A young girl with snow white short hair and light pink eyes wearing blue glasses and wearing a blue t-shirt with black short and black tennis shoes sighing as she was at the airport with her parents to moved to London, England due of her father new job. "Do really need to moved Dad" she sighed as she looks at out the window. Luna Mikazuki, A young girl from Japan who don't want to move but she had to.

"Luna, I know it hard to move to new home and school but you can make a new friends there" Her father smiles happy to Luna. "You will love London I swear it".

"He right dear" Her Mother hugs Luna and pat her head. "You'll be happy in London".

Luna's Parents are Miu Mikazuki and Nobuharu Mikazuki who own the bakery café called Cinnamon Blossom Cafe and become popular in Tokyo and now the café is going to be in London. Luna sighed of disapproval as the announcer spoke 'Attention all passenger the plane From Tokyo, Japan to London, England is ready to departure please go to Gate Area 16'. Luna and her parents went to the gate area 16 and aboard the plane and take their seat. Luna look at out the window and sighed. The plane took off as they leave Japan.

11 hours and 40 minutes later, Luna and her parents walk out the airport and with their stuff to the to the taxi cab as they drove up to their new home. "Welcome to our new home, Luna" Nobuharu smiled as he grab their stuff and put in their new home. Luna and Miu walk in their house as it also a bakery.

"Luna, Tomorrow you will start your school" Miu smiled at her as she hugs her tightly "You going to Camden School for Girls, Oh I so happy that I pick that school". Luna sighed as she up to her room and laid on her bed and sighed "My new home huh whatever".

-The next morning-

Luna woke up as her goes alarm clock goes off, She turn it off and got up and yawns 'Right I moved". Luna change into her uniform as she sighed and walk down stair and see a note on the table as she read it "Luna, Your Father and I are working on the bakery so here the location of Camden School for Girls, Love Mom; P.S. Make sure you won't late". Luna sighed as she grab her stuff and walk to Bus stop as the bus stop and got on the bus and drove off to her stop. She got off as she walk to the school of Camden School for Girls and bell ring.

In Class #21, The teacher write her name on the bored as he smiled to everyone "Class we have a new student here today and she came all away from Tokyo, Japan this is Luna Mikazuki say Hi Luna". Luna bows as she look up "Hi". The teacher smiled as he point to a young girl with long blonde hair tie in a ponytail with black and white bow and brown eyes wearing Camden School uniform smiling at Luna. "Ms. Mikazuki will be sitting next to Emilia Holmes. Luna walk as she sat to Emilia.

"Ello mate, Emilia Holmes nice to meet cha" Emilia smiled as she pat her back with a smile. "I'm going to be your first friend".

-Hour pass by-

Luna walk home as Emilia walk up to her and hugs her "Luna" Emilia smiled happily.

"What do you want" Luna sighed.

"Do you like mystery" Emilia smiled at her as she hold her hand. "because I do, I have passion for mystery even since I was a kid". Emilia look and see Luna walking away from her as Emilia run after her "Wait Luna" She chase after her.

Luna walk faster to her bus stop as Emilia tackle hugs her, Luna growled in anger "WHAT THE HELL IN YOUR DEAL".

Emilia look at Luna as she frown"I want to be your friend and I... AHHHHHHHHH SOMEONE HELP THIS MAN IS DEAD". Emilia was cut off by a woman screaming. "Oh Wow there a murder" Emilia grab Luna hand rush to the crime scene and see older man laid on the ground dead. "I know him".

"You do" Luna ask her.

"Yea that Dawson from Dawson Instate" Emilia spoke in clame voice. "He is one richest man, I can't believe he dead".

Two cops walk in the crime scene, Young male with short black hair with green eyes wearing black shirt and blue jeans yawning with An older male with brown hair with brown eyes wearing black suit walking to the crime scene to the victim's wife. "I'm Detective Travis Hardin and this is Detective Elliot Young, you are?".

"I'm Rose Dawson, I'm his wife" A young woman wearing a blue dress with brown hair with brown eyes crying over her husband's death. "Why would someone kill my husband".

"Do your husband have any enemy? Mrs. Dawson" Elliot rub his head as he write down on his notepad.

"No"Rose spoke in soft voice as she wipe her tear aways. "My Husband is very hard working man and kindest man".

Luna think as she spoke "Something is not right about her". Luna look at Rose and notice something off about her.

"What you mean mate?" Emilia asked Luna with confused tone rub her head.

Luna look at Rose who tapping her foot like she in a panic to left as she look at Emilia "Look at her foot, why she tapping so fast".

Emilia look at Rose foot as she smirks "Oh she want to leave so bad".

Travis sighed as he look at Elliot and smoke "This lead to nowhere for us we don't how Max Dawson was killed".

"Because she kill him" Luna spoke as Travis look at Luna and walk up to her. "She kill him".

"Why are you saying I kill my husband is dead" Rose cries.

"Listen Kid, you stay out of it this is no place for kids" Travis scored to Luna and Emilia in anger. "So stay out of it".

Elliot look at Luna and walk up to her "Tell me, why do think she kill her own husband". Elliot smirks at her.

"That she tapping her feet, my father told me when someone is tapping their that mean she in a panic" Luna spoke as she hit her fist. "She was in a panic to leave".

"So you are say that she plan this scene in first place" Emilia asked Luna as she rub her head.

"Yes" Luna nods as she point to Rose's bag. "She hiding something her bag".

"HEY WHAT DID I JUST SAY STAY..." Travis was stop by Elliot as he walk up to Luna and grab her hand walk to rose. "HEY".

"Mrs. Dawson, How did your husband died?" Elliot asked her.

"Ummm he was stab by someone who might hate him" Rose spoke in a clam voice.

"BULLSHIT" Emilia yelled while up to her and cross her arms. "Didn't you say that your husband had no enemy".

"Yea and there was no stab mark on his body" Luna point at Rose. "You're only one with him before the murder".

"Old man, check her bag" Elliot spoke in clam voice as he cross his arm. Travis took her bag and pull out a needle and brown bottle. "Well Chibi any idea".

"Sir" One of officers walk to them as he hand them the report. "We got report that our victim was poisoned".

"Poisoned" Travis yelled in shocked as he look at the bottle and sighed. "I see".

Rose panic as Luna smirks "What wrong? Scared? Or that fact that you got caught of your crime". Luna point at her in anger. "You killed your own husband by poisoning him am I right". Rose sighed as she look down and spoke "Your right! I killed my husband".

"Why you killed him" Emilia ask her in a sad tone in her voice.

"Why, Why that sick son of bitch have affair with his mistress for years" Rose growled in anger as she cries. "I did everything for him this how he pay me by having sex with that slut, I been working my ass off to love him and now he going to leave me for her because she having his baby if I can't have my man no once".

"Even though he hurt you in the past but that don't give you the right to him" Travis sighed as he put the handcuff on her "Rose Dawson, you're under arrest for the murder of Max Dawson; you have the right to remain silent". Travis put rose in the cop car as he look at Luna and Emilia "I hate to say it but nice job kids".

Elliot smiled at Luna as he pat her head "I surprise that you solve this case what your guys name".

"I'm Luna Mikazuki" Luna blushed lightly.

"And I'm Emilia Holmes mate" Emilia smiled.

"Well nice to meet you, Elliot Young is name" Elliot walk to Travis and wave to them. "Let do this again". All the cop car drove off as Luna sighed "I can't believe she killed her husband do out of hated".

"Hey like the say Hell have no fury like woman scorned" Emilia look at Luna.

Luna smiled as she look at Emilia "You know what I'm going to like being living here".

-The Next Day-

Luna and Emilia was at the police office with Travis and Elliot in the room as Travis crouch "I told my boss what you girls did and we come cross".

"That you are going to be Detective" Elliot smiled.

"REALLY" Emilia yelled in happiness.

"Junior Detective, Next time say that Elliot" Travis sighed and face palm.

Elliot smiled and chuckled as Luna smiled and bows "Thank you". Elliot smiles and kiss her hand as Luna blushed lightly.

"I'll be careful with him if I'll was you" Travis sighed. "This 17 years old is really like tease girl".

"17" Emilia and Luna yelled in shocked. Elliot nod and Emilia mouth drop in shocked.

Luna sighed and think to herself 'This is going to be a long life for me to held'.

Preview on the next episode:

Luna and Emilia head to Emilia's Brother, Arthur who start in a play that turn deadly when one of cast is found murder and Arthur become the Prime Suspect! Will Luna prove Arthur innocence? Or Will Arthur will go jail forever?