how about every day round this time you come back and i make you some more?" He suggested.

Feeling it's eyes go wide with joy the fox seeming to somehow tighten it's grip began to rub itself against his leg as a means to show it's appreciation. Feeling his smile get even bigger at this sight Josh couldn't keep himself from reaching down and petting the fox to which it had no issue with.

"My name's Josh by the way." He said before reaching up to his face and removing his glasses revealing a pair of brown eyes which matched his hair in shade.

Looking into his eyes with it's own the fox continued to rub itself against his leg to show it's appreciation and affection. And so after the fox was done showing it's apparent joy they both went their separate ways and saw nothing of each other until the next day at noon where as he had said he brought out from his home a nice hot meal for it to consume. This continued on as the days passed and soon a week had passed and the fox whom as one would expect kept returning for a meal to which he was happy to give. But just as the day marking this interaction between them as having gone on for two weeks passed and the next day did follow something unusual happened.

Where at this point Josh had come to wait for the fox to arrive a few moments before it did today it seemed as though he wasn't there. Curious as to where he was or what might've happened the fox ventured over to his home and began to look around hoping to find some answer to it's question. But then just as it had circled the house and found nothing it saw a strange shiny object square in shape that not only rested against the house but also came to a window which would allow it to look inside. Deciding that there was indeed no harm in looking in as to try and find a clue the fox swiftly leapt onto it's top and peered into the window where it's heart for a moment came to a stop.

Sitting there with his back against the wall was Josh and in his hand an object that the fox knew all too well it being a gun. However it wasn't the gun itself that made it's heart stop but instead where it was pointed for every direction it could be pointed it for some reason unknown to it was pointed beneath his chin. Feeling worry and fear wash over them the fox without a second's hesitation in speed which none could ever fathom raced from it's place atop of it's perch to the front of the house where upon reaching it they ran straight for the front door all the while their body seeming to change making them far bigger than they were before among many new differences.

"STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP!" It cried aloud as it broke through the door and leapt towards him.

And so now we find ourselves no longer in the past but instead caught up to present time where our protagonist is now properly reacting to what is occurring.

"...What." He wondered aloud just as the fox came crashing down on top of him.

The sound of the crash rang out through the air as they both went to to ground Josh whom was caught between a rock and a hard place so to say found his face buried within a see of orange fur.

"PLEASE DON'T DO IT!" The fox cried as it buried his head into it's fur even more.

"...What." He repeated though a bit muffled.

Pulling away so they could be face to face with one another the fox looked straight into his eyes where he could see it's obvious distress.

"Don't shoot yourself please!" It cried "You're the first human i've ever been friends with so please don't do this!" It added before breaking down into a sob.

Already stunned by the entirety of the situation whether it was the words the fox spoke, the tears it somehow shed, or something in regards to him Josh seemed to recuperate quite swiftly and in response to what was happening placed a hand on it's head.

"Look." He spoke as he raised his other hand which still held the gun "It's not loaded okay? i was just pretending is all." He explained hoping it would calm the other.

"But why?!" It asked "Why would you even pretend about something like that?!" It added.

Taking a brief moment as to choose the best words to use Josh still keeping his eyes locked with the fox's decided on what would be the best answer.

"Everyone has their own little happy place." He began "Some find it in a tropical environment, others find it in a more isolated place like the mountains, and some even find it in violent scenarios." He went on "But then you have someone like me someone where no matter how hard he tries no matter how much time and thought he puts into it he can't for the life of him find a happy place..." He trailed off before finally moving his gaze away from the fox and putting it on the gun in his hand "That's when he realizes his happy place isn't what most would consider happy that it's actually very sad, depressing, bleak, and so on." He explained before returning his focus to them "That is why I would pretend about something like that because when the world becomes a bit too much for me to bear I fantasize about being freed from it and in that instance I feel relief." He finished.

Silence once again took hold of the air around them as the fox no longer shed tears but instead flattened it's ears against it's head whilst thinking on what had been said. Never in it's whole life had it heard of something this sad it had seen and even been a part of many sad things but this was greater than all of them by far. For the way in which he had described it made it sound like he wanted to die yet for a reason or reasons that they did not understand he still chose to live so it was to them as though he was in a conflict on whether or not he should continue to live or just kill himself before his time. Which never before this moment did the fox ever suspect in these two weeks they had been interacting with one another he seemed...not happy...but certainly not in a state like this the best way to describe him was that he seemed accepting of everything around him.

"Excuse me." He spoke regaining their attention as they had been lost in thought "I don't mean to interrupt your obvious review over what i just told you...but i kinda have a few questions of my own." He stated "The first being could you get off of me?" He asked.

"O-Oh sorry." The fox stated before proceeding to get off allowing him to move.

"Thank you." He said before returning himself to an upright position "Now then since i no longer have a massive nine tailed fox on top of me...would you care to explain how i had a massive nine tailed fox on top of me?" He asked as he rested his back against the wall behind him.

Feeling it's ears return to their normal pointed state as well as it's eyes widen the fox only now had realized how fast and unexpected this whole situation was which made them feel a tad embarrassed.

"Oh! um..." It sounded unsure as to how it should handle this "W-Well you see you're not supposed to know about something like me...and i'm not allowed to interact with humans..." It admitted as it looked off to the side.

"Huh." He sounded in reply "So you've majorly fucked up haven't you?" He asked.

"Fucked up?" It asked with a tilt of it's head looking towards him as they did.

"It means you have made a REALLY big mistake." He explained.

"Oh...then yeah." They replied "But i did just break through your door...and i'm already breaking those two i guess there's no point in trying to keep anything else from you huh?" They asked.

"Pretty much." He answered "So start explaining." He said causing the other to sigh.

"Okay well..." They began whilst clearing their throat "My name is Amber and i'm a nine tailed fox which you knew already." She introduced revealing her gender whilst also wagging her tails slightly "But i'm not just any nine tailed fox i am the spirit of the nine tailed fox meaning i am the first of all nine tailed fox kind." She explained.

"Uh huh..." He sounded "So...tell me...why is the spirit of the nine tailed fox aka the FIRST nine tailed fox ever hanging around in the woods surrounding some random guy's house?" He asked.

" see...i've always wanted to interact with humans and in truth humans HAVE interacted with nine tailed foxes before but it is because of these interactions as well as some others that have made our place within mortal worlds not just ones with humans a very scarce and limited one than what it once was." She explained.

"But because you've always wanted to interact with humans you still observe them as to try and learn as much you can so even if you never do get to interact with them you'll feel as though you know so much it's as close as you could be without actually doing so." He added.

"Yes exactly!" She exclaimed "But then...I met you...and you weren't like any human i'd ever met before." She admitted "Most humans even those who prefer to live by themselves away from most places still seemed to have something in the way of companionship like a pet." She explained "But you just seemed to be alone and that along with a few other things intrigued me." She added.

"Let me guess it was the clothes and the hair right?" He asked earning a bashful nod in reply which in turn caused him to chuckle "Figured." He admitted "But wait something doesn't add up." He noted "If you're the first ever nine tailed fox the very spirit of the animal itself that means you must have been around for a long time and not once did the opportunity to interact with humans or just mortals ever come up?" He asked.

" actually." She answered "You see long before there were mortals, worlds, and even universes existence was...pretty empty." She began "But then beings like myself and others too began to show up and make everything the way it is now." She continued "We came to call ourselves the factions because there were those who had more in common with certain entities such as me with the other animal spirits or even someone like Solarity whose the incarnation of light she belongs with the faction representing the natural order." She went on "Factions like those made things like space, time, and universes and others made things like planets where we came in and began to fill them with life by the time humans and mortals across all plains came along they were already exposed to beings similar to us but at the same time we still had our hands full." She finished.

"So basically there was just never any free time." He summed up.

"Yeah..." She confirmed with an awkward smile "So does that answer all of your questions?" She asked.

"Well no." He answered "I still have two one in regards to you specifically and the other in regards to this whole thing in general." He explained.

"Okay well let's start with the first one." She said.

"Alright." He replied "Before hand you were just a regular fox which no doubt was obviously meant to blend in however here you are now as yourself a massive in comparison to me at least nine tailed fox so my question is do you have any other transformations or is it all just fox related?" He asked.

"No i can change into more." She answered before proceeding to demonstrate.

In just a second's time much like before Amber began to transform her body swiftly changing until there she stood in front of him as a human woman who surprisingly enough had clothes on the likes of which were fairly plain. As for her fur however that was completely gone and instead she had long orange hair which went just beyond her shoulders. In regards to height however she was incredibly tall for what was supposed to be a normal human woman seven feet roughly from what he could tell.

"I can become human." She said as she gestured to herself before suddenly two fox ears appeared on her head and one of her tails appeared behind her legs "I can blend parts of both my fox form and human form together either slightly." She began before transforming once more this time a more significant one as she became a bipedal humanoid fox whose lower legs were that of a fox's instead of human "Or more so to the point where it's a perfect balance between." She continued "And as for my tails i can make them come and go as needed for like you said to blend in better as a normal fox when needed." She concluded.

"Wow." He sounded "That is so far the most amazing thing you've done...besides breaking my door." He complimented causing her to giggle whilst smiling.

"Why thank you." She replied with a bow "Oh wait you still have one question though right?" She asked.

"Yup." He answered simply "As i said the second one is more so related to this as well as all you just said in general." He explained once more.

"Well fire away i'm here to answer!" She exclaimed happily as her smile grew to a grin.

"Even with all of you hiding away or just remaining in secret i find it REALLY hard to believe that there isn't a SINGLE mortal out there who doesn't know about all this so i gotta ask is there anyone whom i should be worried about if they found out i now know about all of this?" He asked.

Upon hearing this question Amber froze in her place as her grin quickly went away and her eyes widened.

"Um...Amber?..." He asked unsure as to why she suddenly went stiff.

"...AGENT FELICIA!" She shouted before she ran towards the window to look outside.

"I'm guessing that has something to do with the government." He said to himself as she quickly moved to another window looking outside it as well.


Seeing as though he wasn't going to get her to talk to him in this state Josh rose from his seat on the floor before walking over to Amber where once he did her turned her around and slapped her across the face.

"Amber calm down you're being hysterical." He told her as she blinked a few times.

"Y-You're right!" She exclaimed before looking to him "B-But it's just well you're right there ARE some humans who do know about us and the ones who know about us the most are people like agent Felicia who wear these suits and glasses and are always serious!" She explained.

"Okay but that doesn't explain why you're freaking out so much." He replied.

"I-It's like i said we're NOT supposed to interact with mortals anymore and that doesn't just apply to spirits like me but it also applies to humans where if they know about us then people like agent Felicia come to deal with them!" She explained.

"Oh." He sounded "...Well...guess i'll go wait outside to be shot dead then." He stated before heading towards the doorway where the front door once stood.

"NO!" She shouted before grabbing onto him "I WON'T LET THEM SHOOT YOU!" She added before pulling him into a hug.

Now although Josh had no issue with the hug itself mind you there was an issue in regards to where his head was for you see where Amber stood as stated before roughly around seven feet he stood around six feet so with a foot's difference between them his head was pulled directly into her bosom. To make matters even worse though before he could tell her as to the situation at hand both he and her heard someone's throat clear coming from the doorway which made them go still.

"Am i interrupting something?" The voice of a woman asked.

Due to Josh's current predicament he was unable to look unlike Amber whom knew the voice and upon looking to whom it belonged to for absolute confirmation she found a woman only a few inches shorter than herself, with relatively the same length of hair as her human form but brown in coloration, dressed head to toe in a very uniform like suit with dark lens'd glasses to complete it standing in the doorway.

"A-Agent Felicia..." Amber greeted meekly.

"Hello Amber nice to see you as well." The other replied speaking with a calm and collected tone "Would you mind releasing your friend there so i can talk with him?" She asked.

"NO! I WON'T LET YOU HURT HIM!" Amber shouted pulling Josh even closer to her which resulted in her beginning to crush his neck slightly.

"You're on the verge of snapping my neck." Josh informed though due to how deep he was into her fur for she was still in her humanoid fox form it was far too muffled for either of the women to understand.

"I'm not going to hurt him Amber i just want to talk with him." Felicia assured.

"...Really?" Amber asked seeming to just miraculously change her attitude towards the idea in an instant.

"...She's a bit of an airhead isn't she?..." Josh asked himself since he knew they couldn't hear him.

"Yes Amber i have no intent of bringing him any harm i just want to talk with him to see if we can trust him with everything he's been exposed to." Felicia explained.

Even with her seemingly sudden change in attitude Amber was still a bit reluctant to release Josh from her embrace but feeling as though agent Felicia was telling the truth and she knew she could trust her she after a few moments let him go.

"Oh thank god sweet air." Josh breathed happy to be free.

Allowing him a second or so to regain his composure for she knew how non aware Amber was of her own strength and excessive affection she then cleared her throat once more to gain his attention.

"Shall we?" She asked.

"Sure." He answered as he walked towards her "Just so you know though if you are going to shoot me i want it to be a head shot none of that neck give me a few seconds to choke on my own blood amateur shit." He told her before leaving the house.

Letting him get a few steps ahead before following behind they continued to walk away from the house until they were about ten feet away where she spoke.

"So." She began which caused him to stop "You probably have some questions in regards to me." She said.

"Only one really." He replied keeping his back to her "How'd you get here so fast?" He asked.

"In exchange for keeping any incidents regarding spirits like Amber or beings of similar nature out of the public's knowledge while also offering them protection and aid they have given us knowledge and access to...powers shall we say." She answered.

"So you teleported here is that it?" He asked.

"Something like that yes." She confirmed "Though more so what you would expect a portal to be from our headquarters whenever an inciddent or the being of whom we're assigned to get's into a situation like this we can then open a portal to their coordinates and be there immediately." She explained.

"Sounds efficient." He complimented.

"It is." She assured.

A sudden silence took place as their conversation took an unexpected pause to which agent Felicia knew the reason why.

"We know about the past two weeks Josh." She revealed "Amber might have thought she was being careful and sneaky but we knew exactly what she was doing and we were prepared to move in as fast as i have in the event she was put in danger." She explained "Of course though when in turned out you didn't wish to harm her in any way and in fact continued to interact with her on a daily basis we began to look into you to see what we could find." She admitted "And to say what we found was...horrific...would be a great understatement." She added.

Silence took it's place between them once again as both he thought on what had been said and she gave him a few moments to do so. However after those few moments had passed and he still didn't seem to speak agent Felicia was about to begin talking until suddenly he began to chuckle.

"Ya know it's funny." He began as he drew a deep breath "This is the kinda shit you see in cartoons, movies, animes, and so on where the average joe suddenly get's the chance of a lifetime to experience something far more amazing than what he ever thought he would get to in his whole life." He stated chuckling a bit more as he did "But then there's me whose not your average joe i'm the kinda guy whose only reason for being born in the fucking first place so that everyone else could feel good about themselves whether it was my parents which you clearly know about, the foster homes i went to, or just people in general i've always been the human punching bag." He explained before finally turning around to face her "So i'm gonna say this once and only once i do not give a flipping flying fuck what your rules or protocols are because Amber is the first fucking thing that life has ever given me that wasn't complete shit so if you plan to take her away or do something to me then just do it right here." He said as he held his arms out "And be sure not to miss." He added.

Standing there looking at him as he were Agent Felicia without saying a single word walked over to him before pulling him into a hug the likes of which caught him off guard.

"Listen to me." She began "In my line of work i've seen a lot of things that could drive most people insane but there was also rhyme or reason to it not once was it ever just an endless series of cruelty." She said before pulling away to look at him "But from the moment we looked into you and found all that we could I knew right then and there that this was the first good thing to happen to you and i wanted to make sure that it would not come to an end." She explained.

"So you're not taking her away then?" He asked to which he received another surprise.

Before answering his question agent Felicia reached up to her face before taking off her sunglasses revealing her matching shade of brown eyes.

"No we're not." She answered with a smile "In truth this isn't the first time a spirit has reached out to a mortal and so in these kind of cases we evaluate the possibility of problems coming from continued interactions between them to determine whether or not it needs to end." She explained "And it was agreed upon by not only myself but those who i work with that what you and Amber have is well...a complete contrast." She stated.

"Meaning?" He asked.

"Amber to use as little words as possible is living sunshine she's always happy and friendly and she just makes everyone around her always feel special and nice." She explained "Then there's you someone from even a quick glance gives off the impression you want to be left alone you don't care about friends or interacting with people because it's never brought you any good." She continued "So you two in a way complete each other for Amber as you said yourself is the first good thing to ever happen to you as well is the first person to not treat you as if you didn't belong." She finished "And we thought given how well you two seemed to be getting along before you knew everything you now do that there would be no issues once the truth came out." She added.

Letting silence come between for the third and hopefully last time Josh much like before took a moment to process all of this before speaking.

"...Thank you." He said as a smile came to his face as well "I know i should probably say more but...that sums up it up pretty well i think." He added.

"Yes it does." She agreed before finally releasing him.

"So." He began as he looked towards the sky "What can i expect to come from this? like am i gonna be getting regular visits from you?, spirits, or things of that nature?" He asked.

"I will be stopping by a few times each week just because it is protocol." She answered "But beyond that there should be nothing for you to worry about." She assured.

"Well that's good." He replied as he put a hand to the back of his neck "Because i think i'm gonna have my hands full with Amber's neck crushing hugs..." He admitted causing her to laugh.

"Yeah she can get a bit carried away." She said causing him to look at her "Alright she can get VERY carried away." She corrected herself which seemed to satisfy him.

"At any rate though i'm definitely gonna need a new door don't want any other potential animal spirits just walking in and making themselves at home." He replied.

"Don't worry about that any and all expenses, damages, and anything else that should come up in regards to Amber will be fully covered." She assured.

"Really?" He asked "Well guess i better have her destroy the rest of my house then." He decided before walking towards the house.

Laughing a slight bit more at that agent Felicia watched him as he headed back until he reached the house and went inside. Seeing as though her business there was done for the moment she put her glasses back over her eyes before turning around and walking the other way.

"Why didn't you tell him?" A voice whispered in her ear as she walked.

"It didn't feel as though it was the right time." She replied "But it's not like i won't have the opportunities to." She reasoned.

"Heh you really think you'll be less frightened to tell him who you REALLY are at a later time?" The voice teased.

"Yes i will." She said sternly growing tired of this conversation "Now send me back." She ordered just as a portal pitch black in coloration opened in front of her.

And so as agent Felicia stepped through the portal it closing the moment she was within this brought to a close the beginning of a new adventure for her, Josh, and Amber.